Upper Eyelid Exposure

My eyes are like the right pic

I always look either tired, sleepy, like i'm on drugs or like i don't give a fuck.

But i feel this facial feature is really unattractive, i don't like it and i don't feel confident with myself.

I want eyes like the left pic.

Without upper eyelid exposure. They look more aggressive, active and way more attractive.

Which surgery, plastic surgery or what can i do to have eyes like that? Where should i go? Which kind of doctor do things lile these?

>For the people that are gonna say that i should accept myself: I'm gonna die anyway. If i can be more attractive; then why not?

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This is the best example of what i want to achieve

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I guess you could get eyelid surgery. There was a story about a guy who got surgery to have Asian eyes so you could probably do something similar

So i should go with a platic surgeon?


I honestly don't think you should worry about it

I don’t know user I think it depends on the eye shape. For example if it’s like almond, this upper lid exposure can look kind of foxy and mysterious on men and sultry on women. I’m trying to figure out who’s eye is that on the right? It looks like Putin’s maybe, and while he’s overall unattractive, I always found his eyes pretty cool looking, so if you have eyes like that I think you see them in an overly negative way

Option 1: Plastic surgery. If you can't find any near you, how about going to Korea?
Option 2: In Japan there is this thing called アイプチ that is basically glue for your eyelids to change your eyelid/eye shape. It really works.

>i feel this facial feature is really unattractive
I never thought such an eyelid shape is unattractive before. Do people you know say that you'd look better with less upper eyelid? Perhaps this depends on your face, so make sure to ask others (who know your face) for advice.

So you have deep set eyes with normal lids, but you want deepset hooded eyes? It will be a trainwreck most likely - your eyes will dissapear.
Post pic of your eyes so we can see what really is going on.

Easy solution, OP

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Do you look like putin?

dude are you crazy ?

like ask anyone in real life that had surgery once and you will see that plastic surgery is a legit field, it purpose holds a validate point and any surgeon perfoming plastic surgery isn't legit to me.

surgery actually helped peoples, what the fuck does fucking upper eyelid is going to change about you ?

you're just going to go from cute to psychopath. there is no in-between, you didn't made it without and you won't make it with.

>what's going to change about you?
Nothing, just fill my narcissism and the place where the personality should be

>You're just going to go from cute to psychopath
Look at my pic, hooded eyes just look amazing on men, that's why they called hunter eyes, you don't look tired.

On girls it look slutty. Girls look better with almond shape eyes.

>You didn't made it without and you won't made it with
I have a girlfriend dude, 2 years together i will probably marry her if she doesn't move out to another country. And before her i had a lot of experience with girls.

But i don't wanna change my looks for my girlfriend or for somebody else, i wanna do it for myself. Most people don't get it.

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yeah, you can get fat grafts from eppley to get hooded eyes, OP
ask me anything
t. lookism autist who knows about surgeries etc

Those are my eyes I want masculine eyes, my eyes look too feminine

What do you know about the surgery and the recovery?

Fuckin drug addict.

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Youre being too fucking picky on yourself user, just get fit if you’re not already

is that Anthony Hopkins' eyes on the right?

Got the same thing, coupled with long, wavy/curly hair and shoddy goatee I look like some druggie crust punk-lite lel.

Your eyes look normal. You’re being too obsessive over this tiny detail that literally nobody else will notice about you. If you add more skin to your yes it’ll look weird