Strange head sensation

Hello Jow Forums.
I don't expect to find the right answer here, but I am so desperate and on the brink of suicide that I don't care anymore.

I have been suffering from a strange head sensation since I have been 12 years old.
The sensation is constant, doesn't wear off nor does it change (to a degree that I can differentiate, at least).
I have been to several doctors who have not found anything noteworthy in my eyes, ears, back, brain, etc.
The sensation began when I played a specific video game, Assassin's Creed, and quickly wore off whenever I looked away from the screen. Now one day I woke up with this sensation and it remained up until this day.
I have been to a psychiatrist and specialists for shizophrenic symptoms, and have been prescribed 'Abilify', worked up to 15 mg and been taking it for two months now, with no change on this sensation. It's "free" in EU land, so I didn't mind it much, save for the annoying tiredness as a side-effect. They've thought it to be a tactile perceptual disturbance.

To describe the sensation more thoroughly, I feel as if the upper part of my head is afloat. My concentration weakened and my ability to think "blurry".
"Daze Dizziness" is the closest word I can come up with to describe it, just not the traditional kind of dizziness.

To add on everything, I am currently depressed (since around the same time as I was 12, I got bullied lots), am anxious of pretty much everything out of my comfort zone and haven't had a real-life friend since I was 17 (I am 19 now).
What am I experiencing? I haven't been playing video games for years, though am still a PC addict when it comes to other stuff. Why am I

I have forgotten how my head felt like before all this occured and only have diary entries left to retell the past.
Please help me.

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hey, this probably just comes down to long time PC daily use. Try make some changes in your life to limit computer or phone time, and do this before you get a job in an office otherwise you’re really stuck

So what was your question? It sounds like you're just self-diagnosing yourself with problems where there really aren't any.

its probably physical manifestations of anxiety or depression

If you have it constantly, how do you know it's strange? Maybe that's what your head is supposed to feel like.

I know that feel. Everything feels empty. I can't concentrate. Constantly fail at attempts to improve myself.

I think it correlates with my severe autism and long time pc use. I don't even play games anymore. For me I think it started when I stopped playing games all day and noticed how useless I am really.

I have tried to do this to no avail.
Surfing on the Internet is the only thing I do, anymore.
Not to mention, I have been on a 2 week-streak of no Internet/ computer electronics with no changes, which maybe doesn't mean much, but further takes hope away from this option.
What am I really suffering from? How do I get rid of this sensation?
I have thought of this before and am considering antidepressants just to test it out.
If anyone has experience with these kinds of medications it would be nice to hear it.
Because it was a sudden change. I haven't had it the first 12 years of my life. It came into my life and worsened everything along with other symptoms.
I am not sure if I can relate to this, though I have been "prognosed" to have a minor autism, by doctors and psychiatrists alike, before.

Thanks to everyone who has replied so far.

Something is physically wrong with your head mate, maybe blood flow or some liquids are not going right but not to a very bad degree.
You need to check it but with a doctor that knows logic and not just what he reads in a book, and that is pretty rare.
And quit the medicine, it's useless.

>Something is physically wrong with your head mate, maybe blood flow or some liquids are not going right but not to a very bad degree.
I have been through two MRIs at different life stages with no results.
I am inclined to believe it's a mental problem, due to how it occured whenever I played Assassin's Creed and similiarly disorienting video games.
If it's related to my blood-flow, surely there must be other, more noticable symptoms.

>And quit the medicine, it's useless.
I am planning on quitting tomorrow. Some of the sideffects are not worth the minimal positive outcomes.

I cured this for myself. The cause: using my phone as soon as I woke up. Without even getting out of bed and in a dark room. The 30 min I would spend on my phone as soon as I woke up would cause a day long brain fog. I just stopped doing that lol

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Had something similar a few months ago. I went to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend; spent four days on a boat. For about a month afterwards, I constantly had a dizzy sensation that made me feel like I was still on a boat. It was uncomfortable as hell, and made it extremely hard to focus on my work. I started taking sinus medication (thought maybe some water had gotten in my ears and couldn't get out). Eventually, it just stopped. Dunno if it's anything similar, but I would recommend a blue light reduction app on your computer/phone. Also, get some exercise. Good luck.

Reminds me with a weird shit that used to happen to me when i was a kid, whenever i used to play half life, i simple got dizzy to a degree that it will stay until i sleep till next day.
One thing i learned about these stuff is whenever you are having a health problem where no matter how much you check it you find nothing causing it, then the doctor is missing something completely outside of the topic of the research, like your problem might not be your brain itself, but something that is far from it yet still connected to it directly.
I'm just giving an example here to give you a picture about what i mean, you can't be sure about anything in these stuff, a lot of things that you might think got nothing to do with your problem, probably got everything to do with it.
I'm just saying, and if it suddenly occurred at that age then it might have been building up throughout the years and it suddenly happened while you are playing that game and your brain built some sort of reaction to that type of game, like a phobia or something, but that's not the main topic.
You can't just live your life that way, something is wrong and you need to keep on looking, and gather info by yourself, you might be your best doctor.

I think this boils down to being an average healthy boy who's hormones may still be sorting themselves out.

On another note, It seems kind of silly to prescribe something for a cause that can't even be identified. I wouldn't leave my health to doctors because in the end only you really know how you feel everyday and your true symptoms. Do some research and revisit doctors when you're more informed with something you think it may be.

On anxiety, I say this as someone who has dealt with it for the better part of their life, this is something you'll be dealing with for a while arising from bullying in your youth. It sucks and its not fair but you can't let it hold you back.

Everybody is anxious to some degree these days and it really is just exposure. Start small like conversations with cashiers, join small social clubs or activities of interest even if you don't talk to anyone. Just getting yourself out there really helps, and find comfort in the fact you can leave anytime. You've had friends before so don't think you're completely hopeless at 19, there's always college or work.

Ultimately we can't help you fix things with internet comments, only advise. Getting off the computer and into something that stimulates you, mentally or physically will help but it's not going to be easy.

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Quit all screen time and drink a gallon of water a day. Why is this so difficult foe you?

Hey OP, you are not the only one.

I once visited a friend and I snorted some coke in his place, and bare in mind that I do coke regularly and after I left the house I had the sensation that I was very slow and my motors somehow were not working properly.. The most noticeble thing was getting from sitting to standing, it felt like I was constantly 24/7 tipsy or kinda drunk and dizzy and had some speech problem too.

Now some of you would say that it was the coke effect, but this sensation lasted for over 30 days.
I went through many doctors and nothing was found, once I just decided to forget about it and one day it was gone.

Emotional issues can and do have physical symptoms. If you have depression, then you're probably aware of how much it can hurt, right in your chest. People get digestive issues, muscle aches, hallucinations -- they're all ways that your body expresses problems with your mind. I would place my bet on that. Do you go to therapy? Psych meds are... a gamble at best.

Do you have a consistent sleep schedule? Do you get enough sleep? If not, change that, as it does a number on your cognition and coordination.
Expect results only after a few weeks of consistently sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours every night.

Try a liquid Magnesium supplement.

Also look into things like brain fog, derealization, and vertigo to see if they relate.

>What am I experiencing?
You're experiencing the effects of an unsynchronized transmission of video data. I avoid such games for these reasons.

>liquid magnesium
obvious snake oil. OP probably took several blood tests with no magnesium deficiency.