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Raul appreciation thread :3

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I never would've remembered that.

long story short: when my ex and I first started dating she was still in love with her ex (she was 13 and he was 30) we started when I was 15 and she was 14 but anyways that led to me being very insecure as she always compared me to him but she told me she loved me. We broke up and got back together multiple times with our last break up being in August, we were starting to work through the problems and our relationship looked really promising but that huge issue from the beginning really fucked me up and it made me depressed. I ended up breaking up with her. I thought about him and her every day, I thought about them having sex and him abusing her, I thought about how in the beginning she was still in love with him even though I gave her everything she wanted and needed and he just used her for sex. What’s wrong with me?

(OP continued) I also wanna say that she felt like one of my closest friends even though she had emotionally abused me previously. We loved eachother so much and we became so involved in each other’s lives, I’m 20 now and the thought of never seeing her again now since I’m moving away after she had been such a huge part of my life and seen all my accomplishments and awards throughout all of highschool.

(op again fuck) The thought of never seeing her again kills me* Fuck I’m sorry I’m running on like 2 hours of sleep.

One more day, and then I have two days all to myself to do whatever I want (except "whatever I want" means "getting shit ready for work next week").

I'm still trying to get over the fact that my ex slept with a meth head serial-cheater/abuser.
Makes me wonder if that was his other option, what is wrong with me?

I want my husband to want to get me off as much as I want to get him off. Actually, at this point I'd settle for just once.

I look horrible. I am skinny as shit in clothes and chubby without then. I lift, I eat right but it's like I'm stuck in this endless hell that's my own body. I used to be very obese and fucked up big time in the past and looks like I'll be punished forever by my mistakes. I can't eat to get muscular because I get fat, I can't try to lean down because I feel horrible about how low I weight already. I have zero confidence in myself and on my potential to attract people because I know I look like shit and that makes me devalue myself all the time.

I envy every other man with a passion because for me they all look better, stronger and more attractive than I do. I wish I could have anyone else's body.

Text me back dammit

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Why the fuck does my mom insist on talking to me while I’m on the toilet? I’m trying to have a shot goddamnit, let me shit in piece!

It will be ok.

My shitter is buy the back door and the door is always open for the dog to come in and out and mums deaf as fuck so she yells at me and I know everyone can here her ask my if im shitting and i get so nervous i can t finish my poo

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I mis my boo

Sometimes I just wanna kill myself. But I'm not giving up yet. I'll be happy and see the lives of those who make me miserable destroyed.
Although they are my family, and I feel bad about thinking all of this.

How are the Avengers so popular? I tried watching the 2012 movie today and closed it after 18 minutes in. Just not into capeshit.

Today I showed my stuff to my mom and she approves it. Feels really weird.

I dropp off kid BEFORE i got drunk. Congratulate me on progress. And what du?

Why are you so keen on making me doing stuff? Do I really need it?

In order to get a driver's liecense I need to get a certificate from a psychiatrist. Kinda nervious to pass it since I used to be depressed for a while plus have a history of self-harm.

I’m dumbfounded by how people yearn to such an extent for a woman in their life.

The MGTOW movement is the greatest thing that has graced my being. No negative feelings for not attracting the opposite sex. Instead, it is my determination and curiosity to succeed in my hobbies that make me completely forget about women altogether.

I cannot, absolutely cannot imagine why Jow Forums seeks for something so temporary just because their heart strings were tugged seeing that cute girl that one time. Begging, aching, yearning for a girl when your fantasies are at your highest will only lead to disappointment anyway.

I wish I could get rid of this imposter's syndrome. It's been like this since I can remember but it's been shifting into maximum overdrive lately. Most people my age would probably envy me for what I accomplished but I feel like such a fraud that can't get things right and has a lot of undeserved luck. Why can't I like myself more?

At a core there's nothing wrong with it. Now I'll say that as a dude I really don't care if I'm single or not but I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I don't miss my ex gf and I'd have her in my life again in a heartbeat. The "you gotta find someone right for you" meme unfortunately is right.

Does that mean you can't be happy by yourself? Absolutely not, as I had to learn the hard way. Few things surpass true companionship however and having had a taste of it I'll always yearn for it one way or another.

I never trusted you. Your words mean nothing to me, I've been fed with broken promises my whole life, I don't sense any honesty in your words. I want it real but you can't even open up to me. I don't even think you appreciated my company, I just can't keep staying in the grey area. The shallowness of it all, it just didn't feel right.

I clashed with somebody at work and I feel so bad about it. I shouldn’t have freaked out nd just kept my damn mouth shut. How do you guys deal with cringe things like this? I feel like I’m so firey I can’t stop myself from making comments and I want to die. I think I’ll apologize when I see them next time

I was an over excited kid but became introverted during my teenage years, only few friends but mostly a loner. Couldn't handle university and I got very sick because I'm nevrotic. Things got eventually better and I started an Academia. Everything seemed well. I started to open up to people and I graduated in time, but I actually felt kind of depressed for unrelated reasons, and obviously I didn't want anyone to notice before the graduation and at the party. After that I couldn't handle my emotions and no one was there for me. I didn't want a support group or something like that, just to hang out with the people I finally had the courage to open up to. Now I'm going back there and I feel rejected by so many people but I can't stand being pissed at them because I care and so many times I want to hang out with some of those people but no one has the time for me. I know it's mostly my fault, they are generally good people, but I fucking hate it.

am I cursed?

I'm extremely sensitive to noise.
It is natural but gotten worse with trauma, certain sounds are now triggering. Yet in my life I have never been able to live somewhere quiet. There is always something. Loud neighbors coming in late. Loud music. Loud constant sirens. Loud constant construction. Loud dogs barking. Loud alarms and tvs and radios. I have moved around so many times, even went out to remote areas to get away, and have yet to find peace. I just want everyone and everything to shut the fuck up. I hate this.

HSP people are sensitive to loud noise, just saying

>father took off for years at a time when I was young
>made it clear he hated my mom, cheated on her, etc
>he was in a mental hospital many years
>years pass and all of a sudden, he's trying to reconnect with me
>calls several times a week
>gets fucking enraged if I don't pick up (because I'm working, or in class), angry voicemails, the works
I don't understand why he's trying to force his way into my life after basically abandoning me but then acting like an ass.
I'm pretty sure he's about to kill himself or do something crazy though, this is just all really fucking weird

idk what that is..

ah this?

yeah that's been my whole life

I would advise some research on the topic then. A friend of mine also tried a self help book and he said that helped enough

I just get angrier as I fap more
and my brain rots away
I cant feel pleasure or excitement for life

why you so neglecting, man?

porn is fucking cancer

you literally doesn't care enough to react at me.

I don't fucking know what to say. I suck okay, I can't even fucking blame your ex cuz he is literally wingmanning the fuck out of me in his own room.

I'm scared, I'm scared that I scare you off I'm scared that I fail yet again. I'm scared that this is all just in my head. I mean fuck, I deleted your number and every messanging app besides the one I use for work.

Honestly I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know I'm fucking up.

I'm not jerking off right now, I'm sitting here trying not to have weird autistic shout spasms.

Holy shit I want to fucking Stab my stomach so this pain fucking stops already. My head is killing me too, I want to fucking die.

Literally what the fuck is this stupid ass feeling. I have never felt this shit ever, what kind of bullshit is this everything hurts this is goddamn joke.

why lying to me then?

Lie about what?

once in a blue moon I get a chance to date someone ACTUALLY cute. you can't ruin that to me with your bullshitery.

idk, that you want me. you clearly don't care. I mean, why saying it all has a future when it's just some e chatter bond and nothing more?

I'm not saying it has a future, I'm actually literally telling you right now that I'm in the process of fucking it all up and I'm fucking shouting for you to fucking HELP me.
I mean if you had long blond hair, I would have legitimate reasons to FREAK out if only you knew how fucking insane my world really was. This is senseless gibberish to you but I'm actually insane.

I mean what the fuck am I even feeling?

I fucking fell for it. I made a fool out of myself.

she does not care about me. no cute gf for me.

Dude she is not only cute, I mean she is capable of insane shit I feel.

Thank god for mental hospitals, I need to fucking get into one to stop these shizo rants.

she is. it's not insane tho, she just selfish... and pretty fucked, yeah

I need to get back on track with the real shit.

I'm so sorry for your situation, user.


It's quite the burden because I believe I can lead a pretty darn good life if I wasn't mentally fucked

Okay so it's too late to write you?

Block him forever. He was raised a spoiled shit and has no reason to change.
He will never learn it’s not okay to treat people like that. He can learn by losing you, his last hope of staying relevant on the planet.

I'll just take this chance to try to not die of guilt in all its forms and shapes

I really can't wait till I feel happy again. I hate the tiredness and heavy chest.

Holy shit you don't know how this will end?

Brb gonna kms.

im 24y virgin, I have a friend that keeps telling me stories about how he gets laid every week and its annoying me. Also he always wants to talk to about himself and any convo I start about me he switches to himself, this is my only friend btw.

You're a a jelly gay

I am envious of him yes.

Shit gets around in the gay community

You can have your friend for yourself weirdo. It's fine.


I could dwell on hypotheticals forever. That's why I need help disillusioning myself

Your generation is full of weak failures. Men of the past were strong, fought in wars, had a wife, children. Your generation are just a bunch of entitled little twats who are mentally fucked.

I feel like I did everything I could and it amounted to nothing

I hate that you left me because I legit miss you and want to be with you.
But I'm glad that you left me, because you were pulling some bullshit near the end of our relationship and it wasn't fair to me at all.

I actually tried, but you didn't. That's what hurts.

Jow Forums is full of weak beta boys that think they are alpha males.

It was an impossible task, don't beat yourself up. Live your life now.

I'm not going to read these gioyc thread anymore. I left him because he's a shallow player, there is no good reason to stay. When I read some of these it reminds me of him. I wont bother doing that to myself anymore.

what helps?

Everyone needs a bit of ol' good escapism. Remember that while printing another bunch of pieces for your magic girl eco tote bag shop on Etsy.

you seem to completely give up on me. better late than never.

Agree, I should do the same

I will miss you.

A girl I was briefly seeing last year (not a clean breakup although we were hardly even together) has apparently (heard through my friends) emailed my uni saying that I raped her, explicitly naming me. This never occurred. I don't know what to do brehs. I feel completely trapped. Like I cant talk to anyone about it because they'll just think I did it. I don't plan on doing anything and just hoping nothing comes of it, and if I'm questioned tell them the truth that there was nothing between us. The uni hasn't contacted me, so I think I'm still ok

I feel so lonely now.


>Be me
>depressed khv neet incel
>don't wanna be depressed
>start getting fit
>still depressed
>get a job
>still depressed
>go back to college
>still depressed
>start dating
>still depressed
>move outta moms place
>still depressed
>get a gf
>still depressed
>still depressed

When does it get better lads? Will it ever?

Just imagine if I could win her heart, anons...

I’m just so lonely. I miss feeling loved. Probably I’ll never feel it.


What happened


Hi beta boy. Never been to etsy but thanks.


Thank you for speaking out about that issue, I gained much more respect for you.

I don't know if you feel the same

Goddamit moot

Sucks to have to try to forget about you on my birthday. you feel the same, do you feel the saaaame...

Why do I have to appear so indifferent, anons? When in truth I am not...

I have a pencil dick and I made my piece with it yet it still bugs me every now and then and I feel like I can't do anything in life seriously because who cares I've been genetically fucked and I have nothing to fight for. I also don't like to delude myself. I don't see the big deal of money, hell I don't even see the big deal of life but I'm not suicidal. I have to study for my last test to graduate med school but I really don't care anymore but in the same time I feel guilty because I don't.

Infinity War has like 1/4th of the hero one-liner/archetype cringe, imo. Yeah, they still do snappy talk, but it's definitely more bearable than the first two Avengers, for sure. Just skip, if you have to.

Fuck I'm lonely

I can’t get over you. I have always known you don’t feel the same for me. It never mattered because you let me love you and you made me so happy but also so very unhappy.

I got depressed and I isolated from everyone ... except you. I made you my everything, I didn’t mean to. It happened gradually. I think you enjoyed my company, we talked so much and I felt so close to you. But when you started pulling away I was so afraid. I held tighter which was the opposite of what I should have done. I was so selfish to try to get you to stay and I wanted your attention and approval. If I hadn’t distanced myself from everyone else maybe that wouldn’t have happened.
If I didn’t have bipolar, ptsd or whatever then maybe I could have been a better more normal human, friend, whatever we were... are?

I think you do know that I love and respect you so much. I miss you and I’m trying so hard. I’m making new friends and reaching out to people and they like me and I like them. I just hope you’ll be in my life even just a little like now. If you have someone you love I understand. If you don’t want to send photos or talk as much I can adjust. I have a lot of guilt for my part in this. You hurt me a lot too but maybe you resented how needy I was. “You don’t own me” lol i never wanted to. I wanted you to love me. That’s all I ever wanted but dang I wanted it too much. Like a drug addict and that’s super unattractive. I get it. I’m sending the package, it’s completely full ofc. Why did I have to meet someone so special and so made of everything I love? I should be thankful.

I had an entire post about my crush written out, but I just deleted all of it. Sometimes, just typing out the vent helps. I still want to help her in any way I can. I don't take her friendship for granted, and it seems like feeling is mutual.

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You've always been quite an enigma to me. I am greatful that at a time, you helped me claw my way out of the extreme darkness that I wallowed in. I only wanted some sort of truth spit from your mouth so I could reassure myself my illness hadn't completely gutted my being. Thank you for the inspiration, I will always hold you in high regard. I hope deep down you realize that. I'm glad you seem happier, don't let those with noferious intentions distinguish your light. You know where I throw spittle from my mouth, sorry I'm so oblivious. "Take it easy, "Take it as it comes".