Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. Welcome to the Lunar threads

Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. Welcome to the Lunar threads.

Tell us about your troubles, how you've been doing lately, some good things that happened to you recently or anything else you may wish to talk about. We're a group of anons gathered here to lend an ear, chill out and perhaps give some advice that can help you.

With that being said, if you like our threads then we'll gladly welcome your company back. While some threads can happen outside this schedule, we usually get together every week around this time, so check the catalogue every Friday!

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Happy Friday, Moon Guy
Moon guy is taking this friday off. Instead, you have to deal with me! But I'll be gentle.

This friday is melancholic. Come on, anonymous! Give me something to brighten my mood~

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What is this?

It's just a thread where you can talk about whatever you like, from how your day or week has been to sharing things, whatever you want, basically.

We try to get people to come back so we can track their progress but otherwise, it's pretty simple.

Happy Friday Jeanne, so I just asked a girl out only to find out she was lesbian.

I find the whole situation hilarious, but I still have to frequent classes with her in it. Anyways, how do I avoid the awkwardness that might follow?

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Happy friday!

Umm, I would say that you kind of have more control over whether a situation is awkward than you probably think and if anything... Continuing to just be her friend or acquaintance, whatever you are with her, as if nothing has changed, you know, nothing strange has happened or anything, is probably the best way to go about doing that.

Just to throw in a track of my own :)

Sounds like good advice. I'll just remember that situation in case I want to have a good laugh sometime.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to throw my line elsewhere. Are libraries necessarily good places to meet shy people like myself?

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How's life OP?

Aaaah, Vallhalla.. This is a good one. Thank you.

I'm pretty sure this sort of thing happens a lot... As for the library, I would think so. But then again, in this modern age, who knows how many people who would otherwise go to a library, just stay at home and download their books digitally? Still, it might be one of your best shots.

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A little difficult, actually. I feel like I'm stagnating. Haven't been moving forward in life, per se and I guess I'm not actually sure... How to best do that. How to take the next step.

And... In the romantic arena, I've had troubles of my own lately. So... I suppose I'm getting through it like everyone else.

Please elaborate on this "next step" Jeanee

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Simply where I'm going in life. What I'm doing next. Etc, etc. It's... nothing specific.

Well, no worries man. You sound pretty young, so you should still have plenty of time. Any cool jokes that you know? For the ladies of course ^_^

These days, I think you should go for a dank meme. I don't really think girls need... cheesy pick up lines and jokes. Just like with anyone else, a good meme will do the trick.

Yeah, memes are good, but I don't think that they'd be good enough to carry a relationship.

Honestly, I think failures in romance comes from a lack of ability to make new friends. Sure, we know how our old friends tick, but we end up hanging around them so much that we forget how we ever became friends in the first place.

Actually speaking, of making friends, I heard from Carnegie that a good way of making them is to gauge their interests. So Jeanne, what are you interested in? Think of this as practice for girls \-^_^-/

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Ah? Uuh.. Hmm.. I like anime and vidya and movies and tv shows, pretty much all things media related. It's kind of my thing, it's always been what most interests me.

And yeah, that's not really enough to float a relationship but... are silly jokes enough? I'd say your core values have to line up somewhat well. That's an important aspect.

Young fag here trying to come to terms with family situation. Nothing heavy. Have a cousin (14) few years younger I see very rarely. Want to be closer but parties we are at always weird. Awkward breaking ice, catching up. Things heat up then theres always a point where things cool down and we ignore eachother waiting for someone else to swallow their pride and ask to talk. Weird macho thing but fuck giving in. By the time we both give in, it's already late and we only get a few hours left to talk about life. Then he has to leave back to cali and we swear we will text but never do. Another six months pass, rinse repeat. I want to get out of this vicious loop.

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Well, I imagine that silly jokes are just something meant to spark the initial attraction. I mean, you can't just go up to a girl and ask her whether she votes Liberal or Conservative right off the bat right? After all, you can't just walk up to discuss something that heavy early on.

The way I see it, jokes are meant to start the flame. After that, it's up to you or them to squash the fire after sharing said "core beliefs."

The problem for folks like us is starting the initial spark though! Gotta get to the first base before thinking about the second!

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Not op. I would disagree and argue that gauging values is usually the best thing to do beforehand. If this is supposed to be a fling type of thing, then sure jokes are fun, but most men find satisfaction in long term relationships where there is growth, something you will have a hard time finding when you are at ends with your partner.

So, at the end of the day, I just have to learn how to make new friends. Is that it?

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At the end of the day, girls will like you for two main things. Your looks and your interests. Just be a cool guy~ It'll work out.

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Why is it melancholic, bun?

Forgot to say. It's melancholic for me too.

Just missing someone is all. It's okay~

That's a healthy mindset to have. Keep at it OP.

Hopefully they miss you back. I know I would.

We'll have to see, I suppose.

What's stopping you from talking to them?

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I only use Jow Forums once in a blue moon so I hope you guys don't mind me copypasting my post from another thread. I really feel like getting advice tonight.

I'm a dude.
I'm hopelessly in love with this girl. Emphasis on the 'hopeless'; meaning that I have no drive to be with her, I know dating just wouldn't work between us.
We're close. We talk to each other all the time. We hang out together all the time and basically spend the entire summer hanging out with each other.
But even though I have no interest in dating her I'm still obsessed with her. I think about her all the time and I get really depressed and sad when she doesn't message me or hit me up to go hang out somewhere.
But, on the other hand. Just hanging out with her or talking about random shit over messages are some of my happiest moments.

I feel like this is somewhat unhealthy.
Do you feel like it is ?
If yes, what should I do, realistically ?
Should I change the way I approach the relationship and learn to stop obsessing over her.
Or should I try to cut her out of my life because the whole concept of the relationship is unhealthy.

I also don't really have any issue with dating overall, I don't mind dating anyone or meeting girls. But the feelings I have for her are of love, and that's probably a fact.

Hmm.. It's a... different kind of longing, I would say.

Why is it that you don't think it wouldn't work out, user? Why is it so unrealistic if you like her so much?

A different kind of longing? What do you mean?

I don't know how to approach a college girl. it's a 9/10 and I'm just a loser with alcohol problems

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Ahem. I'll be just fine, user. But thank you for asking. I do appreciate it. They'll be around soon, I'm sure.

Sounds like you just need to work on yourself, silly.

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Yeah, no problem. Hope things get better, cheers.

I honestly doubt it's me. But you know where to find me on the slim chance it is. I do too, for the record.

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I know her well.
I know how she is when it comes to dating and there are a lot of stuff that don't really come into play when we just hang out as friends but that would ruin everything if we were to start dating.
I also know that I'm not what she's looking for in a man. And I'm not trying to be self deprecating or anything, I'm being purely factual here, I know she kind of men she's into, and I'm not it.
She's also dating someone else right now. And she's really happy, for once. And I'm not jealous or angry or depressed about it, I'm genuinely happy for her.

I really love her. And that's what's weird about it, because in a way, that's also why I don't feel like dating her. To be perfectly honest with you, it's not really "unrealistic" either, I know she finds me attractive, and I know she likes me a lot, so it *could* happen in a few years but...That wouldn't work out well. That's not what I want.

I'm sure they will~

You doin' okay?

I understand. Honestly, then I would recommend finding a girl that's right for you. Simple as that. Someone else to give that attention to.

In a lot of ways I'm not. But in some ways, I am. I'm more stable for the most part, compared to then.

And that's exactly what I'm doing right now.
But what do I do about her ? I really value our relationship, is it all right if I keep it as it is ? I always have this nagging feeling in my head telling me that I should stop talking to her because "it's not right".

I see. Sounds like life...

I don't see any reason you can't keep things just how they are...

I really to needed hear that

Ah... There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it at all to me.

Yup... It's life alright. Sounds like it's the same for you too. I'm sorry that's still the case.

I wasn't being sarcastic or anything. (dunno if you elaborated because you felt that I was) To be honest I can't really talk about it with my friends because it would change the way they look at us whenever I bring her along (which would make me embarrassed without belief) so I never had any input on this.
Most people on this website tell me to stop being a beta cuck and move on without actually reading.
So knowing that there isn't anything wrong with it feels really great. So thank you.

Meh... Ditto. I'm sorry to hear it too. But I'm glad you're okay.

Nah, I didn't think anything like that. And yeah... Sometimes, when your friends can't be there, a stranger is exactly what you need. I'm glad I could be here for you.

I'm glad you are too. I'm not going to bug you if you don't want to. But would you be up to talk?

I don't think I was ever going to bring myself to to ask, but I might as well now.

Sure. Why stay upset over the past if you don't have to?

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Alright, everyone. It's time for me to be heading out. Goodnight, anonymous! And good luck.