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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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What's the best way to ask a woman out on a date? What do I say, how do I contact her, etc...?

dont care which gender answers but i had a few days of downtime and I just felt like I squandered them playing video games or cooking which admittedly are entertaining to me but I'm still lonely with no friends. any ideas on what to do before I have to go back to work on sunday? Was thinking of just doing a night drive around aimlessly

EU4 is a great time waster, but don't give in to DLC bullshit. Only buy on major sales, if at all.

How do I get over my fear of hurting women
I feel like if I talk to a woman she will be offended or think I'm a creep
And even if I were able to somehow get a relationship I would be a bad boyfriend who she'd have been better off never meeting

What do girls think of a guy who is depressed and never had sex at 23 and had a bad childhood? I also haven't been doing much of anything in my free time. Some times I don't even clean my place for a while...

just do what I did- meet one who'll take advantage of that fear that you unlearn it out of spite.

I've never met a woman that I actually love. Should I try some online matching service, or are those not that good? I heard Tinder is mostly for casual sex and I don't want that. I also strongly desire to marry someone of the same nationality.

In general it's a red flag, unless a girl is a weirdo with saviour complex and mommy personality like me
I'd advise you to sort these issues out because it will help you with finding a gf and also for your own sake

Mainly for girls but guys might know too but: When you match with someone what's the sort of thing you'd like to hear when looking for suitor on a dating app?

I'm asking because I feel like a need a new approach. I usually go with something that is roughly "Hey it's good to match with you. I like how you look. Wanna get together sometime and talk. Do you have a snapchat" and a little before that I jsut asked girls how they were doing and what their interests were only to get ghosted when it came to actually doing something.

I kinda get that most girls...or even guys pretending to be girls seem to be on these things purely so their phone goes off but I don't really think it should be happening this often. There's been successes before using this approach but maybe it's just overused now? I dunno.

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Do you have any friends, gals? How often do you try to improve yourself?

Girls, do you ever fantasize about your male friends, or is your perception towards them purely platonic? As a guy I tend to have sexual thoughts and dreams about all of my female friends, even if I don't necessarily intend to get with them.

Not very often due to laziness

About male friends I develop a crush on, yes

I understand that I should just ask them out. But are then any guidelines with how I should do or is this just another “depends on the person” situation.
I already know not to do it while me and her are in a group cause that creates an audience.

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I think I upset a girl at work? Im not into her like that but do really like talking to her platonically n shit. all I said was, "dude you look depressed" and I instantly got the vibe she was upset. should I give her space, apologize, how do I approach this?

>I tend to have sexual thoughts and dreams about all of my female friends, even if I don't necessarily intend to get with them
Is this normal?

Sure but honestly I'm just starting to get tired of playing video games.

Depends on your libido.

Okay thanks I will try.

It feels impossible, I don't think I'll ever get over it or feel normal
I told my therapist about it today and now I'm worried I offended her by bringing it up

I wouldn't say all, but most of them unless I'm mentally invested in someone specific.

I'm a dude.
I'm hopelessly in love with this girl. Emphasis on the 'hopeless'; meaning that I have no drive to be with her, I know dating just wouldn't work between us.
We're close. We talk to each other all the time. We hang out together all the time and basically spend the entire summer hanging out with each other.
But even though I have no interest in dating her I'm still obsessed with her. I think about her all the time and I get really depressed and sad when she doesn't message me or hit me up to go hang out somewhere.
But, on the other hand. Just hanging out with her or talking about random shit over messages are one of my happiest moments.

I feel like this is somewhat unhealthy.
Do you feel like it is ?
If yes, what should I do, realistically ?
Should I change the way I approach the relationship and learn to stop obsessing over her.
Or should I try to cut her out of my life because the whole concept of the relationship is unhealthy.

I also don't really have any issue with dating overall, I don't mind dating anyone or meeting girls. But the feelings I have for her are of love, and that's probably a fact.

So if she's uggo you're not gonna think of her that way I take it.

Is penis girth of 5.5 inches too much? The thing is wider than both of my thumbs put together, I fear that I won't be able to fit into some girls who are smaller down there.

Depends on how uggo. If she's at least 5/10 she's probably good enough fantasy material.

If she's on the smaller side, yeah possibly.

On the bright side my length is average so I won't have to worry about ramming any cervixes. Do you think using lube would be enough for smaller girls or is it pretty hopeless?

A family member of mine used eHarmony and got married, while my best friend found his wife on Tinder. Some people just can't afford or aren't willing to use a paid service and that's okay. You'll find good and bad dates on both. As for marrying someone of the same nationality, as far as I know every dating site or app will show you a picture of the person you match with. You could just swipe left if you're not interested.

What do women think of men that don't cook much at all, eat pretty small portions, and drink smoothies every day instead of cooking?

ish? Uggo with a good personality becomes fuckable, someone who's above average with an insufferable personality is a turnoff.
One with a good personality I'd still smash but I wouldn't date because she's painfully stupid.
But in general guys have low standards as to who they're sexually attracted to.

How the fuck do I smile? People in these threads always say you should smile at girls but I always feel like a retard when I try and force myself to smile

Doesn't have to be a full-on smile, a smirk can work.

It's one of those things where lube just helps get it in. It doesn't make the sex any less painful in the end. But it probably won't start really hurting until after a little while.

How should I go about introducing an open fart policy with my GF? She stays over at my place a few times a week and it's getting very difficult to hold in and discreetly pass gas during these times. She's probably having the same issue but I don't know how to bring up the proposal.


I work on it every day, though some days are better than others

Usually it starts with a dream and then I wake up w/ a completely different perception of them.


Girls, have you ever got into something serious with a dude you kept as a backup?

I can tell this girl is into me, she sends me nudes and flirts with me, but she ghosts me for days/a week or so at a time. So I think I'm kind of a back burner type choice for her?

Were going out on a date in a few weeks, as she's busy with work and moving rn.

Think I still have a chance? I know she has friends she talks to daily, so I know I being ghosted at times for sure.

Hold her down and say you won't let her go until she farts in your face

Well, as long as penetration is in the realm of possibility I guess it's better than nothing, even if it can't last too long. What about oral? I'm not too familiar with mouths, do some girls have smaller mouths that would make things difficult?

she has like 3 dicks in her right about now

its literally impossible to find single girls

all the one that are staying at home and never going out are basically non existant, and the ones that go out have their pick of the litter

as average male my choices are either single moms or fat girls that look for their saviour
9on the side note
chick stalks my ig if she likes my(dog) photo at 1am? she has a bf

No she doesn't, she just says she does. That's the number one way girls like to shoot down guys, because 99% of them will give up upon hearing it.

If she's note in a relationship, what's the issue with that? I'm not some autist obsessed with purity.

And I asked for the opinions of women.

Do women "expand" her pussy after losing virginity? I have never been with a virgin girl before and started dating one. We haven't had sex yet, but I fingered a couple times and she can't fit two of my fingers inside unless she is VERY aroused. My hands are quite thin and bony, and my two fingers are thinner than my penis, so I'm worried my dick won't fit inside if we have sex or I might hurt her. Should we force a little with a lot of lube on the first couple of times or not? Will it get bigger after having sex a couple of times?

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Vaginas are like shoes. You keep putting the same thing inside of them and eventually they'll adapt

Do not force anything. The vagina is a muscle and she is not relaxing it enough to let anything in. It can be a strange and scary feeling to have something up there if you're not used to it. Just go very very slowly and make sure she's comfortable and she will get used to it. The size of the vagina does not ever change permanently (unless something traumatic happens), the muscles just become either tenser and tightened or relaxed and loosened.

Do not listen to this person.

Yeah I think everyone has different mouths.
Don't do oral personally, but I've definitely heard people complain about jaw strain.

>offer fiance to join me in a shower
>>no hes too busy fixing his mic
>imply very obviously I want sex
>>i really want to play [videogame] baby
Reeeeeeeeee what's wrong with me? Why doesnt he want me? He says he finds me extremely attractive and randomly will look at me hungrily and say I am gorgeous, he initiates sex about 40% of the time, so I dont think hes lying. Does he have a low libido? He says his ideal amount of sex is 2-3 times a week, mine is 4-6. We are both somewhat overweight, I am trying to lose weight.

It's somewhat soul crushing to be rejected semi regularly in favor of stuff like playing a game.

Blech. I dunno why so many guys complain about not being big enough, just seems inconvenient more than anything. Sure it might be more pleasurable for some girls who can handle it, but I'm sure just as many girls would find it more painful.

One male friend who is the best friend of my fiance
Every day I try to

Nothing's wrong with you, he doesn't want you because you just admitted that he only wants sex a few times a week, and if it's soul crushing to be turned down for something (as opposed to just turned down) you should tell him that.

Sometimes men aren't just in the mood for sex, it's not something that only happens to women. Depending on your and his age 2-3 times a week could mean he has a low libido or an average libido

Tell him exactly what you told us

Also cardio helps libido, tell your fiance in no uncertain terms that you want his dick. Women do the most dumb shit thinking they're obvious but men actually need to turn on a specific part of their brain to pick that up. Your bf was probably knee deep in sorting out how to fix his mic and had his brain set on fix a problem mode. Of course he's not gonna realize his fiance telling him to take a shower was her wanting dick RIGHT NOOW.

Seriously, it's probably just a communication issue.

How do I into sex without my own place? Moving out in a few months but not sure my dick can take it.

Handjobs are still on the table though. And it's more fun the bigger it is.

Car sex.

do girls like that?

maybe he's just no in the mood, pig

Not all girls.

should i even bother approaching you if im a very average looking guy?

How can you tell if your close female friend is into you?

I've noticed some signs such as
>hanging out as a group and I say I'm going somewhere else, she'll often say she'll come with me
>Always willing to do 1 on 1 things together (such as walks)
>Invited me to watch the fireworks w her on NYE (still 3 months away...)
>Speaks about the future and how we could live together if our future plans work after graduating college

But I still feel like these are all just signs of a typical close friendship, nothing much to look into. Insight helpful pls

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Just make a move retard


My boyfriend is generally an unemotional guy when it comes to other people, including myself. We video chat often because of our current LDR, but we had a lot of tense moments because of it. He told me he "only sees me as a screen" to explain his cold behavior toward me (yelling, being distant, not respecting me) and he wishes I was physically there with him. My question is, is that a normal response, or could he be somewhat of a sociopath? He does have an egotistic side to him, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of it...

Thank you for your time

If your relationship is fine person, I wouldn't worry about anything

mostly concerned about the lsing friendship meme since we have been very close for a while

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in person*

So you don't want a relationship? Then don't do anything

well I didn't really have any feelings for her until very recently after a drunken night out, basically have been mulling whether or not it'd be worth potentially ruining our friendship since

If you want a relationship, make a move, if you don't, then don't. It's that simple

True, but I've heard that can be hard on the wrist for girthier ones too. No pun intended.

you right you right, thanks for the words user

Not any more so than any other handjob. Arms are the first things to get tired unless it's some weird angle we're talking about.

Femanons this is going to sound so stupid but how would you describe sex and could you describe how it feels and/or how you enjoy it? It sounds stupid because I've had quite a bit of sex now (same woman) it's just ever since that me and the gf broke up, I been meaning to ask but obviously never got to ask her what makes sex so enjoyable for her as she always really enjoyed it and always orgasmed multiple times, however I never came once throughout our entire relationship.
Odd question I know but I've suddenly gotten really and oddly autistic over it on how it's possible to be so enjoyable for one party but not at all for the other and would like to know the basics of it all otlf if that doesn't sound too daft.
Want to just say in advance Thanks to any that responds.

How can I find single women without selling my soul to an app?

I just started grad school and I see countless beautiful girls in the streets, but there is no appropriate way for me to become close to them. I’ve obsessively checked the list of clubs and societies and there’s absolutely nothing there that I want to do. I didn’t do my undergraduate here and everyone else already seems to be in established social groups. It’s killing me. This is like living in a diamond mine and not being able to touch anything.

Well, that's encouraging. But I dunno how the girl would feel about the whole situation. If I was in her position I'd feel terrible that oral / vaginal are difficult, kinda limits the options to get each other off. And I imagine anal would be impossible or at least very painful for most girls due to my size, even if a mountain of lube was available.

To put it simply if you see a woman that piques your interest just Talk to them and see how they respond if they respond warmly the key aspects that all women want are (but not always on this order) to Tease her, Please her, Excite her, make her laugh and make her always want to come back for more user

>not respecting
Honest question, did your parents model what you would say was a healthy relationship?

Sex isn't all about penetration. I mean technically I guess it is, but there's a lot of fun shit to try. Not to mention toys.

Honestly, no. I also have a lot of self-esteem issues, and cant help but be very forgiving. I feel like he doesnt mean the behavior, and gets stressed out from his job. Takes it out on me because I'm there. I love him very much and I know he loves me, but I feel like I care about him more than he does to me... I dont see him as "just a screen" when we talk and video chat. It made me really sad hearing that from him

I know, but it's like, I guess it's the same mentality a guy would have if he had a micro-penis. There's still plenty of stuff you can do with your lover but you'd feel bad that you can't do everything, y'know?

You would do well to break the cycle. Your parents learned their habits somewhere, just as you've learned yours from them. This is not healthy for you.

you MUST work on these issues. Are you interested in a depressed, 23 year old woman with a bad childhood whose house is a mess?

it's probably fine.


>Are you interested in a depressed, 23 year old woman with a bad childhood whose house is a mess?
Yes, give me her number immediately

I'd prefer something personalized to me. Mentioning something specific about my profile or one of my photos etc. A playful/witty joke can be nice too.

Your go-to message is pretty generic and forgettable. Anything that shows your personality and uniqueness is gonna leave a much better impression--girls get a ton of messages all the time, and they all start to blend together after a while.

I don't really think anything of it? I have a small appetite myself.

Approach someone you perceive to be on a similar level of attractiveness to you and you might have more success.

It seems possible that she's into you actually. Idk I personally wouldn't do all that for a guy I didn't have feelings for on some level. How does she treat her other guy friends?

Not sure how to describe it. It's like waves going over and under a point where the feeling goes from weird to good. Probably not helpful.

It's not set in stone, the girl would have to be pretty small for it to be straight up impossible/unbearable.

Am I supposed to smile at everyone who looks my way?

I get that, but even the idea of it being relatively painful would make me feel guilty. I guess I'll keep in mind that I should do a ton of foreplay to make sure she's loosened up.

If a guy you had feelings for told you you were a really good friend, is that a sign that it's over and you should give up?

Depends. If he's autistic then he may not know what to do with girls

>It seems possible that she's into you actually. Idk I personally wouldn't do all that for a guy I didn't have feelings for on some level. How does she treat her other guy friends?

The night that we were drunk she was a bit clingy and at some point we linked arms, although I haven't really thought much of it since she did it with my other friend too. However during the night walk she was always next to me and was the only one to come down to the river bank to just talk about shit

But generally the only person she acts like what I have posted before is me, but in hesitant becayse I think I mainly attribute it to how we are the closest bond in our friend group

Well a man's wife should technically be his best friend.

>Had feelings for
What happened nigga

No, don't give up. That's hardly enough to know he doesn't like you.

If you haven't blatantly told him your feelings, no. Some guys are too numb-skulled to ever recognize flirting or general interest from women.

Fucked up reply sorry kek

I always hear that some girls need to be loosened up with foreplay, but personally it's never made bigger insertions easier. It just kind of helps me ignore discomfort.

Well, the vaginal walls do expand based on arousal, at least to my understanding. Maybe how much they expand varies from person to person.

okay i will try
any tips on how to not be creepy about it

He's not autistic. He's very socially well adjusted, more so than me.

I still have feelings for him!

Then tell him! If a guy likes you enough to say you're a really good friend, chances are you'll make a great lover too in his eyes.