Is there anything you can tell me or say that will better my perspective ?

Is there anything you can tell me or say that will better my perspective ?

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Perspective on what? Traps? Gorrilionth thread about cantfindgf.jpg? Philosophy?

What is, is

Life and or anything m8y. (Looking for food for thought)

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Is anyone going to offer OP actual advice or is this just going to be a thread of "so deep" quotes everyone will have forgotten in a day?

Sure. All women are sluts/whores. They are only good for their wombs and hole(s).

Well since he asked for perspective in literally "life and or anything", probably the latter.

Wash your penis

The most important advice is to leave Jow Forums and social media and get a life

And to never forget that you are here forever

Well no I don't want insta inspiration or philosophy 101 bullshit

Take LSD or shrooms.
Instant perspective change.

>leave Jow Forums
Literally impossible. Either you have a life in the first place so you don't need Jow Forums, or Jow Forums became your main source of socialising through the years and now you're too old and too awkward to 'get a life'.

What do you want instead?

Basically something that will change the paradigm of a social outsider or something that will inspire hope or at least a zen like neutrality for life

Where can I buy shrooms in the states? Pennsylvania to be specific. They’re the only drug I want to try

Buy a spore kit online (legal).
Grow it yourself. It's the easiest cheapest way. Other wise dark web, or start making friends and find a guy. Six degrees of separation, any friend group should know someone who knows someone.
If you wanted lsd which is also a psychadelic and similar to shrooms (and also not bad for you, don't believe the shite,), you could go online and order 1p-lsd. 100% legal to buy and possess, cheap, very safe.

Still very broad, and would need to know why you're an outsider. So you get a broad answer.

You can't impress everyone, no ones perfect, if someone was perfect people would hate them for that too, someone will like you, find your people. Nothing fixed sitting on a computer. You have to do things you're afraid to do.

How is this?

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listen to The Black Phillip Show or really anything at all from Patrice O'Neal. your view on relationships and life in general will change. this applies both if you are a man and a woman. f.or the women, it will be super hard to swallow.

That is a good answer. I'm an outsider because I'm just eccentric/odd with my idiosyncrasies. I have deficits in empathy and have to rely on cogntive evaluation and imagination and sympathy instead of intuitive emotional empathy. Lack of social skills. I just don't feel human.

can confirm

>finding out he died of diabeetus a while ago

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Glad I could sleuth it. Have you considered therapy for social skills? They offer it to adults, too. It could stem from something.
ADHD is a good example. Think autism where people can't read others cues? People with adhd can't read themselves. 60% of communication is tone and body language and subtlety which they can't regulate and it makes them come off awfully when they're actually generally really kind hearted.

Not saying at all you have ADHD, just an example that there are underlying things that can cause this, and there is behaviour modification therapy for it.. although eccentricity is a clue.. lol..

Well the actual diagnosis is schizophrenia. Medicated adequately so no overt symptoms like seeing/hearing things or delusions however the cognitive deficits are somewhat there, although expressed in a subtle way

Right, right.
Have they offered any social therapy? I have a friend with schizophrenia who's undergone the entire rigomoral of drugs and therapy.
You'd actually never know she had it until she told you.
The only clue is that she can be a bit paranoid, and if I stop talking to her mid text she thinks she said something wrong.
But that paranoia could be anything outside of schizophrenia.

Yeah I've never really expressed my perceived lack of social skills in therapy I guess. If I have I'm asked to give an example and then I draw a blank.

Damn subtleties...
Well I have a new joke perspective for you. It's believed schizophrenia might evolutionary. Oracles and religious leaders and prophets were probably schizophrenic in an extremely superstitious time so people were like "that dude sees the underworld. We need them." So it helped with social maneuvering.

.....start a cult? I hear bitches love new age shit and psychics.

That's true lol and these supposedly woke new age gurus are pretty popular among dumb millennials nowadays so ya xdd

Actually shit, that reminds me. Watch "Kumare". Documentary about an American born Indian who fakes an accent and becomes a guru and invents his own ridiculous teaching to see if people will follow it.
Surprisingly inspiring for what it is. Hilarious too