How can I convince my girlfriend to have her boobs enlarged? She is a really great person and our relationship is great...

How can I convince my girlfriend to have her boobs enlarged? She is a really great person and our relationship is great. I was originally going to use her as a practice girlfriend, but now I've changed my mind. The problem is she has small breasts and I don't find that sexually attractive. Sex isn't really fun then either. I even have to go to whores now to have some fun with big breasts. It really annoys me. She is a very nice person and with bigger breasts she would be really perfect for me. How can I convince her without hurting her feelings?

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>I even have to go to whores now to have some fun with big breasts. It really annoys me.
Lmao just get a new gf

Well, first, I guess. And also man bait is getting weak these days.

You guys DO know that replies are basically guaranteed? It's not like we have generals or meme threads, all that's here is people replying to threads.
Is this where you went when your troll attempts flopped on /b/?

Maybe we should just petition Hiroshimoot to shitcan this board. Maybe it's overstayed its welcome and... This... kind of posting whatever it is, we should be ditching on.

you seem like a jerk.

Very kind of you to accuse me of trolling for no reason at all. If you have nothing helpful to say, you are free to just leave. You will not be missed.

If you really like this girl you wouldn't have cared about something as superficial as big tits. Get a new gf fgt

As far as her personality is concerned, she suits me perfectly, so I don't want to have a new girlfriend. Only her small breasts bother me but that can be changed. I just don't know how to address the sensitive issue.
Big breasts are important to me. I find them sexually very attractive and cannot change anything about it.
Not really

Whatever, troll

when you walk together, are watching a movie, whatever, and you see a girl with nice tits, go "holy shit did you see those big tiddies on that girl?! damn!". in the conversation that will follow, be honest and righteous.
honestly fucking kill yourself

>she suits me perfectly

Jesus. Could you be any more narcissistic? Your posts are just me, me, me. I hope she sees you for the cunt you are and humiliates your ass. You don’t deserve our help

Hang yourself, degenerate.

Dump her so I can go get her as a nice small tit gf

he admitted to cheating on her. Im pretty sure she can do better.

Have her gain weight, boobs get bigger naturally. Also get padded bras

if she believed she could, she wouldn't be with him in the first place. women rarely date men that are not better than them in every way possible, unless they have a mental disorder and low self-esteem. which she doesn't seem to have based on his words.
and don't come at me with that "cheating" crap

>don’t come at me with morals

Whatever you say, psychopath

Ohohohohoho, sneaky bitch, I see what you did there.
Here's your (You), (You) thirsty little slut, (You).

unbased and bluepilled

I suppose I could try that. But the problem is, she is very sensitive to criticism about her body and then she cries about it

What are you talking about? I'm a perfect match for her and she's a perfect match for me. We really like each other and she loves me very much. Nothing else I said. What is narcissistic about that?
>being attracted to big breasts is degenerate
Are you gay?

Is this bait? If not kill yourself and spare your gf, she deserves better.

Oh no, how will I ever live without these meme superlatives?

You’re not a perfect match for her, unless her ideal romance involves deception, you fucking idiot

don't budge in to her crying, and don't react emotionally to it. she's gonna hit you with "you don't find me sexy and you don't love me anymore" for sure, but counterhit her with this: if she told you that she'd like you to have a bigger penis and there was a safe way for you to get it (not educated on the topic, i'm not sure if there are functioning penis implants), you'd do in immediately (any man would desu). you are just stating a preference and she can throw a tantrum about it, or make her man happy, it's her choice. after you are done with the conversation and she calms down, make sure to fuck her senseless and make her cum.

No I'm a perfect match for her. Because of me she is very happy which she would not be if I broke up with her.
That could either work perfectly or go very wrong. I don't know what it will be. I guess I could try it.

Post results OP, dis gon' be good.

>honestly fucking kill yourself


based on your posts, i think you've done a good job with your woman and this is just one more mental barrier and insecurity that you have to get her rid of. you'll be fine, just make sure to fuck her good afterwards and make her cum, but, and I forgot to mention this, DON'T go near her tits.
it will never not be emotional for them, it's what they are, and part of why we love them, but it fucks shit up a lot, if not even most, of the time.

>me, me, me, me, use her, me, me, me, me

He literally calls her a "great person" though

it's common to people like this to do that to hide all the "mememememe" part.

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