Ok so I need some advice from, hopefully, someone that has experience with this. I'm a 21 year old bisexual woman that has settled on a 29 year old man. Relationship is amazing. Sex is amazing. But there's just one problem. I'm bisexual and want another woman involved with us as well. Not just for sex but for like an actual long term relationship.To my surprise my husband is completely comfortable with the idea.

We're both still in school, I just started an engineering degree and he's about half way through (and blazing through it at an extreme pace with straight A's) trade school for welding. I'm Asian, he's white. We both don't have much family but mine wouldn't care, his father's side would definitely care but he'd likely tell them to fuck off. He's (my husband) is quite stubborn and marches to the beat of his own drum and be damned if you don't like it...

Culturally, we're both very accepting of each others culture and take what works from each others and just to make things easier respect what we don't. He's more of the "Argue your point as to why I need to do this and I will, don't just tell me to do so and expect me to" so whatever advice I'm given it needs to be with reasons I can logically argue or he's not going to be receptive to it.

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>I'm bisexual and want another woman involved with us as well.

Many practical reasons. I'm really attracted to girls too and the idea of having a family with another woman involved is intriguing to say the least. One more person to share the load with. Another income source. Help raising children. Plus he's got a sex drive like a demon and honestly it would help take some of the responsibility off me.

>I’ll never have this
Being a virgin is ok so long as I don’t think about it but this shit kills me

My concern here is that while you seem to proactively want two partners, he's only along for the ride. What do you do if he definitively decides to want only one and he doesn't pick you? What if she agrees? You're opening Pandora's box with two people who have far less to lose than you do.

>One more person to share the load with. Another income source. Help raising children.
Sounds like your interested in hiring a nanny to me.
>Plus he's got a sex drive like a demon and honestly it would help take some of the responsibility off me.
How do you know that would happen? Maybe he would start to prefer this person over you and decide to treat the two of you inequally. Maybe then you would get envious and that would lead to resentment. How do you know that isn't the more likely scenario than the ideal you have imagined in your head?

OP, in all honesty, it sounds like you've dreamt up a very 'ideal' scenario but you're designing it around everything working in your favour, which doesn't always happen like such when implemented.

Start a harem for your man.

This is potent B8.

Yeah, I was concerned with that before too but he's admitted to me that he's thought about it before too and into the idea as well. We both agree it massively hinges on the person we find and their personality more than anything else, obviously right?

I genuinely believe we have a bond like no other. We've been through a lot of shit. He's helped me through school, both helping me study and actually paying for my school. He's turned down women the advances from women in his past, even "the one that got away". He's been there for me through the death of close family members. He's even taken care of me when I myself was very sick. Sure I wasn't on deaths door but it definitely felt like it. I have no doubt he would choose me in that scenario.

A nanny? Not at all. We're very much against anyone but us, or the woman we find, assuming we can, raising our children because the world is fucking crazy.

He's obnoxiously fair to the point I tease him by calling him "the judge". He always says he's a terrible liar because he forgets the lie, so he's always opted to always be truthful by default...Yes, he's somewhat forgetful but it's a character flaw I'm more than willing to deal with.

As far as him having sex with another woman, I legitimately enjoy watching him have sex with another girl in front of me, I don't know why but it's incredibly arousing. However there was one time I'll admit I did feel a little jealousy when he was having sex with another girl during a threesome a little more than me but he just we'll use a timer next time so I don't feel left out. I laughed.

>I genuinely believe we have a bond like no other.
Normally I would say that I hate to burst your bubble, but you seem like a reasonable person. I don't think you're delusional. I think you're just exaggerating.

You know full well that history is littered with literally millions of couples who have been through circumstances even more trying than those you listed...and still fell apart. I know that you know that your bond is not "like no other." Other people have had bonds that strong. Those bonds break too.

Maybe instead you should consider that such a bond, though not unbreakable, is extraordinarily valuable. That much is fair, right?

Okay, so don't endanger something that valuable.

I'm sure has been full of these people but to someone who has no concept of it it's impossible to explain. It's like trying to explain the color blue to someone who as been blind from birth. Not to be hateful or mean but it's not something you can understand until you do...I guess...would be the way to explain it because I can't any other way. He's everything to me and me to him.

Like I said, he's already told the girl he's had a thing for for about 7 years to fuck off when she tried to seduce him away from me without hesitation. I'm completely comfortable and secure with him because he goes out of his way to make me comfortable and secure.

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You're veering dangerously toward aforementioned delusion to think that no one else can understand.

Don't lose sight of the fact that you chose to come here to ask for insight. To then say that we can't understand makes you an idiot at the least, or intellectually dishonest at the worst. We can only understand you if we say what you want to hear?

This thread seems like it's over.

"We're in loooooooooove! What we have is special! Nothing could ever separate us!"
-Every other person who has also been in love but eventually broke up
You underestimate the value of what you currently have and overestimate the value of what you don't. Also posting anime girls is not helping your case.

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Because it's already stated that I should be wary of another woman, to be thankful for what I have already and don't open the chaos box. Ok, got it, note taken, and I've already said I'm not worried about any of that.

What I'm looking for is insight into how to go about it and things to avoid., hidden pitfalls etc. All I'm being given so far is "Just don't do it doode" advice.

It must be dreadful dealing with all of those blackpills.

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It's not a "blackpill", it's reality. You're setting your expectations way too high.

Well more pussy for him op

dump him for someone with a white collar career

Pass. Money won't be an issue once we're done with school. Besides finding another man like him won't be easy. He's got a nice cock and can fuck me for hours. Literal hours. Without any drugs. Plus he's not booty blasted about me probably making more than him when I'm done with school. His lack of insecurity in so many things just makes things so fucking simple and easy.

Not worth it for some extra money.

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My wife and our girlfriend have been in a relationship for 8 years now. It’s doable, but you all definitely have to have the right mindset and lay down expectations going in. Is there even someone you’ve met that you want to try this with? Or is this all just spit balling right now?

We've women but not for anything serious. We always bring up the expectations early in but haven't had any luck. Most people we meet just want sex and occasionally I agree if I like the girl but a lot of them are fucked in the head with some of the stuff they say, crazy ideologies, etc.

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