Please tell me how you got your girlfriend in detail please

Please tell me how you got your girlfriend in detail please

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I didn’t. And I refuse to do so (but it’s not like I had a choice).

I don't care about you but the anons who have a gf

Met her at work she liked music in the way that I do, asked if she wanted to see a show together, she said yes. Just continued asking her out on dates after that.

OKC back when it wasn’t shit. Wrote her a long message that wasn’t just “hey” and actually asked her questions and started conversation.

Why do you do this like the others? Always respond in a short line, it doesn't show me how you really got it

Wrote an online post looking for "well-endowed women", got quite a few replies

Before this, I tried being funny, mysterious, etc. with no good effect. But pure honesty about what I was looking for worked.

I asked her out and she said yes

Nobody gonna give you a step by step guide if that's what you're looking for. Too many variables

I don't want a guide, I just want to know in detail how each one got it

My ex
Met her two three times with company but I could see the chemistry and that we were caught talking only to each other for big periods of time.
Went on Vacation with her to another city (we were both studying for a semester abroad).
We started asking each other questions in turns, once she d ask me - then I 'd ask her.
She opened up to me about something personal with her family (some period her father cheated on her mom and moved out but they turned it around).

After a few rounds of questions my turn I asked "Can I kiss you?"
She was shockeed (bullshit she knew it was commin) and said like "whaaaat? I dont knowwww!!!" she said some crap like "You re one of the few people I know in this country it will be awkward blah blah blah".
I said fuck it and went in for the kiss.
Every kiss I gave her, I promised her it was gonna be the last one.
We slept together (no sex) that night at the airbnb rented apartment. Next day we talked about it and said let's try it and see where it goes. In about 10 days we were fcking and sleeping together every day.

We love each other but the distance between a few countries is too big.
I miss her.

I saw her in public, approached her, told her she was beautiful, and asked her for her number so we could date. I dated her 2-3 times a week. After about a month, she became exclusive with me after telling me how she felt and what kind of relationship she wanted. Took me several more months before I became exclusive with her.

eh y not
>5/10 male with no life at all
>dad got in prison
>family bussines goes to shit¨
>i start managing it
>i was wasting my life but now i got no free time at all, was considering suicide before, but running bussines is on another level of wanting to die
>start employing a dude, he has a girlfriend, so i start to employ her too
>he is drugie, alcoholic and only reason i didntfire him is becouse i didnt have nobody else
>she is clingy, she is always near him and thanks to that she is working even if its a day when she shoudnt work, thus working for free
>employers dream
> oh man it would be cool to have a loving gf like that
> i always drive then home at end of a day
> i once talk to her about her problems, we sit in car talking for an hour
> that repeats
>invites me to drink one time when driving her home with another guy
>eh why not, i need a break* talking to her whole night
>next day she wants to talk to me
> the guy apparently cheated on her and as revenge she told me she was stealing at work
>fire him days later
> talk more to that girl
>find out she was in the most toxic releation ship i ever seeen, litelary the good girls only date bad guys
> she was dumb, so she realized only now, when she dumped him how bad of a person he was
>evetuallly she says she likes me and i do that too
>start hanging out when i can(i still have bussines to run
> to be honest i act autisticly but she said she liked it, didnt view it as autistic behavior,
> someone start liking me for who i was
> i never thought that would be possible
> later we start dating
> she said im best guy she ever dated, she dated only 2 jerks
>feels good when somebody likes you, even loves you, but i didnt get gf only becouse my personality, as i view it she started liking me becouse i was succesfull entreprenuer(succesfull is what she thinks), i could drive, i had had authorithy over her bf and didnt even abuse that power

>tldr i got gf becouse i was succesfull, could drive, was good to her in contrast to jerks she dated

>be me, sit at a café table outside to smoke
> sudden big hat flies my way like a giant floppy monster
>capture it by the brim
>look up and down the street
>embarassed girl in cute dress approaching fast
>comes to my table, awkwardly appologies for her hat
>laugh it off, offer her coffee
>awkward refusing
>keep insisting, playing the old "fighting with the wind must be tiring" joke
>laughs and sits down
>talk about stuff while drinking and eatting
>sit for like 3 hours having fun
>exchange numbers
The rest is a lot of going out together for sweet trats, drinks or sight seeing/city exploring untill one morning I woke up on the couch cuddling with her and I knew I got myself a gf at that point

By socializing. I met people, learned what they liked and disliked by playing a neutral field to start, and made friends. Through those friends I learned how to adjust myself to current company (IE I'm typing this at school so I'm not blasting racial slurs, or I'm in the presence of someone who has suffered because of cancer so I won't joke about it). Doing this allowed me to design a catch-all humourous attitude to most everything. By that time all I had to do was actively pursue a girl if I wanted her and we'd form up something interesting. Happened many times, stuck with my girlfriend though.

What I DON'T understand is why you want a girlfriend. There's a good chance you exhibit consistently antisocial behaviors.

I’m hot

>What I DON'T understand is why you want a girlfriend.
To see what it's like, I don't have a reference to know if it's good or bad

>What I DON'T understand is why you want a girlfriend. There's a good chance you exhibit consistently antisocial behaviors.

Not op but I am a lonely 26 year old antisocial KHV. I'm surprised you had to add that last part. Just because one is antisocial and/or inept socially doesn't mean they don't get lonely and long for some sort of human connection. The longer one is isolated the easier the cynicism of self hate convinces you that it's all pointless and that there is no reason to even exist in the outside world.

>work at grocery store as stock boy
>8.5/10 qt starts working as cashier
>start small talk with her every so often, she's receptive and nice
>asshole coworker Chad buys her a coffee one day and brings it to her till
>now or never or he'll scoop her up
>"was wondering if I could one-up Chad and buy us BOTH a coffee"
>she fucking says yes
>take her to local cafe
>mostly shoot shit about work and customers, but also talk about personal interests and future goals
>cafe is getting crowded so we walk along this trail until we get to a quiet little river
>sit by the river with her on a rock, still talking for hours
>look up and the sun goes down, very romantic scenery
>I have to make a move, turn to her
>realize she's a 500 foot tall ancient creature from the paleolithic era
>god damn loch ness monsta

okay for real

>turn to her, put hand on her cheek and kiss her deeply
>bold move but it paid off, she apparently liked me well before I asked her out
>dated for 4 years
>split up because the spark was gone

Best relationship of my young life. Be confident and understand you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

What's shocking about it? You act like a girlfriend isn't constant social exposure. You could possibly get a hikki who doesn't socialize nearly as much but I'd wager most people don't really pursue relationships for that reason, but rather FOR the contact and social exposure it represents.
Even worse yet is that despite knowing your antisocial behavior is tough to work around and work with in a social setting, and that it largely places the burden of social aptitude on others, you do somehow insist that you're dead-set on a girlfriend.

Despite even that, we don't seem to be able to convince you that to attain a level of constant (and romantic) social exposure to someone, you do in fact need to be able to socialize competently and without encountering significant hold-ups or drawbacks. You're gonna hate a girlfriend if just a few hours around people decks you for two days, or whatever of the worse situations I've even seen (and been in).

All I'm saying is, for people who say they want to have a partner who provides constant socializing and a constant human connection, you guys are abhorrently reluctant to go out and do the first part of forming a social bond... which is socializing.

I understand that it may not be voluntary but then (You) have to understand that's nobody's responsibility but yours-- and your therapist's, if you take sensible advice and get one for what is likely crippling, debilitating anxiety.

I sent her a private message on Twitter when I was drunk one night.

Blow it out your ass

Brother, I'd like to change. I just don't know how at this point. If I felt like people would like me I'd be more likely to go out and do things but I do probably have something going on in the ol' noggin. I wouldn't say that I am "dead-set on a girlfriend" but I've wasted my best years as a sad sack of nothing and I either have to change soon or it's all over for me having any semblance of a "conventional" life.

People like you don’t deserve to breed. Thank god your genes will perish with you

Yeah, I've sort of gotten used to this outcome. I guess I could just live to consume new media and technology, right?

By talking to people and asking them out. Most people who struggle with this have some crippling mental block. The best way out of it , in my experience, is to drink a little bit before trying to “socialize”.

Yeah. That’s all you’re good for. Keeping the machinery of society lubed with with your labor and consumption. Just don’t get uppity and we’ll let you live

Who's "we" faggot?

Thank you, kind sir.

I saw her come into the store I worked at, and I called her cute and asked for her number.

First girl I ever asked out like that, and we've been together almost two years now

I said mane, if it's so bad it's crushing other aspects of your life you NEED to see a professional. I did, I didn't complete my sessions for reasons largely out of my direct control but it helped so much to just know the world really wasn't just raw-dogging me for not being good enough.

It took three professionals before one wasn't dumb about it, but it did happen and it did get me further than I was getting on my own.

There's no catch-all to depression because it's equal parts nurture and nature really, but you can take steps to bulwark yourself against the crap your brain is gonna throw at you constantly.

Your 'best years' are subjective. My late 20s into 30s are shaping up so much better than anything in my teens, where I suffered suicidal ideation and had enacted a plan to go and git'r dun.

I have shit days. I have days where I think, "Why didn't I just finish the job then?" I probably will all my life. But recognizing that, even, is miles ahead of where I was in combatting it. Instead of "this is the rest of my life," it's more a "I'll pull the good days out from the bad, because that's all I can do." It's accepting that this is what has to be my 'normal' and accepting that it is on me to develop support for this-- but that I can do that and can develop those supports. It doesn't make me weak, and if I can give back to those who support me, well shit, everyone wins.

Don't put yourself in a losing mindset but really, seriously, look into therapy. It'll take looking and trying.

If you're in burgerland I dunno what to tell you though, we have systems in leaf-land for people in the shitter but everyone tells me USA does not. So, look for local programs and institutions on your own, under the terms of affordability and experience. My issue is parental loss, so I needed a therapist who had experience dealing with that particular kind of trauma and aftermath, for just one example.

Sorry if that's a bunch of faggot tripe.

We met through animal crossing new leaf via friendcode exchange threads on vee back when the game first came out. Her autism was really impressive and we started streaming anime and shit to each other and basically talked everyday for years through steam. One day she offered to buy me a plane ticket so we can meet up irl. We just moved in together and got married after that and life has been really good since then.

Uhh .. is it that easy ?! Holy shit, you make it look simple, something is wrong

>Sorry if that's a bunch of faggot tripe.
That it was not. I thank you very much for your words. I am in fact a burger, have been to a handful of therapists over the years, and am skeptical of trying it out again. I am feeling worse than ever and can't get rid of the notion that I'd be better off dead than in this stuck complacency.

I'm glad you're doing better, user. Sorry for your loss.

Playing at a venue. Outside smoking. Girl asks me for a light, we talk a little, she seems interested in me, says I must have big hands to play the double bass. I hold my hand up to hers, palm to palm. We lock eyes and I grip her hand and pull her in for a kiss. She is shocked, but happy. I ask her to come backstage and the venue sends over food and drinks. Later on when we are packing up to leave she is hanging around and asks me if I want to get a drink or something, her sister is elsewhere in the city with some friends. I say sure whatever, but I'll need a place to stay afterwards if I don't leave with the band. She thinks and says ... sure you can stay with me. We get a taxi, we make out in the taxi and decide to go straight to hers. We bang like animals until sunrise. I smoke some weed, she makes breakfast. I take a shower and we get the bus to the train station so I can get home. We have coffee while waiting for the train and she says we should keep in touch. I say I'd like that. We do. I visit once or twice a month and we have a fairly casual LDR. After ... 8 months, when it gets close to her finishing university and she'll need a place to stay I suggest a friend who is looking for a housemate in the city I'm from. She moves cities and in with her. We continue to hang out and declare a formal relationship and it went from there. About a year later we moved in together.

What the fuck is a cocky faggot like you doing on Jow Forums?

Society. Normal people

Exactly that’s just fucking autistic, OP should just buy a course on how to get women like the sad sack of shit he is


It is, you make a girl feel special and you're on the way

You'll get rejected, but that's apart of it, sometimes.

Completely different question but all my friends keep saying I should be single are they saying I should commit die. I do want to get rid of yearning for shit like this it’s getting annoying rn

Dated her sister first

You should read the femcel crap I think it would change your perspective on things but I think most of them are borderline troglodyte looking.

Get some self-respect and look people in the eyes. Eventually some girl will be interested and smile/eye-fuck you. Ask her out and unless you completely sperg out, she'll stick with you.

>See qt3.14 on the street
>Walk up to her and say hi
>Party all night
>Flirt and make gf over next five days

I went on a misogynistic rant about girls being sluts in an online game and my ex gf sent me a private message. We started talking there, then calling each other and a year later we met up irl. I dumped her some months later though.

She sat by me a few weeks in a row in class and seemed sweet, so I asked for her Snapchat. She said she didn’t have one and said she had an Instagram. I said I didn’t have one as we got to a staircase and were going separate directions, so I just awkwardly said bye and hid under my bed for a few hours. Somehow despite that autistic disaster I worked up the courage next week to ask for her number(which I should’ve done in the first place) and she not only gave it to me but asked me to go to the swing dance class our college offers. Two weeks of texting and dancing and I asked her to dinner and a movie. A week after that I asked her to be my girlfriend. Now we are nearing 6 months and I could see myself marrying her


>Taller men report more satisfaction in their romantic relationships than shorter men

>Women are happiest with their partner's heights when they are 8.24 inches / 20 cm taller then them

>94% of women will reject a man for being "too short" et al 2013_Anim Behav_The height of choosiness.pdf

>Women are happiest with their partner's heights when they are 8.24 inches / 20 cm taller then them

>Short men have twice the suicide rate of tall men

>Taller men have more partners and father more children


>Facial plastic surgery significantly changes how a man's personality is perceived

>Women feel sexual disgust when they imagine even talking to an unattractive man's_Disgust_and_Attraction_Towards_Men_Is_Unaffected_by_Sexual_Arousal

>Attractive men are perceived as funnier, even when they are actually not

>A man's physical attractiveness predicts how long he waits before a woman will allow sex

What I want to know is the logistics of getting gf.
Access to your own apartment and some drugs seems to be key.

Oh boy. An incel.

At a bar. She was from out of the country checking out the local spots. There was this weird guy talking to her and her friend. I could see he wasn’t going anywhere and they seemed a bit uncomfortable. I swoop in, asked them where they were from, said some basic facts that I knew of about their home countries. They were somehow surprised by this, I asked for her number and the rest was history. We would text here an there and meet up. Eventually things got serious.

My issue is I have no idea how to transition from the talking stage to the engaging physically stage. For some reason I can't figure out how or when to do this, and it's killing me. I've never had any issues talking to girls, having them want to be around me, etc. But I've been told by third parties that several girls have ended up getting confused and thinking I'm gay or not interested. People talk about certain signals and stuff but I've never recognized any in the moment.

The only times I've gotten laid were when I've been shitfaced and just found some nightclub girl to get physical with pretty much immediately. It's depressing bc I honestly don't like or want one night stands with girls I don't know or give a shit about, but something in me seems incapable of the alternative. I play it off to my bros as just not wanting to be tied down in anything serious, but it's driving me insane.

>You should read the femcel crap

>Jow Forums is just rejects and autists!
This hasn't ever been true, and it's even less true now.

Well I mean prove him wrong. How do you explain the truth in some of the stuff "incel's" say? Like I know it's easy to just say "well there are shitty men and shitty women and everything in-between," but it seems like most women have next to no trouble sexually/romantically whereas the amount of adult virgin men seems to be on the rise.

They have a subreddit. I think it started out as satire - as all their slang is poorly adopted and edited forms of incel slang - but there is some sad stuff on there. Very much the same sort of "kill all men" fringe side of 2015 tumblr-feminism coupled with really poor self-esteem and mental health disorders. I feel for my fellow loveless ladies.

I slapped her on the ass as she was walking down the street and said "ayo bitch let me get in them drawers."

Wait a fucking minute here, it's not that many of us don't want to socialise, it's that we can't.
It's not my fault if my normie friends don't invite me out for drinks and only invite me for nerdy stuff.
And it's not like I can invite them either because my lack of social experience means I don't know where to invite them to anyway.
I can't go out and meet strangers because I'm too socially awkward for my age, which means noone would be friends with me.

>Walking to a bar with some friends after a birthday party
>Stop to tie my shoes
>Hear a girl say "who is this?"
>Turn around, stick out my hand and introduce myself
>We hang out all night
>Crash and fuck at her place
>Get phone number and leave next morning
>Call her like a week later and ask her out
>Married 8 years later

Probably would've got married sooner but we both thought it was a stupid waste of time and money. Then all her friends started getting married so we "just had to."
Whatever, it works.

Everything is your fault and it's up to you to fix it.

It's a metaphor, aspie. Live by it.

I see, how can femcel exist? Literally impossible


>set up by a mutual friend
>coupla dates, doesn't work out
>fast forward a few years
>open tinder
>well look who it is, right swipe
>go on a few dates
>works out

Fail. All the time. And then learn from the mistakes.

Talking to a group of people and make a bad joke? Noted. Never make that joke again.
Asking a girl out and stutter like a tard? Noted. Ask 10 more out until you stop stuttering.

Life is about failing and learning from mistakes. Not having fairy tale perfection at every turn.

I'd go and check out their subreddit and find out from their own mouth lol

I'm an "incel" on paper but I don't hate women or anything I'm just a depressed, socially awkward loser; I can't really answer your question unfortunately. I think our generation is just fucked as far as human connection and that's why people are like this, male and female.

Jesus christ this is fucking gold.

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I'm having a pretty good time with this

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Yeah, I'm not buying it. The thing is that the guys who are lonely, they aren't necessarily neckbeard fat NEET losers, most are just average-looking, but that's not enough for women these days.

Girls freak out at not being in top 5 prettiest in school.
Guys freak out at being in bottom quarter and never getting interest from any girls.


I went and talked to 20-50 different women and asked them for their phone numbers if they seem interested in talking with me. I could tell you how I got my girlfriend, but that's kinda like asking a fisherman how he caught one specific fish. When it comes to women you have to roll the dice plenty of times.

Which one? Here's a list of long term girlfriends (at least a year). I am omitting one night stands, etc. By the way, I was very much a loner in HS.

GF 1 - Friend of a friend in HS. I liked her tits, she liked my car. Invited her and her friend out one night to drive around. Ended up wearing her down. Fucked her for a year and broke up. She was a huge slut.

GF 2 - Worked together in HS. I was an outcast in school, but at work I was somehow popular and desirable because I pretended to be a bad boy with confidence. Had multiple girls there who were cute and into me. She was by far the hottest girl in the place though and I didn't think I had a chance. Heard she was jealous I asked her friend out so I asked her out. Super hot, but crazy so we broke up after a couple years and engagement.

GF 3 - Worked together (again). She'd come up and chat with a co-worker and I when she got a break. Invited her over and fucked her. We were together for a few years.

GF 4 - Took a college class together. Thought she was cute and don't even remember how we actually got together. I think she broke up with a bf and I was a distraction. We ended up fucking for a bit before I got deployed to Iraq

GF 5 - Met randomly in an online chat room. She was discussing Nietsche and I was in an "edgy" mood. Impressed her with some nonsense and she flew to meet me after a few months. Literally turned away guaranteed pussy from an 18 year old, super hot blonde co-worker with huge tits AND my female boss (she actually slept in my bed while I slept on the couch because she was married and trying to make moves on me in my apartment when we ended up alone together one night) because I would've felt bad messing around on this girl.

Anyways, we banged the first night we met and we've been together 11 years. The last couple of years we've been bringing 5's and 6's (one 9) home to tag team (finding unicorns is hard). Hyper sexual, but extremely loyal.

Yo I'm not OP nor as autistic as he is but I'm curious about something here. Did you vaguely offer to see a show or did you offer to see a specific show? like, did you actually say something like "Do you wanna see a show sometime?" or did you say something like "Hey you like X band right? They're in town next week do you want to go?"

Similar situation. Apparently a lot of my roommate’s gf’s friends have told her they think I’m hot, but she always says I wouldn’t be a good match for them. Any time I hear there’s a girl who likes me, it’s always “I couldn’t really see you together”. All I can take away from this is that my appearance and personality are completely at odds.

This is a personality thing, only goes a few different ways as far as I see it

roommates gf is creeped out by your personality in some way and is telling other girls to stay away to protect them; alternatively, she finds you annoying/unfitting in some way for her friends

Roommate's gf is good friends with you and thinks you're a great guy, and that these girls are annoying/unfitting for someone like you

Or, wildcard - roommates gf is crazy and into you herself, and is cock blocking to keep you in retainer for when she decides if she likes you more than roommate

I honestly think it’s a little of column A and a little of column B. That she sees me as an interesting, likeable person but also thinks my idiosyncrasies and aloofness would be incompatible with a relationship. What scares me is when I catch myself thinking that this assessment might be correct.

I asked a girl to join me for drink in person.

Fucking ask a girl out in person. She’ll probably say yes.

Just be yourself bro. They will come to you.