I'm a gay man. I caught feelings for one of my closest friends. Not just feelings, I love him...

I'm a gay man. I caught feelings for one of my closest friends. Not just feelings, I love him. I've loved him for a long time. It just fucking hurts.

I don't even know why I caught feelings in the fucking first place. He's a literal sperg. He hasn't had a girlfriend in at least five years. But I love him, I can't change it, I can't stop it. It'd be easy to write him up, but now that I know him, fuck, he's great. He's a rare kind of person. He's something else.

And he's objectively attractive. Good body. Handsome face. Pretty blue eyes. I don't even know what to say anymore.

He's straight, so I'm not even trying. But I can't stop him from being on my mind.

Do I ever tell him? Make a move? Or do I continue to not try.

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>He hasn't had a girlfriend in at least five years.
>He's straight
You sure about that?

I mean, I can't be sure. He's only ever been with girls, but then again, he hasn't been with many people. As close as we are, I'm not surprised he doesn't get girls. His social skills aren't good at all.

Don't tell him, stop wasting energy on it and chase actual potential boyfriends.

Does he know you're gay? How does he act around you?

Does he know your gay? If yes, then no, he would have already made a move if he was gay. If no, then hes not your friend and your better off looking in other avenues.

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He knows I'm gay. He was perfectly okay with it. He was glad I told him.

He acts perfectly normal with me, or at least the same way he behaves around anybody else. Treats me like any of his friends.

>If yes, then he already would have made a move
He's never struck me as the type to make a move on anyone, but I get what you're saying.

I dont know man. If your unsure, the best thing you could do is lead him on. Have you ever caught him catching a glance? Most guys that dont make moves just let the fantasy run in their minds.

I've had moments of thinking "Oh, he's catching a glance," but it's almost certainly wishful thinking. Other than that, I can't tell.

Really, honestly, I doubt he's attracted to me. I'm absolutely certain he likes me as a friend. But as a potential partner? As much as I'd like to think otherwise, it's not likely.

You can't convert him.
Move on you slut.

Ok whatever

So I've been in your shoes at least twice before. One guy was just absurdly attractive, model tier. Great personality, and actually wanted to be my friend. But he was straight.
Another is my lifelong best friend to this day. I can count on him for anything. But he's straight.
Both of these guys I of course developed feelings for, but you need to recognize that it cannot happen and move on. It's an impossibility.
>Do I ever tell him?
The closest you can get is telling him "if you were gay, we might've been a thing" only in a context where it makes sense such as reminiscing on your experiences. That's as far as you can go.
>Make a move?
No, absolutely not, never ever do this. Don't do it. Cease and desist. You will destroy the dynamics of the friendship.
You probably already know this but the gay monkey brain will see anyone it finds attractive as "maybe gay"
He probably would have told you by now, no?

You're probably right. Thanks for being real with me. I appreciate it.

I may mention it at some point the way you described, but you're right. Making a move is a bad idea. It's a shame, because every time I think about it I imagine the best possible outcome - us making out and spending the rest of the night in bed together. But I know damn well that'll never, ever happen. I can dream though :)

As an addendum from a str*ight male or whatever the fuck we are now...

Don't let it kill your desire to be friends with someone. Sucks ass when people let dick brain get in the way of friendship. You know what I mean?

Are you pitcher or a sissy. I know plenty ty of straight men that wouldnt mind giving.

You guys are still straight males. Don't worry, I'm not one of "those." And, yes, fair enough. I would never want to fuck up our friendship. That's why I'm not going to make a move - too much risk. Being friends with him is enough of a privilege for me.


Bro, what you have to do is slowly drop 14g of GHEY-22D into his memosas every brunch and then he might be STR8 by the second week. If that fails, throw yourself at his feet and expect some bangbros (hehehe) stuff.

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>because every time I think about it I imagine the best possible outcome (softcore ensues)
Thanks for the keks user. I definitely know what you mean. But it's an illusion, fantasy. You get to be around a guy you like being around, and that's it.

I don't know what you're talking about, but, ok

Didn't mean to provide keks, but glad I could. And yes, as much as I don't want it to be, it's a fantasy. I appreciate your understanding.

Stop spreading HIV and God knows what else.

keks came from doing the same shit on a number of occasions
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I'm not spreading HIV. Even if I had HIV, how am I even going to spread it if I'm not having sex with him? Through the air?

Simple, by not fucking other men you faggot.


If he's an aspie, just rape him. He's retarded, he won't tell anyone.

OP you are having the same problem that comes from (straight) men and female friendships. One of them, most of the time the men, will fall in love. I recommend you stop having straight male friends, perhaps only as business contacts profesionally. I don't like gays to be honest, specially the ones that act more dramatic than women, but I sympathize with your frustration, as it is all too common for straight men with women. I do hope you find a partner who makes you happy bro.

I guess so. I don't want to just stop having straight male friends - my absolute best friend's been my friend since kindergarten, and I'm not the least bit attracted to him.

As to not liking gays, honestly, I get it to a certain extent. You can easily get a bad idea through what you see in the media. All I can say is that I'm self aware enough to know I don't act like that.

Thanks for the well wishes. You too.