Why is it that girls don't value intelligence in men?

Why is it that girls don't value intelligence in men?
Instead they go for brute Chads whose whole mentality on a Friday night is "fuck yeah, let's get drunk and get some pussy!" while I would rather read a good book with a cup of tea or listen to classical music while meditating and go to sleep early, so that I would be well-rested for my morning workout. Wasting money just to destroy my brain cells and liver doesn't seem appealing to me.

How can I deal with the feelings of despair that I may never find a suitable partner for myself?

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Literally everything you said is wrong. Why are you lying?

nigga i got depressed just reading your fucking post. how the fuck do you imagine a woman is going to be attracted to you?

Us girls prefer down-to-earth people over pretentious pricks that need to put those around them down to feel good about themselves.

What's wrong with it?

Everything? Right from the start. Girls value intelligence in men. But you clearly are not very intelligent.

>Girls value intelligence in men.
But they clearly don't as you can see here . And I've never met a woman with whom I could discuss anything besides relationships, work and school related stuff.

How does that post show girls don't value intelligence in a man? It doesn't. Clearly you are not very intelligent since you did not even understand this.

You sound boring. In addition to being a pretentious prick. No wonder girls don't like you.

>I've never met a woman with whom I could discuss anything besides relationships, work and school related stuff.
Then you either haven't met enough girls, or intelligent girls felt that you're a douche and avoided you.

if you were so smart you'd be able to figure out women
come on

look, bud, it's Jow Forums. it's not baiting replies if replying to threads is literally all that occurs on this board.

>wahhh I'm so special and not like other guys why don't the womyns like me even tho I believe that they're all beneath me and not real people!!! Wahhhhhh!!!!

Intelligence is an abstract concept that we really havent evolved to sexually select for.
The only things that people are interested in are looks (health) and wealth/power (resource provider).

No one gives a fuck what kind of music you like or drink you drink, unless they like it themselves, thus validating their own tastes.

You dont have to drink or destroy your brain cells, just go out and play the game.

Is this bait? If you're serious, you have a problem.
If you want a girl, then that is the wrong approach. Instead of generalizing girls and how they aren't good enough for you, you should focus on how to improve yourself and your attitude.

I see what you're saying, but why should I lower myself to the level of Chads to gain the approval of the weaker sex? It's demeaning.
I would like the females to come to me at my level. And I did something similar already with my first girlfriend, but I had to dump her because it was mentally exhausting to constantly lie to her about the girls I never had and things that never happened.

>lower myself
Sounds like it's the other way around. Girls (and Chads) don't want to lower themselves to your level.

Intelligence IS wealth/power. Intelligence is safety. Intelligence is resourcefulness. All traits that attract women.

Your first issue is that you even think you're even the slightest bit superior because of your tastes or habits. No one wants to date someone who thinks they're God's gift to women

Well said

So you think you deserve a relationship while you're a liar? Fix yourself first, prick.

Girls value whatever the fuck You tell them to value.

None of this would matter if OP was attractive lol

is this bait

Is this what incels actually believe?

It's true though.
If girl(s) are attracted to you, or people in general, they'll often overlook a lot of negative aspects about you.
That's literally what attraction is.
Liking something.
For example I'm a handsome guy with a big dick but not a lot of money, and a bland personality.
I can be a real whiny bitch too, and lie to stay in my comfort zone a lot.
And yet there is no shortage of women for me.
People are like calculators, they calculate the good and the bad unconsciously (most of the time), and if you net positive as a person, they are attracted.
If you net negative, they're not.
Some calculators are broken due to malicious software like nihilism, pessimism, feminism, etc.

What you find depends on where you look.

You won't find the girl you want at frat parties or bars. But she's out there, wondering why she can't find any nice serious guys.

Think creatively. Where would the kind of girl you want be likely to hang out? Go there.

This is not true OP, coming from femanon.

Using that word unironically classifies you as a retarded incel.

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No one values intelligence. At least not primarily. Instincts tell us that strength and loyalty are more important. Intelligent people have a tendency to be disloyal.

>Intelligent people have a tendency to be disloyal.
Hm, that's interesting. What is that based on?

If a woman is not turned on by wits, than she isn't worth it.

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My own experience being "intelligent (whatever that means these days)."
Intelligent people think. A lot. That means that they can be convinced. Stupid people can be convinced, but they can also be extremely fiercely loyal.
That's why the human religious impulse is so strong, and why we tend to seek group consensus as much as possible.

Intelligent women enjoy dating intelligent men.
You just sound full of yourself and a pain in the ass.

Intelligence is potential for wealth, power, safety, resourcefulness.
A lot of intelligent people are failures because they don't know how to put their intelligence to good use.
My husband is a genius on paper, but he's very fragile emotionally, and needs me more than I need him. Before we got together he was barely scraping by, now he made half a million over the last 6 months.

>now he made half a million over the last 6 months
Doing what?

Really good blowjobs.

He works in finance, he runs a fund.

You are both stupid and disloyal so your point is wrong.

>A lot of intelligent people are failures
COPE. This is so wrong it's retarded. Most intelligent people are successful. You're just someone who thinks he's intelligent and that's why he's a failure. Nope. You're a failure because you're not intelligent.

Intelligence is the first thing that attracts me to the women I like.

Convincing intelligent people is different.
Nobody is loyal unconditionally. The loyalty should be based on mutual respect. Earning the trust of someone doesn't require you to trick them into doing what is best for you.

Why do men value women who don't value intelligence in men?

Did you even read my post?
My husband has an IQ of 160. He graduated from his bachelor at 20. He is a pretty smart kid.
He suffers from mental illness (as a lot of extremely intelligent people do) and it set him back a lot of time in life. He also takes small failures, which are normal, as if they were the end of the world because he thinks he's too intelligent to fail.

I'm a smarter than average (135ish) and never had issues being successful. But most of the extremely intelligent people I met weren't in a good place emotionally, and it reflected on their life.

Because a lot of women are like that chad? Because what else are they supposed to do? What expectations do you have of them and why do you want to judge them for living a lifestyle that you don't agree with? I mean, you are going to be in a minority amongst younger people, so what makes you think that women who you judge as worthwhile aren't also a minority? Also the whole judgement thing makes you quite unattractive to everybody irrespective of lifestyle. Honestly, the vast majority of people in their late teens/early to mid 20's are absolute fucking idiots, hedonistic, irresponsible, irrational, pleasure seeking, self centred and ... as well they should be I guess, that is the whole point of being in your late teens and early 20's. Adolescence.

>He suffers from mental illness (as a lot of extremely intelligent people do)
What a pitiful cope and lie. This is not true and you know it. Show just one legit study that shows this is the case. Oh, you can't? Because you are in fact not intelligent and just made it up to cope with the fact your husband was a failure due to his mental illness.

[spoiler]I'm a retard[/spoiler]

Is that you, badboy user? I have a feeling it's you.

I don't know any intelligent person who is not successful. Your husband is literally the only intelligent failure on the planet. Congratulations. He was born on easymode and yet managed to fail it.

Are you actually smart or do you just look down on stupid people, because you can still do the latter while being stupid

Intelligence doesn't automatically correlate with success or happiness and success doesn't automatically correlate with happiness anyway. Raw intellect is not as useful as you'd think. It has to be combined and supported by things like talent, ability, drive, ambition, average to good background and upbringing and so on to manifest itself in a useful and potentially successful outcome. I've a lot of raw intellect, I'd say it held me back when I was younger because I didn't have the work ethic to follow through and the drive to succeed. If anything I felt I could jump from thing to thing, quickly becoming average to good and then abandoning it when genuine commitment was required to progress further because I had a false confidence. Often I'd hear "you are a smart guy, you can succeed at almost anything you put your mind to" and I'd nod my head at the first part and ignore completely the second. People who aren't naturally gifted often settle down and put in the effort required to excel sooner and are prepared to stop there and get really good because they are happy to finally be good at something. Good for them. They certainly out earned me during my early 20's and I had some catching up to do. I am now however rapidly rising up and it'll be further education in later life in within my industry and field that further expands my potential and that is difficult to achieve except for the genuinely intellectual. Next would be an old fashioned masters program which requires sponsership from others advanced in my field to access, support from companies at the top of the industry and then significant time, money and raw research to advance the field. You don't get there by being a bit better than average, there are only a few candidates a year and the pass rate is less than 50%.

tl;dr you're a guy of average intelligence who thinks he's smart and that being intelligent is a bad thing.

I never said that being intelligent was a bad thing. I said it doesn't automatically lead to success and happiness and my experience was that you have to manage the overconfidence that it can create to harness it and use it to do something worthwhile. Defining and meeting goals defines success and having structured goals and achieving them generally makes you happy. Also ... average? I don't care to be honest, I'd rather be average because the rest of the world all got a little smarter, but I'm a fair whack above average and I'm confident in that. How would you measure it? Homeowner? Postgraduate degree? Private pension? Decent savings and investments? No 'bad' debt? Bilingual? Upper management? Well read? Well travelled? Shit posting on Jow Forums? Can't win them all!

I don't know about her husband, but you're definitely stupid as shit. have an easy one!

They are disloyal if they see that there is no need for it because the person, group, government and etc is full of shit. If it isn't full of shit they will go trough even in hard times while the retards will be swayed by entertainment and drinks.

This one was published a couple years ago.
Compares % of people with mood disorders and other psychiatric disorders between MENSA population and the general population.
Much more likely to happen in the extremely intelligent population.

He's doing fairly decently for himself. He's 29 and making a lot of money, he has a strong support network, he's doing better emotionally.
He was a mess in his early 20s, but once he had emotional support he fixed himself.
I know of plenty of actually intelligent people who kill themselves, abuse drugs or have shit lives. Not that uncommon.
Intelligent people grow up with a lot of expectations, with a lot of pressure, with very little emotional support because they can relate to few people. It's not that uncommon that their emotional side takes over themselves.

Again, just fucking reading comprehension dude. Can you hold your attention for a couple minutes, or are you really that demented?

You're calling me stupid because I pointed out she was being a retard? Way to go. You definitely are not very smart.

I know plenty of dumb people who kill themselves, abuse drugs or have shit lives. Not that uncommon. You definitely have a confirmation bias there.

All women care is looks.

Yes. Your GF is with you because of looks. You're single because you aren't good looking enough.

>buuuut meeeeen careeeee aboooouuuuttt looooks

Doesn't change the point I just made.

Have you read that article? There's quite a few problems with it and you're jumping to conclusions because you see what you want to see. They are focusing on MENSA which is a very self-selective group, although they do have high intelligence as a trait, that's by no means a good sample of generally intelligent people. Another thing they mention is that it's not easy to get a good control group, so they just used survey data instead.

The thing is, you obviously are very desperate to jump in to defend your husband to the point of being delusional. Your highly intelligent husband is mentally ill but you keep telling yourself "that's normal, all intelligent people are mentally ill and failures". That's a way of coping with the harsh reality of things.

>he has never stepped outside his basement and seen all the ugly guys with hot gfs

you don't behave in a way that manifests high testosterone and low inhibition, so you aren't attractive to women under the age of 30. stop reading books about men you don't have the courage to be and become a man of action. no man who has ever thought to himself "i deserve women!!" actually gets them, because men who get things DO rather than think

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This isnt a fucking thing. I work a service job and talk to dozens if not hundreds of people every day. All the couples I have seen, the guy is always taller with a nice face and/or is muscular. At least two of these three things is true. The height thing is always true. I sat around a couple of women last night and they all discussed the guys they think are hot. Its always the same few tall good looking guys. Never short ugly manlets like me. One of them actually told me she didn't wanna fuck me to my face many months back.

I was merely saying that being intelligent is potential for success, it isn't a guarantee for success.
That a lot of intelligent people suffer from mental disorders that set them back in life, and often they need emotional support that is quite hard to get for them.
I've never said all intelligent people are mentally ill. I've said that many are, much more than in the average population.
I've never said that *only* intelligent people are mentally ill.

Again, I feel like I'm talking to 7 year olds without reading comprehension. It's disheartening.

I do but its nearly impossible to find an intelligent man. Oh there are plenty that will tell you they are or argue about EVERYTHING to prove it but real smart ones, NOPE. They are actually harder to find than a man that has a large penis.

Whats funny is a man will even argue about how big his penis is when it isn't.

they want to be the smart one in the relationship

I guess you're around girls who think guys just tinker with supersized legos

It's not women. Self analysis would be ideal here. I'm super smart, I scored a hot woman and I'm a fat fuck. Work on yourself mentally, be happy in your skin, don't take it out on an entire gender.

You have issues. Serious issues. You literally have ugly guys every day with hot girls in front of you and you refuse to admit it. Maybe you're closeted, because it sounds like you're more obsessed with guy's looks than girls. And besides you seem to think the kind of guy girls like is the typical Chad, which is not liked by girls but by gay guys.

Want to go on date? Just to see where it goes.

You are the living virgin vs chad meme.

Those guys aren't ugly. The last few couples I've seen were all very much "looksmatched". Broad chinned white guys with a full head of hair and big arms with his cute wife and kid walking through Target. All the actually ugly, usually short guys are single and don't really have anyone who likes them.

>girls don't like good looking guys
You're the one who is lying, I'm afraid.

there aren't many intelligent people in the world so people are drawn to similar wits in others. it is harder for anyone diverging from what is average or "normal"

You're delusional. You associate height with attractiveness. The only ones who do this are gay men.

Nope. There is a VERY high probability you are either stupid or have a small penis, perhaps both.

So women are gay now?

Neither. Why did you say this to an user without knowing anything about him? I'm not OP in case you thought so.

No, just you. You have are attracted to a different type of male than women are. And you are projecting that onto women.

>height isn't attractive
Full blown fucking cope, everyone.

fucking savage, 10/10

That's simply untrue.
Women want men taller than them. Being actually short (5'6" and under) is among the worst traits you can have in terms of attracting women. Men who are average or taller than average are more likely to get partners.

There is an optimum height range for looks and body which is about the average height for men. Only gay men think "the taller the better". Or deluded bitter tall virgin men. Which one are you?

He ain't a failure if he made 500k in 6 months.

>Men who are average or taller than average are more likely to get partners.
Do you have a source for this other than your ass?

Men who are under the average height for women are less likely to get laid.

Intelligence is measured by IQ. Wealth is measured in assets. Height in feet and inches or meters and centimeters.

I don't get why Jow Forums denies this. Did we get raided by a bunch of bluepilled redditors who think that all women are angels and can't do no wrong? Women preferring taller men has been common knowledge for decades now.

I understand where they're coming from - a lot of men think women only like men over 6', which isn't true.
While women don't necessarily prefer men over 6', they definitely go for men taller than them.
Personally I do like very tall guys, but I dated guys who were as tall as me. Never guys who were noticeably shorter, tho.

Did you even read the link you posted? There is no noticeable difference unless you are way too short or tall.

Also, have another study that shows tall men are less likely to get laid:

Just because you're gay, and it's well known gay men prefer tall muscular men, doesn't mean women like the same thing.

Yeah. This is probably the most reddit board aside from maybe /soc/

>Women preferring taller men has been a Jow Forums meme knowledge for years now.
Fixed that for you.

Yes. If you're shorter than the average woman (5'4"), you're less likely to get laid. Which is what I said: women don't like guys shorter than them.

It's an article on the standard, based on badoo stats. It's not a study.

If you're in the 0.1% shortest of men or 0.1% tallest of men you're unattractive. Who woulda thought. Yet you said taller is always better which obviously is not the case. Nearly all the most physically attractive males are average or below average height, almost never tall.

What I said is that women don't like men shorter than them.
I posted a study that proves it.

I haven't said that "the taller the better". I said that being actually short is bad.
It's not true that most physically attractive males are shorter than average. Most are average or a little taller.

Also, for the sake of the argument, I googled a list of the 20 most handsome celebrities on a female magazine. Average height in the US is 5'9.

1. Tom Hardy (5'9)
2. Prince Harry (6'1)
3. Jared Leto (5'9)
4. Idris Elba (6'2)
5. Bradley Cooper (6'1)
6. Lewis Hamilton (5'9)
7. Chris Pratt (6'2)
8. Machine Gun Kelly (6'4)
9. Ryan Gosling (6)
10. Will Smith (6'2)
11. Channing Tatum (6'1)
12. Ryan Reynolds (6'2)
13. Zach Efron (5'8)
14. Rami Malek (5'9)
15. Lucky Blue Smith (6'3)

One of them is one inch shorter than average, the others are either average or taller.

Dude I almost exclusively date dorky nerd guys with glasses because that's my type. And before you say it's out of desperation I'm 115 pounds, hygienic, and while I'm not stellar in the looks department I've had enough guys from different rungs of the social totem pool with confirmed crushes on me to at least be desirable in some sense. I've turned down a jock before just because I'm not into that kind of shit. I need someone I can connect with on an intellectual level for me to be interested in them because I would just get bored and frustrated.

Here's your (you) for the bait. Made me reply.

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How tall are you and why are you this desperate? It's obvious you are an incel and mentally ill.

I'm a girl. I'm 5'6".
I am not desperate, I just think you're wrong and I'm proving you wrong. Arguing is not desperation.

No likes an autistic derptard. You have to leverage your intelligence into social capital, money, power, and leadership. It's the iron triangle of INT, WIS, and CHA. INT to understand shit, CHA to talk and read and room, and WIS to know when to pick your battles, when to assert, and when to chill.

That being said, even very intelligent women use height as a veto factor. I'm an intelligent competent professional guy crushing on an equally intelligent girl taller than me who has made several comments in the past about X girl being too tall for Y guy like it's a sole veto trait, and I want to hang myself.

>this same larping tall guy virgin again

Any man who doesn't look like Thor, Cap, or Superman is basically a concession. Ideal male height is 6'1" to 6'3" before it gets awkward. I'm a 5'6" Asian American and it makes me want to AN HERO. I do all the stereotypical Asian shit and I like a tall girl who even likes classical music and is just as smart as I am, but at the end of the day, attraction isn't a choice and she'd just rather be with a tall guy.

Feel free to refute what I said, when you're done with the ad hominem.

>Women like men taller than them
>The most attractive men are average height or taller

I'm here whenever.

Surely it wouldn't be hard to just find a short asian girl.