What kind of jobs should i get with a nose like this?

What kind of jobs should i get with a nose like this?

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Banker, tax collector, movie director.



Blair Witch Project

Jow Forums villain

you forgot journalist and lawyer


Political representing and over-represented population who, by pure coincidence, also happens to be a child rapist

My bad



Fuck you made me laugh like a retard in class

ex Overwatch pro turned Twitch streamer

Diamond importer/dealer.

What kind of job would you like to have, and what does your nose have to do with it?

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Kek this tho
Like with a nose like this no one will judge you for getting a nose job

Become an activist supporting minorities.

The nose knows everything
I cant be like an artist with a hook nose
I can however be a dentist

Work for Disney, I bet you have some family that can hook you up

I fucking swear to god, ever since I started going to college for my defree in Accounting and Finance, my fucking nose has been getting bigger and bigger.

Nation-wrecking civilizational parasite

my waifu, hot stuff


May have a huge nose, but still cute. Go be a chemist or doctor or something.

Banker, accountant, lawyer, film director, UN leaders, maybe even president of the united states. The world is truly your oyster with a nose as such as yours.

Subversing the white race.

Witch in the swamp roles in movies

Holocaust class teacher.