Try all "sensitive" men's deodorants

>try all "sensitive" men's deodorants
>end up with rashes that I need to take pills for weeks to get rid of
>try the generic pharmacy ones without any fragrances that are "guaranteed" to work on sensitive skin
>still get rosy red rashes that itch like hell
>dermatologist was useless on this matter
is it time to throw in the towel and embrace the stink, lads?
I've already tried dietary changes, those only go so far and I'm not going through the effort of doing some Jordan Penisstein carnivore diet fad

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sounds like it. Try shaving off your armpit hair to reduce stink

I've done that but all the sweat just ends up pouring down onto the clothes, which is arguably worse.

Deodorants that have aluminum in them always make me have rash maybe try a brand without it ? Works for me. Also if you’re worried about the stink you could try perfume or essiencial oils to try to mask it if you still can’t find a deodorant brand that works ?

This is the ONLY deodorant that doesn't cause me major issues.

My armpits sorta itch if I do alot of sweating, but it doesn't cause me a rash, and it doesn't make me want to scratch until I bleed

I highly recommend you at least try it

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Have you tried Tom's?

how much fast food and processed food do you eat? maybe its not the deodorant but the chemicals youre sweating out. Another possibility is that youre lactose intolerant and don't know it. Im mildly lactose intolerant and I feel like my body gave up on telling me through my stomach and started on giving me hives and itchy skin.

Is your goal to deodorize or to reduce the amount of water?

Is it possible that your rashes are from a fungal infection?

I’m in a similar situation as OP and Tom’s is really bad for me. OP, try this or something similar, it’s the only thing that works for me. Also has the added bonus of lasting forever.

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Processed food and fast food is mostly weekends.
I'm "mildly" lactose intolerant according to a test that was done years ago, but I haven't noticed any major issues as a result. I've tried elimination of various things like dairy from the diet one by one before.
This actually may be possible as I've had more issues with the right armpit and found it rather odd.

Could start scrubbing your pits daily in the shower, real goodlike.
Switch derms too. Professionals are usually bound to what they have experience in and the rest is theorycraft for them.

Try Kopari, it's really mild.. Unscented kind of course

That sounds like it is likely to be a fungal infection, then, especially because it's uneven. I'm the same way. Is it red and itchy, but more like a rough/scaly texture that peels when you rub it too hard? Or it is more like small blisters filled with clear fluid? The first is fungal infection, the second is allergic reaction.

It's also more likely to be a fungal infection if you're ever had any other fungal infections, such as jock itch or ringworm.

If it's a fungal infection, you can try OTC treatment creams such as clotrimazole. Apply it as directed for four weeks and see if it clears up.

Once the actual infection is gone, you can try a preventative mixture of tea tree and coconut oil, applied once a day with a roller. The tea tree oil is the active antifungal ingredient, but it's too potent on its own and needs to be diluted. Look up the ratio and mix carefully. I've been doing this for the past month and have seen great improvement.

Also I suggest you wear 100% cotton shirts, especially in the summer. Wearing a cotton undershirt may also help, and if you carry an extra one around you can change it when you get extra sweaty. That would prevent the moisture buildup that causes infection.

If you have a rash right now, can you get a picture of it? It would be easier for me to identify if it's allergic or fungal if I can see it.

OP here, it's currently red and dry, but I wouldn't call it scaly or anything because the area it covers isn't large enough to get a feel of. It could also be general irritation from scrubbing and scratching because I have very sensitive skin.

>you can try OTC treatment creams such as clotrimazole. Apply it as directed for four weeks and see if it clears up.
I'll probably still go to a doctor and ask for something like that, may as well since if a doctor prescribes something its only 2 euro here.

That's usually how it starts for me, before it turns scaly at all.

Try not to scratch or rub it. I know it's hard not to. You should also abstain from all deodorant while you're using the cream.

would normal dermatitis/eczema cream suffice while I wait to get an appointment?

I don't recommend it. If it is a fungal infection, creams such as hydrocortisone can contribute to the spread of it.

>too sensitive to use some fucking deodorant
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Wear a thompson tee

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