Do you think it's possible to have a cute romance in your late 20s as someone who has never dated?

Do you think it's possible to have a cute romance in your late 20s as someone who has never dated?

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For most people yes

For people who obsess over it nonstop no.

How do you expect to date in your late 20s if you were incapable of doing so in your mid 20s, early 20s and teens?
How do you expect your partner to tolerate you if instead of a mature 29yo they thought you were you're actually a clueless manchild who knows nothing about relationships and sex?

Yes. It is possible at any age.

But you have to ask yourself honestly and openly:
>are you ready for it

Are you prepared to move your life around to accommodate a new life partner or are you expecting them to adjust for you? Do you have things in place to properly take care and romance a potential suitor? What things in your life hinder your chances at meeting a new partner? What lifestyle choices, habits or attitudes do you have that would make YOU a good partner for someone? Are you mentally ready to support someone when they are depressed, sad or need emotional help? Are you mature enough to handle someone when they are at their worst? When they are angry, obsessive or otherwise uncaring? Do you have the capacity to be there for someone when they need you? Do you have your finances in order and time to sacrifice to be able to support a partner? Is your life in good order that you can be there for someone who's life isn't?

If you can't handle the basics, you can't have a good romance and any that would spring up won't end up well. Be prepared and be open-minded to change if you want to really be with someone. If you're too stubborn to change or are too caught up with your own personal life instead of being interested in someone else's you won't have any romance at all like says.

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Yes, it's possible at any age.
I met my boyfriend when we were in our late 20s and our relationship is cute, romantic and it makes me feel more of a retarded teenager in love than my actual teenage love.

>Are you mentally ready to support someone when they are depressed, sad or need emotional help? Are you mature enough to handle someone when they are at their worst? When they are angry, obsessive or otherwise uncaring? Do you have the capacity to be there for someone when they need you?
Why should I? Everyone says that these are things you need to sort by yourself before dating, lest you actually depend on someone else for something. So why would I have to put up with that for someone else?

Because that's what romance is you idiot.

It's accepting someone and all their flaws, insecurities, problems, baggage and bad attitude. It means being understanding and caring for someone despite who they are: that's what everyone wants. No one is perfect and everyone has flaws and problems- if you think you're too good for that or you shouldn't have to deal with that, I'm sorry person, you will be in a world of surprise. That is what it means to date: that despite both your shortcomings, you have the capability to complete each other and be there for one other and cover each other's gaps. That's where partnerships form and bonds strengthen. You have to be open to this and be willing to accept it. Otherwise anyone you come across will be abrasive to you because you deem them so. You have to be understanding YOURSELF and be willing to be open to other people and their lives as well as everything that comes along for the ride.

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Yeah, but that's a whole world different than being someone's shrink, which was what you were describing up there.

No. Emotional support is what partnerships are for as well. Everyone feels sadness, loneliness, frustration and anger. If as a partner, you can't handle that and shut yourself off when your partner is that way, you will absolutely not have any romance at all. A good relationship also involves mental and emotional support: it cannot exist soley when times are good or only physically. You have to be there for them too when they need you- otherwise what's the point of being in a relationship or dating? You're dating to see if later on in life, if things take a turn for the worst, that they can rely and lean on you and you won't just up and run away at the smallest problem.

Learning how to be understanding and accepting of someone is a challenge indeed. Being accepting of their flaws and all their quirks and something no one can teach you but your own with your own life experiences. You will find that if you are able to be mature enough to keep a level head and at a mental capacity to keep it together when your partner can't is a great asset to any relationship and you will find that any partner would appreciate that. If you can understand this, dating should be really easy for you. But if you think you shouldn't have to deal with it are too good or too perfect of a person to not have to come across this, you WON'T make for a good partner and your dating life will remain stagnant. No one is perfect. There will be good times, but it will be equally marred by the bad. If you can tough it out and be there for someone in a relationship, your relationships will last.

You're a delusional bluepilled beta cuck getting advice from romantic comedy movies and television shows.

Normies and their double standards are hilarious

based and redpilled

Okay. Judging from your responses, it seems you both have not dated for long or have actually been in a relationship with a good person.

If your interactions with others during dating is that shallow, you will just get shallow relationships. Everything will be logical and you will break up at the slightest inconvenience or mismatch. You have to be willing to adjust and your partner as well, otherwise dating is non-existent.

i don't think that is the right question you should be asking yourself. i think you have certain expectations and visions of a possible relationship that you might have in the future and you are setting yourself up for great unhappiness if it doesn't turn out exactly as you planned. you just want to love and be loved. nothing wrong with that. but yes, i think it is possible.

I'm not thinking I'm too good of a person to deal with someone's else's problems, I'm just saying this is the most prevalent mindset for most people.

You shouldn't have to deal with someone's else's problems, you don't have to save anyone, relationships should only be between two perfectly mentally healthy individuals.

I was in a very shitty place mentally for most of my early 20s and noone fixed it for me, I did that myself. Noone gave a shit about it, so I don't see why I should give one if I were to date someone who was struggling with it. Fix your own problems.

They really are.
>you need to be absolutely perfect in order to be eligible to ask girls out
>you must solve all the girl's problems and be there for her, no matter how much of a mess her life is

Wrong, pathetic, and such a typical response from such a delusional blue pilled beta cuck, who gets advice from romantic comedy shows and movies.

Enjoy being with dysfunctional women and trying to fix them.

Everyone has problems- they don't necessarily seek you to fix them. But just be understanding and be there for them. You can't just assume everyone is 100% emotionally because that is never the case. Everyone goes through problems in their early 20's as well user and yes, at times, everyone handles it on their own.

But if you have the attitude that you shouldn't have to deal with it, then you may not make for a good partner. Don't be uppity that you don't have to accept it, because it is the truth. If you think you are far above that mentally, then you may be mistaken. A relationship and dating is 50/50. If you're only there during the good times, where would you be for the bad times? You will learn this pretty quickly that partnerships won't last if you won't give your fair share because they would.

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i think it's a girl, re-read the posts. no self-respecting man types like this.

The most beautiful women are the usually the most crazy.

Maybe, but my advice still applies to the men. Still is blue pilled beta shit advice from romantic comedy movies and shows. Basically dysfunctional gruel for the masses to consume. Whether that's so someone can fix her problems doesn't really matter.

I notice that people who say that tend to have very little experience being around around beautiful women, or women who aren't dysfunctional.

Well you can deal with a sad day, but if someone is a mess emotionally then you have no real reason to stay around. You don't owe them jackshit.

Imagine speaking like this. lmao
Unironically have sex, incel.

both are suppose to do that for each other
you are talking about "good" romance not just regular romance. When she's at her worse you'll be there for her and when you are she'll be there for you. But both case will be acute episodes in a relation where you both have your acts in order and all the cute and fluffy relations therein.