is there any point in living or am I destined to die alone?

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there's plenty of qt short girls out there user, believe it or not but there are women out there who will look past the height if you're a decent person, I'm one of them

The Earth is going to be destroyed in the future.
Mankind will probably not colonize other planets.
So just make the best out of it and enjoy whatever interests you.

very true, enjoy your life, go after your passions and work to make your dreams come true. if you fall, get right back up and don't feel like it's the end. love you

Just made kind of the same post and got called a garden gnome haha, i'm 5'6 105 lbs.

i'd kill to be your hight

How are we supposed to know when you didn't say anything relevant about yourself?

It would literally take 20 years to explain myself

>everything else is fixable

My condolences F


>women always laughing behind my back because I’m a Manlet
>forever alone

When will we learn? Never we are only meant to suffer.

If you’re a girl, that’s perfect height and weight.
If you’re a guy, just find a girl who is lesser or of equal height. They may prefer guys who are taller, but in practice, it’s trivial once you’re dating them.
That said, you play nigger games, you’re gonna win nigger prizes.


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Now this is some epic advice if I do say so myself. It has all the elements of great advice: it addresses the main issue at its core, it covers all possible realms of the problem at hand, and it provides refreshing wit into the equation. Well done, my guy.

I do but my metabolism has always been really high

This is what I look like if anyone is wondering

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I'm straight and think you're pretty handsome bro. I'm 6'2 so I don't feel you on the height thing but lots of my short buddies are fucking sexy thotties so I don't think it's as dire as you think

High metabolism is greatly exaggerated. At the most you’d metabolize like ~10% less food than average unless you had some serious medical issue where you can’t digest.

You are a 9/10 Chad. Consider modeling if nothing else.

You're cute, I'm 5'5 and would probably date you if your personality is on point

What do you mean "on point"?

5'7" 145lb, 20yrs

women actually talk to me as if I were a child and my mom is taller than me when she wears heels.

I mean if you're not emotionally unavailable narcissist with porn or drug addiction who is also into sexual sadism and likes to abuse animals
But seriously, there are many traits I never want to see in my bf, but that's subjective. So I'm saying, if your personality clicked with mine then I would date you

If you have to ask *chuckles*, your personality is probably off point.
Maybe they think you’re cute and want to get some of that big benis of your’s.

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What does emotionally unavailable mean?

I don't drink or smoke and my mom has 2 cats

Due to some trauma or other issues can't express positive emotions. They can't tell or show that they like/love/appreciate you, feel ashamed when talking about their feelings or just don't know how to talk about their feelings... things like that

My english teacher was always very affectionate towards me, even though I was so horny for her, but she would speak to me like I was a toddler only me not anyone else even other shorter dudes got talked to normally, only I was spoken to like a child by some women. AWWW! user!!! YOUR SO SWEET!!

Sounds like some real mumbo jumbo. Maybe your cowboy is just a little stoic, Pocahontas. I mean, love was made for you and me, babygirl.

Stop pretending to be me

When women talk to you like a child respond to them as the man you are.

What kind of girl are you?


>what kind of girl

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>dress good
>have a nice haircut
>be funny and confident, damn confident
>eat a lot
>lift heavy
>find a shortie qtie
>problem solved
I'm 5'7 and 154lbs, my growth got fucked by alcohol and tons of cigs and even drugs since I was a little kid, I was always the shortest but this didn't stopped me from fucking the mouths of taller opponents and getting tons of pussy, what's the secret?Sport, confidence and an interesting personality.I put equal fear into manlets and lanklets no matter how heavy they are, always when there was a serious fight I was called by my lanklet or manlet friends and fucked the mouths of others, stop worrying about your height and be glad you're not a dwarf and just short.

No matter how much you or others may have convinced you that your height doesn’t matter and that you’re alpha, you are inferior for being shorter, and you are getting the short end of the stick. All of your girlfriends have 100% been cheating you the entire time, and you have just been to short to realize.

Tom Brady

When I see a 5 6 nigger complain about being short I want to kill them

Pidaras get out a little bit from your basement and leave those idiotic ideas from forums of complexed little bitches

>not a sexual deviant
I don't understand your complaint.
t. 25 5'4" 145lbs straight permavirgin, literally who cares

>there's plenty of qt short girls out there
They all already have boyfriends.