Is it a turn off to guys if the girl has a few flat moles in her private parts...

Is it a turn off to guys if the girl has a few flat moles in her private parts? And a medium sized mole just under her asshole? I don't have moles anywhere else in my body.

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Not me, no. I don't care about moles.

Nope, don't worry about it

I’ve always wondered stuff like this but someone put it this way for me once:

Men are so excited to see tits or a pussy that they don’t care what’s next to it. Men don’t care if your tits are small, they get to see tits! Same with pussy

That's not particularly true. There are things that would put me off about a body. As for the tits thing, I actually prefer small ones. There's no rule of thumb here. Just improve what you can about yourself and accept what you can't change.

Post pic

I have bigger moles down there and have no issue with guys and sex. You're fine if you find the right partners.

I'm a dude with a bunch of flat moles on my arms I can't judge.

i have a mole in my asshole

If the moles were the kind that bite, I might have a problem with it.

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I disagree. The mere act of seeing tits doesn't make men turn into old style cartoons, start AUUGGAAA-ing and forget their personal taste although some might just see your "defect" as insignificant


It turns me on and makes me super hard. What you should wory about are things like fitness (not being fat), hygiene, and makeup/hair style. Most desireable men really only care about looks.

My ex had a sizable beauty mark on her right asscheek and I fell just as much in love with it as I was with her.

know this bitch
your pussy is important, BUT IT'S NOT SPECIAL, and i'm not particularly excited to see it more than i am any other pussy.

It's a little weird but a pussy is a pussy.

It doesn't matter. It's more a turn off though if you are overweight. Get fit- it wouldn't matter if you have a large birthmark on your stomach, so long as your are fit.

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Have sex incel

Seething faggotry

My ex had a mole right to her asshole it was a big but flat one so it was fine but yeah a pumped one is kinda gross.

It depends. Post pics for context.

Slight turn-off. The kind of thing you annoys you once, but can brush off and forget about.

Moles? Depends.
We talking about nipple sized moles? Stuff that looks like a skin tag?
It might be a turn off, cause a possible 'proceed with caution before inserting your dick' type warning.
If they are good sized moles if they're in the right location. They could be fun if they tickle the dick or balls while you're being pounded. Other than that, I see no purpose.

> depends, how big are they?

Nope guys don’t care or even notice

>And a medium sized mole just under her asshole
I'd uh be uh personally worried that it was a lil' poop nugget when I first saw it but after that I wouldn't care

compared to woman man are generally really appreciative if you show them anything from personal experiences with both genders


If they aren't visible in a bikini, I wouldn't worry about it.

Ehhh. It’s kinda a turn off. It’s not a dealbreaker or anything though.

I'm not sure if there is someone out there with a fetish like this, but it is probably a turn off for 99,99% of us

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Nobody but your husband should ever see them, and to marry you he'd have to like who you are as a person first.

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moley moley moley MOLE moley MOLE

I have several moles around my body including a raised one about a third of the way up the left side of my dick, so we're both more likely to care about mine than yours. If anything, when you're starting to orgasm I might press your assmole and call it your cum button like the sad autist I am but that's it.

Moles can be either pretty, whatever or gross. So if they are gross yeah, they might gross out dudes.

I'm a dude with a lot of moles and I removed the grossest ones.