Get a match on bumble

>Get a match on bumble
>have a somewhat decent conversation
>She asks "Are you chinese?"

How do I change my race and ethnicity?

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Roll the dice via suicide

I don't think I want to wait in line for reincarnation.

It’s instantaneous. You probably won’t get an upgrade, though. Maybe you’ll end up an African. Is that better?

Probably. Africans actually get dates and are sexually desired.

Well there you go. Do you have access to guns?

I will date korean
I will date japanese
I will date vietnamese
I won't date chinese
Larp as a japanese, white people won't know the difference
I won't date blacks

>Larp as a japanese, white people won't know the difference
Hmmm.. this is a good idea. What's wrong with chinese people?

Their crazy.

But that's not true.

I don't know. There's just something offputting about it. Maybe it's the reputation you have culturally with the west. Ex

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Trips confirm it
Damn Xi Jin ping

Date your own race. Not my fault white bitches only want white cock.

They didn’t grow up eating weird seafood and forced to not show any sort of personality. You’re fucking weird compared to soccer games and shopping at costco.

Oh please, it's not even white bitches. it's other chinese bitches too.

You can’t but you can not be a stereotype. Need to be in between some sexist asshole and a simp.

lmao dude it's a hookup app not a dating one. Just say whatever the fuck gets you laid. Say puerto Rican or some shit who gives a fuck.

That's stupid, Japs and Gooks eat equally weird shit and act equally weird

I agree, white culture is weirded out by asian cultures. You will never understand us.

>You will never understand us.
Thank god we don't ant to.

Great, then go on and date your ugly gargoyle women.
Im busy making beautiful white babies with my wife.

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you cant.j ust date your own race. besides its not as bad as being a white guy, all i match with is black grills

Watching white people try to have children is like watching an endangered species hopelessly fight against the odds. Inspirational, but ultimately a lost cause.

are you autistic because you sound like it ...

be proud of who you are, and stop caring about weirdos like her. you need a GOOD person to be with. if she doesn't like you because of your race and ethnicity, then she has a problem. and is a waste of your time. i have a korean friend and he feels like no white girl will ever like him because he's asian, but that's just not so. i'm a white woman and i think asian men are qt asf. same with all races. don't waste your time with close minded people please. ily take care

>be ching chong but most people guess everything else first

There are bad things about it but it's like being a manlet or any other insecurity, can't let it get to yourself.

white women truly aren't worth fighting for.

Tell her that her racism indicates that there's seriously Sum Ting Wong with her.

Go watch some surveillance footage of everyday shit that happens in china if you don't realise how bad it looks to the west.

Also filter for compatibility in the real world. There are girls studying mandarin who are stupid enough to think their happiness is in some other culture. Get fit if you aren't, work on being financial stable and being a resolute nigga.

Oh please same shit with all the shootings other countries see in the USA. Or all the Muslim beheading and European rape. All cultures are fucked.
Hell China has universal healthcare with 1.3 billion people and the US is crying over 400 million. It just proves mixing of races and cultures is wrong.

Have you tried being not chinese???

Chinese health care is very shady. You can get organ transplant extremely easy, sound nice but guess the source of those organs ? Their practice leave much to be desired.

try being a mutt. Only women benefit from being mixed

Once I stopped giving a fuck about what women think or say I had a lot more success. Took me getting my guts ripped out to get there though.

I believe you can't, dont stop trying though.

Half Asian half white men are well liked

China does not have a universal healthcare system. Not sure how this lie spread so far. Probably from some buttmad Brit upset over America again.
If China had a universal healthcare system, then why would they be so afraid to help out their fellow men? Why would they be so afraid of going to the doctor themselves?

You guys visit Jow Forums way too often. China dies have universal healthcare. Just look it up on some documentary. Stop thinking those random freak of accidents from car crashes to kids getting stomped in rural China is how the Chinese act.

Everywhere in the world there's fucktards that do dumb shit. Are we going to assume that all white girls love abortions and kill their own babies because of the news showing white girls parading around about their rights and holding up pictures of dead fetesus?

>Are we going to assume that all white girls love abortions and kill their own babies
This is true though

>Stop thinking those random freak of accidents from car crashes to kids getting stomped in rural China is how the Chinese act.
This is also true.
It reflects the don't-give-a-fuck-about-strangers nature of the Chinese society and micro-economy.

I’m dating a Chinese guy but lived mayor of my life outside of the states
What’s wrong with Chinese ?

Embrace your Chinese ethnicity.
She seems dumb.
Asians are genetically much smarter than whites

>when faced with criticism on the motherhive, the insectman reacts violently, desperately trying to make others appear bad aswell and his own hive good. Nobody truly knows why this remarkable species acts this way, perhaps the Queen kills the men who do not defend her valiantly enough, perhaps their hivemind has overcome their own intelligence and they're mere slaves to the will of their Queen.

White bitches want everything but Asian desu

>What's wrong with chinese people?
Let me tell you about the chinese. They are the most disgusting, uncivilized “people” on Earth. Anywhere I am, I can hear them screaming on the phone or to somebody standing right next to them in their ching chong dialect whether it’s on the bus, in a restaurant or just on the street. They constantly gurgle and loogie all over the place and they don’t care if it’s right in front of you it’s like you don’ exist to them. A chinese exchange girl in my class took out a nail clipper and loudly begins clipping her nails where they would fly and hit the people in front of her IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LECTURE AS THE PROFESSOR SPEAKS BTW. God I want to genocide the chinese


>"No, my family is (insert another ethinicity here)"
It is not like she knows the difference between your country and the country neighboring it.

There are a ton of asian girls who have a no dating asians policy in general.

OP, people behave differently when it comes to online dating, because the way it's designed is shallow. You can only get and judge by superficial information. Women act differently when you talk to them in person. Not to mention, unlike men, women aren't solely turned on by looks, but actually by behaviour. Your best bet is to grow a pair and just approach girls in real life. I have Asian friends who act confident and masculine and get girls. Just do it like that instead.

Try being Indian, OP. Infinitely worse as far as dating goes.

That’s because traditional Asian men are assholes so many Western Asians can be overly femme as a reaction to that.

I don't know how this even comes up. Are Asian men stoic, unemotional, and uncaring or are they feminine, weak, unsexy, or are they assholes?

Pfffthahaha. Where'd you get that delusion?

Just got for chinese qts then. Also how do I meet one as a black dude

Pretty wife, dude. Those glasses look good on her too.

name of the documentary pls

rorr the dice

Change your attitude, bro. Who gives a fuck that slut ghosted you? Find another. So many around.

It's the best way to speedrun the game.

That girl is not even pretty. Just look at the amount of make up, man. Don't fall for this shit.

Move on, you'll find one.

I’d reckon a good looking Asian can slay off those apps. This coming from an Indian guy who has had success, albeit minimal, from tinder. You’ve got to be pretty good looking tho(8/10+) to not attract anything above average.

Honestly assess your attractiveness and if you don’t fit the bill then go out to bars. Tipsy women at bars have much lower standards my guy.

You are closeted.

Ching chong has nothing on Florida man.

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Am chink.

I am sorry you got a fingernail in your inkpot. It is inexcusable.

But, if she is an exchange student, pls bear in mind her crassness is cultural not genetic. You can thank chairman mao.

Unless you are brahmin caste. They legit have the best genes for brains.

A spectrum, gwailou

t. azn

No need to.

Do not fake yourself.

If the girl rejects you out of ethnicity, she has bigger problems.

You dodged a bimbo bullet.

When 1 girl rejects you it's her
When 10 girls rejects you it's you
When it's 100 girls, it's the culture.

And unfortunately, for Indians, Chinese, and other "lesser" cultures, it's Western society despite the insistence of them being "accepting and tolerant". Girls in Western societies simply do not like South and East Asians. The japanese get a pass because of Anime. But non-weeb girls reject Japanese dudes all the time too.

If the whites go out, the lights go out.

>never opened a history book before

So what do you do? White women don't want you and your own women don't want you? Go back home? Where people think you're western and not part of them either.

Idk why a lot of people here get enjoyment from non-white suffering. We didn't choose our race or where we were born. And we're autistic weirdos just like you that's why we're on Jow Forums

There isn't an answer but to just live and hope.

Nope. Read carl jungs psychology of the soul. Each race has a soul, and reincarnation is through ones race. You can not choose what you will be in the next life, it has already been chosen for you

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You can't prove any of this. I believe we reincarnate as squid people after this life. That has just as much reality as being born into the same race in the next life.

And European, middle eastern, North Indian, and central Asian are the same race. Look at bone structure and genetics. That's a pretty diverse group under the Caucasian race. How do you know you won't be an Afghan goat farmer when you come back?

move back to asia permanently you idiot
the men don't want you here either btw

And yet white men want Asian wives to "colonize". You know half Asian people will be treated as non-white