Computer mouse - thumb pain

i already bought an ergonomic mouse and a mousepad with wrist support, and yet i still get mad THUMB PAIN when using the computer

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Lmao wtf is that just get a normal mouse

fuck off the board

Try not having it up your butt while using the computer

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Try a trackball with wrist pad

Quit jacking off so much as well.

Posture is everything. Set up your computer and computer desk and chair that you aren't using it at the weirdest positions that cause pain.

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will this one do

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Why is your mouse area all the way back there

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so i can rest the arm, huh. i dont have one of these chairs.

hehe mousepad

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Well there is your problem, your arm should not be like how you have it stretched.

Kek where the hell you got that from?

dude your just a pussy ive been used computer sence i was 4 buy a fuxking razer mouce and thank me later


no usually it's a little bit back, like the elbow touching the border of the table

when your arm is like that you compress all the muscles in your hand tard scoot your whole arm back


most your finger muscles are on the bottom of your forarm if you have them pressed agains a table it pust pressure on these muslces leading to the fingers causes stress and carpol tunnel

1- the bottom of the forearm isnt touchin the table because this is a vertical mouse
2- i dont press the table with my arm, it justs rest on it

you realize your arm has weight which will always cause pressure. ps i dont have arm hand issues you do so at this point just fucking try it because when you ask for advice and say dumb shit it makes people wanna laugh at your dumb ass youve had many people say your arm placement is fucked dumb nigger

right so what i do

and yes your underforarm is on the fucking table tard

like is said pull your arm back have your wrist like 4 inches from the edge of the desk

i have a desk job i sit there all way 9 hour shifts then go home and game never had a hand issue

it feels bad on the wrist

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how so

You're not supposed to use a wrist support. That cuts off blood flow to your hand.

That's not enough rotation. Your hand should be in an almost-handshake position. Get a new mouse. Or better yet, get a trackball.