How should I respond to this...

How should I respond to this? I think this is an unreasonable request and I'm not going to avoid my own house that I pay rent for so my roommate can lay around and fuck her boyfriend all weekend. For context, I am male and my roommates are female

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Tell her to pay for yalls hotel then if she wants alone time.

Yeah tell her to fuck off or wait for a natural situation, not to order people out of the house.

Or offer fucking money, I usually spot 20$ if I'm pulling this, that way they can go out and get a quick bite or see a movie or hit up a bowling alley or wtf they're in to while I get nasty with my girl.

But I sure as fuck don't ask it for free. I'd just reply with "my time is $$$ and it ain't free"
Shit even if she like bakes a cake. I've had roommates who will cook for favours (not like this mind)
But you would very much be doing a favour and I think you should express clearly you'd like to be repaid

Haha this outrageous, what a cheeky cunt. I’d just ignore her and then go out of my way to be really visible when her bf’s there.

Schedule time, maybe 2 hours that you can do other shit. Or ignore it and go about your day. Gonna hear sex though

This is the only viable option. Fuck that nasty skank. She’ll probably fuck her bf on your bed just an fyi

This is the best option. You pay rent there too, so if she wants you to leave your house that you partly pay for during a time that you would normally be around, it's only fair that she pays you for that time.

That's not an unreasonable request at all. She isn't asking you to vacate the premises for the entire weekend. She just wants a couple hours with nobody else there. Tell her you will give her 3 hours and then find a time that works for both you and Susan to not be there. I'm sure you can manage to be out of the house for 3 hours.

>all my roommates are female
dude be real here, read the room
if everyone else is giving her space just go out and do fun shit
if at least one other person is staying at home then you can too
the reality is that if other people go out of their way to give her space and then you don't, it is like you are wasting their time as well as hers so they will all gang up against you and you don't want that

Do your roomates know they're rooming with a filthy incel?

I am not interesting in leaving at all. We are all full-time students and I spend my time at home on the weekends catching up on studies and homework and such things. While we obviously never set this in stone, this is a student house, where the culture so far is that we don't do things like listen to loud music or throw parties. I think if she wants to do something that's blatantly non-student that she feels requires privacy, she needs to get a hotel room herself

There are only three of us living here total, and they've definitely already alienated me. You should see how they arranged the living room when I wasn't there one weekend (visiting home); the couch is sectional, and they put 80% of the couch in front of the TV and the other 20% which is a tiny corner of it in the other side of the room. They sit together and watch TV most nights and it's quite clear that the intention was for my "assigned area" to be that small couch corner

well, I think an attitude of doing each other minor favours like this are better than the opposite of "fuck you" especially if you are living in such cramped quarters that this is the only way you get alone time. If it was every weekend say fuck off. otherwise just "k but you owe me"

Then here hoss
"I'm a student, I'm not going to throw away time I could be spending on readings or studies for you to get nasty with your man. Go to his place or go to a hotel or something."

I get where you're at 100%, student environs and all, but I promise you 100% from the bottom of my cold dead soul that this bitch is gonna throw mad heat at you for not letting her spread em for the boytoy.

Just go do your homework at the library guy.

lmao why can't he just study on campus then? probably way more productive anyway.

OP you're being way too uptight and unreasonable imo. It sounds like you just don't like being asked to do something and you're saying no just to spite her. Being out of the house for a few hours is not a big deal. When you live with people you need to work together and make compromises sometimes. Your living situation will not end well if you are flat out unwilling to compromise on something as small as this. I think has the right idea. As long as this isn't a regular occurance it really seems mean-spirited to not let your roomie fuck.

I'm just here to say I agree with this poster

This is a nonissue, guy. Go to the library.

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OP is right. They've already alienated him, there's no reason to play easy.

Sounds like you have deeper issues with your living situation than just being asked to go somewhere temporarily. Perhaps you should look for a more permanent solution then, as long as you can back out of your lease or sublet your portion of the house at minimal or no penalty.

I signed a one year lease, and other than these moments of friction, I like it here. The house is great, it's super close to school, and rent is cheap. Both roommates are clean and fairly quiet (except for when they get drunk and I can hear them laughing at the TV from downstairs)

Yeah don’t let their bullshit force you out, op.

Try to have some social awareness and stop being an intolerant, joyless fogey. I can promise you that you are the problem roommate here, not anyone else. You need to live by yourself if you feel like this, otherwise, you will never be happy.

Not op but I don’t get this response. His presence doesn’t stop them from fucking. It’s totally out of order for them to ask him to leave his home because it would make their experience better. It’s actually really manipulative because now he’ll feel like a dick if he doesn’t do it. This isn’t something you ask someone you share a house with unless you’re close friends. It’s not a question of compromise because, again, his presence doesn’t have any significant bearing on their ability to spend time together and fuck or whatever

His response was more than reasonable. He’s joyless because he won’t let them walk all over him? Do you think everyone can afford to live on their own?

Okay, this is becoming ridiculous and I truly don't even know where to start. We are not her family, and she can't impose her will onto us like she can her mom and dad. It's not my fucking fault that she's attending from out-of-state and I'm not. I'm starting to get upset

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Also worth noting the ages of the people involved: I'm 24, she's 24, the other roommate is 28. We are not children

Fuck this girl, op. She’s being really immature and entitled. She can’t get everything she wants. It’s your home too. Stand your ground

the only way to change that would be to stop being an asshole tho.
somewhat autistic, and douchier than it needs to be but not as unreasonable. Better handheld in future, would just be "yeah sure no worries!" and then if she proceeded to ask like every weekend. Then have a talk with her, like " I am sorry, but I live at the apartment to and can't just plan my schedule around your alone time, maybe we can reach an agreement more amicable to the both of us"
rather than just assuming the first time that she will do this everyday for the rest of your life and acting like you are talking on a major burden for her.
his attitude towards such events is reasonable. However his response is incredibly joyless amd douchey.
it's a bit like if someone says "hey user can you help me move this couch" you go "yeah sure no worries" Instead of "okay but this is a huge burden for me I hate moving furniture, if you ask this of me every week I will refuse, I like my life of not moving furniture and shall maintain it!" even though, yeah if they asked every week you would obviously start to refuse.

>”roommate experience”

This is so incredibly manipulative

Holy shit you fucking sperg lmao. All you had to do was go to the library to study. The truth is you just want to stay in and play video games, yeah?

she seems to be very polite for dealing with an asshole. OP you should move out and find a place of fellow autists/neats. It is clear you are a burden to the household and the dynamic doesn't work. They don't want to live with a guy who won't lift a finger for them etc. And you don't want to live somewhere where you are expected to lift a finger for someone. I am not going ot judge which is the better mindset. Only state that they are not compatible. I once lived with some buddies where we would get drunk and play vidya late or go out and comback at like 3am with food on weekends. And there was a dude who would get pissed cause he went to bed at 10pm every night. It's not that he was wrong for that, or we were wrong for having fun. It was simply not something that works together.

This girl has her own room. Why can't anyone enjoy the house that they also pay rent for? Is she that loud when fucking that no one can be home?

m8 if the OP was ALL we had to go on, then yeah, OP would have something to stand on. But then he let loose that he likes takes the weekend to study in his room and lives in a college environment. The library exists for a reason. I guarantee, absolutely guarantee, it's because OP wants to browse the internet and play video games. The dishonesty and sperg way he handled this lost any points he had, man.

I am going to judge and desu it sounds like you were wrong then and wrong now :)

because they probably want alone time in the living room and privacy? honestly it doesn't matter all that matters is they asked something very minor of you for a single time and you sperged out. If your car wouldn't start and you needed to be somewhere would you ask your roommate for a ride or would you believe they would be justified in sperging out at you for insinuating such a thing. If you missed a class you had together would you ask to read their notes or would you consider such a favour a gross violation of their right to not be asked to have their notes read. If you were having some buddies over to play Vidya at night would you consider it acceptable for them to put up with it. Or would they have to have an ultimatum and demand you move out for the one time thing? it's just basic decensy.

So fucking what if he wants to do that? It’s HIS HOME. You can do whatever the fuck you want in your own home that you pay for.

you are going to have a great time in an apartment full of people who hate you user! being an asshole to people you live with works wonders!
it's not his home lmao. That is why he rents and has roommates. I do whatever the fuck in my own home because I live myself and pay the mortgage.

It's a shared domicile. Give and take.
>So fucking what if he wants to do that?
It's more my personal gripe. OP came at this like he wanted peace of mind for his studies, but the truth is he wants to laze around. I can't abide by dishonesty, because here's how the thread SHOULD have gone:
>Jow Forums my roommate wants me to step out while she fucks her boyfriend, but I wanna stay in and play video games. What do?
>Get new roommates
And that's fucking it.

These are all disanalogies because they don’t need him gone. His roommate can ask him that if she wants, but equally he can tell her no if he wants. You don’t just get what you want because you ask for it, people are free to say no and shouldn’t be made to feel bad for it.

>What do?
buy a switch
>And that's fucking it.
also this.

Bingo. This guy knows. Get a Switch, OP, you fucking sperg.

>they don't need him gone.
The ride would literally be making someone else leave the apartment, as well as spending money on gas.
It's basic human decency. Obviously he is free to say no. It just makes him an asshole. and nobody likes Living with an asshole. Again, if it was a regular occurrence OP would be in the right to diplomatically discuss the issue with his roommate and stay home. If it is a one time thing and he spergs. He is being an asshole for no reason. living with other people requires give and take. it's tough to share when one person has no give.

You’re an idiot. Is everyone who rents homeless? It’s his home, the landlord’s property. And yes it’s his roommates’ home too. The point is he pays for the privilege of sole use of his room. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shoebox or a mansion; in it he can do whatever the fuck he wants to.

Put hidden cameras all over the place, then sell the porno and take tons of cash.

I don’t think it does make him an asshole though. Whilst I’m sure she’d be grateful for him absenting himself, she should also have the capacity to acknowledge that he might have plans of his own. Once again. Her plans don’t need to involve him at all. She can have a perfectly lovely time with her ldr bf whilst other people are in the house. I know for a fact she can because I’ve been in exactly the same situation myself.

Wow. "Roommate experience" huh? Is that supposed to make you some kind of fucking mind reader?

Ask her what it is that she's asking for, then decide whether or not you're cool with that.

You're an idiot.

his roommate has equal claim to the place. Sharing requires compromise. Don't like it don't share. By lour logic his roomate can take up the entire living area everyday blast music all night never clean, never share on any responsibilities and pour bleach all over the carpets. they can make basic agreements that make living together viable, or OP can seek somewhere else to live. living with randos sucks. I get it, but you get what you pay for. When I lived with my Ex it was great, in that my rent was halfed. I paid for that by not always getting what I want. Sounds like the roomate made a fairly reasonable and minor request. I think OP would totally be justified in asking for a similar favour in future. which would be better for both of them than hostility. I've done people favours and received them. it is a lot better than meeting an request with hostility. If you don't like Sharing then don't do it. Pay for your own fucking apartment. otherwise learn to share.
but he didn't. she asked politely, with advanced warning and the other roommate agreed. If OP also had his out of town GF coming over he could be like "hey I'll take Saturday if you give us sunday" or if he had a party been like " okay I was planning a party this night haha, maybe we can work around that" Giving his roommate something she clearly really wanted at effectively no cost to him is just basic human decency. if he asked something similar in the past and she said "blow me" he would be right. But I bet if he did, she'd be like "no worries have fun!"
But OP was just gonna fuck around in his room, had no plans, and then sperged as if the girl demanded it of him every day for the rest of his life.
she clearly meant OP doesn't know how to share a domicile. Fuck I'd request that from roommates just for me time.

Depending on how big the house is and how thin the walls are, OP's presence could have a big impact on whether or not the roommate feels comfortable in having sex with someone. Sex is loud, even when you're trying to be quiet. I've heard my roommates have sex before and it totally sucks, but I understand that you can't just cut it out of your life just because you live with other people. If anything, I think it's pretty polite to ask for privacy than to risk having everyone hear the fucking without any consideration towards others.

His response was immature because he essentially guilt-tripped his roommate for asking for a small favor. He is officially joyless for complaining about hearing his otherwise quiet roommates laughing on occasion. He can stand up for himself, but this is a really petty thing to argue over, and if he can't afford to live by himself, he needs to understand that he needs to compromise with the people he's living with even if he sometimes doesn't want to.

Wow OP, this is so low. The fact that it's a long-distance boyfriend makes everything you've done so much more petty and childish than I thought. Just let this poor girl have sex with her boyfriend she never gets a chance to see, what the fuck.

this guy got it right

sometimes i dont want to leave my room and a bitch needing a cock is not enough reason for me to leave the room that i pay for

how often has she requested this of you in the past, and how would she respond if you asked her?

I'm not OP, im just telling you how the thought process of a lifless neet goes

then why wouldn't he just live with other lifeless neats or his mom?

Of course sharing requires compromise! But compromise doesn’t equal doing whatever someone else wants you to do and it definitely doesn’t equal peer pressure. I’m not at all surprised the other roommate was cool with it because it sounds like they have a far closer relationship. It’s one thing doing something for a friend and another entirely for an effective stranger.

I don’t know why you’re jumping to conclusions about Op’s Living situation, but it’s definitely true that not everyone can afford to live alone; it’s not always a choice to share. I’ve shared with hostile people and know how much it sucks, but I don’t think op is being hostile so much as saying no to a request.

You don't have to, just know you are incredibly immature and mean for not letting her have a few hours to herself and her long-distance boyfriend when she never asks for this kind of thing. You will be hated for this, but you seem like the type of contrarian asshole who doesn't care what anyone goes through except yourself. Don't be surprised when you are never able to keep roommates.

Mate, her whole request is a guilt trip. She didn’t even phrase it as a question. She was very obviously just expecting him to fall over his arse to appease her.

Hi Susan

Idk man honestly the whole situation is retarded
bitch shouldnt be asking people to leave their houeses on weekends and OP is exaggerating a simple situation that could have easly been handled by "yeah sure i can spare a few hours but you'll owe me" and then going to a coffee shop to shitpost on chan like any other normal human
my guess is OP is autistic and his problem is way beyond a couple of hours outside his room

>But compromise doesn’t equal doing whatever someone else wants you to do
This would carry more weight if this wasn't the first time "Susan" asked OP to vacate the premises for a fuck. It's give and take. She asked him politely enough, and he can go to the library to study. But as we've been over this, he just wants to play video games, in which case he should get a new set of roommates.

This guy's based.

>effective stranger
someone you live with
>not everyone can afford to live alone
Sure, and I can't afford a Bugatti Veyron. But I don't complain when that means I can't go 300kmh
Read his text messeges. incredibly hostile as are his posts itt. I already said if he had some reason he couldn't do it he would be totally justified in bringing it up to his roommate and trying to find a compromise, or politely refusing if it could not be reached. But OP admitted to the girl it was of no inconvenience to him, then lashed out insinuating that she was demanding it from him, and that she was demanding it on a regular reoccurring basis, and that she was hugely burdening him. When you have such a minor favour asked, admit that is minor and throw a tantrum, it makes you look like a dick. Just basic societal things. When my neighbour was out of town they asked me to get their mail for them and water their plants. Reality is I would be a huge dick if I said no, unless I actually had a reason I could not. Now if they asked me this 365 Id politely insinuate they may need a gardener but, if I got mad for the one time thing it would be retarded. In exchange they watched my dog for me once. I fail to see how I would be better off in life if I told them to fuck themselves and had to go to a kennel and have my mailbox fill up while out of town.
>bitch shouldnt be asking people to leave their houeses on weekends and OP is exaggerating a simple situation that could have easly been handled by "yeah sure i can spare a few hours but you'll owe me" and then going to a coffee shop to shitpost on chan like any other normal human
*weekend but sure.
>my guess is OP is autistic and his problem is way beyond a couple of hours outside his room
definitely. sounds like he is a huge burden to them regularly.

It was worded in a way that was assumptive that he would say yes, which is manipulative, but it's not a guilt trip. His response, on the other hand, was definitely an emotionally manipulative guilt trip. Leaving the house for two or three hours so your roommate can have time alone in the house with a long-distance boyfriend for the first time ever is a far cry from "falling over [your] ass" to "appease" someone. This is the most minimal example of what kind of compromise is required when you live with other adults.

I still think she should just learn to fuck her bf quietly in her room like the hundreds of millions of other people in shared living situations around the world do. But whatever. Let’s all leave the country so Sally can choke on a dick

>But whatever. Let’s all leave the country so Sally can choke on a dick
>This would carry more weight if this wasn't the first time "Susan" asked OP to vacate the premises for a fuck.

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I’ll say it for the tenth time: she can spend alone time with him in her own room. Like wtf. Are you Americans all so repressed that you can only have sex if you know there’s no one else in a 10mile radius?

>couples only have sex.
they probably want to make a nice dinner, speak at reasonable volumes watch a movie and not hear some guy coming out his room to shit and flush the toilet every five minutes.

Then he needs different roommates. That's the long and the short of it. Here's the ideal:
>user teehee I'm gonna take my boyfriend's cock, mind leaving the place while I do that?
>Sure, lend me a tenner and I'll get out of your hair
>Sure, but you owe me.
And here's what happened
>user teehee I'm gonna take my boyfriend's cock, mind leaving the place while I do that?
>I live here too and I don't want to leave and I wanna play my video games I don't go out that much as it is reeeeeeeeeee
Just get new roommates at this point because now he's rightfully seen as that social retard who couldn't navigate a conversation with a toddler.

Imagine the thread OP was going to make
>my bitch roommate has sex with her bf in the room next to me without even notifying me that her boyfriend is coming to the house the we share
>what do
Her asking him is probably the nicest thing anyone could have done in that sitiuation

Sex is loud even when you're trying to be quiet. I lived in a house with several other people where the walls were paper thin and I heard them have normal-volume sex constantly. Also, the house could be small enough where their rooms are right next to each other. This is a very reasonable request to make and is even polite of the roommate.

So yea to the repression then

>because they probably want alone time in the living room

Then she should pay for her own place. Common areas are common, it's not fair to kick out others so that you can play house.


Late update. What points should I bring up when this meeting happens? I've read every post in this thread and it seems like I'm either being characterized as an incel autistic douche with no sense of navigating social situations, or a Joe Everychan who is being crucified by harpies and should walk around naked to assert dominance. I really just want this situation to go away as painlessly as possible, without giving up my access to the house that I'm paying for when I don't want to leave. I would never ask for them to leave because I wanted to have guests and I guess I expect that same basic respect to be extended to me.

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OP were you an only child?
Anyway the proper way this should be handheld is
" hey man I got a favour to ask, I have my BF coming to town and I haven't seen him for a long time and would love some privacy, if it's not to much of a bother. You should go to X I will pay for your dinner!"
and than user would politely refuse any money and spend the evening out and maybe clean the place to help, before fucking off for the weekend. However I bet that is how it went with the other roomate. And for better or worse, she clearly said it this way to OP because she knew he would be a problem and it probably worked better in getting the result.
that's why she asked for an evening and not for OP to move out. I am sure OP would enjoy a night to himself one day as well. No different than when your parents and siblings are away as a kid and you can make yourself a quite steak dinner blast music, watch whatever movie you want at whatever volume at whatever time on the big tv with your cock out.

It won't just go away. You technically don't have to leave, but it's such a small request that would mean so much to Susan that your refusal will cause a shitshow. Just leave the house for a few hours OP, my god. You're turning this into a dominance thing when it's just a small favor.

Op is just jealous desu because he's living with 2 girls and he's a bitter incel himself who can't get laid.
So of course he's gonna sabotage his roomate's night with her boyfriend, he probably thinks he's 'cockblocking this Chad and roastie' then he's gonna post it on Jow Forums and feel like a hero.
The girls probably got wind of his inceldom long time ago and are just puttinmg up with him.
I suspect they will kick him out soon though.

Perfectly reasonable request given her bf is long distance. God forbid you do something small for someone else.

Jeez, it sounds like they’re planning to gang up on you over this. It’s a shame because I really think you’re absolutely right about not expecting to be asked to leave. I still think you should stand your ground.

The correct way to handle it would have been too say "sure, I'll try", and then not try at fucking all unless you happen to have business outside the apt.

OP listen, if you want to have a peaceful time in the house you're living, compromise this once, but only this once. You don't want to seem like an asshole but you also don't have to do her bidding.
However, if you do want the small gratification that you'll get from refusing and standing your ground, then know that you'll be living in a place in which your roommates will go out of their day just to ruin yours. Living with roommates that want you out is not a good way of living, trust me on that. The simple appreciation you'll get from your roommates is going to feel good.

Dude, you're being a bitch. If I was her, I'd bottom you in front if the other room mate just to prove what a bitch you are.

Simple fact is, she's not asking you to leave for the weekend. Tell her to spot you some cash fir a fucking movie and go to the movie/mall. Done.

You're clearly angry about something else she did and bitching out to make a point. Either that or you're brimming with autism.

this. Also apologize for coming off as a dick in your text. lie and say some shit like "it didn't sound like that in my head" or " I didn't mean to come off like that"
then if she asks again, you can say no in a more diplomatic way.

I did say I can disappear for a few hours, see my reply here: I don't care if they have people over. When Nicole first moved in, she brought her mom along for nearly two weeks to ease in the transition, and that was fine. There was no expectation that I stay out of the way or have to avoid them while mom was here. Here, there is that expectation, and that's where the issue is for me.

Thank god I live in a one bedroom apartment so I don't have to worry about this shit

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You're such a fucking retard. How did you even make it to college?

yeah so just apologize for being an asshole about it and you are good user

Lmao stop holding this notion that college means anything anymore.
There is no value is a college degree since any shmuck can get in.

t. Someone who doesn't have a degree

Wrong bucko

Her mother? How old is she again? This just proves her immaturity imo. She needs to grow up and understand that you don’t always get your own way in life.

She's 24. Her mom actually roped me into singing Happy Birthday to her for her birthday.

Another factoid that's maybe worth pointing out is that Nicole mentioned offhandedly once that her and her old roommates were all best friends and did everything together. I think that may be coloring her expectations of what I, a random guy they found on Craigslist, who is not in their program and doesn't have similar interests, am supposed to act like.

>complains about hearing roommates laughing occasionally
>complains about having to leave the house for two hours so someone can see their long-distance partner
>complains about having to sing happy fucking birthday once

You really are the worst person.

this. I don't think it is Nicole who has unrealistic expectations for a roommate.

Ergh. Sounds like they want to live in a 90s sitcom. Maybe you can shout pivot at them a couple of times a week and they’ll leave you alone

I was not complaining about the first and third points, just adding detail for context. When I stated that they were quiet except for when they get drunk and laugh at the TV, I wasn't complaining. I was only stating the times that they are not quiet.

You are obviously complaining about having to be around these people and doing the bare minimum to be a human being around them.

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OP honestly you could've used this to your advantage. Have her pay more for rent and you less for the compensation. Be more realistic. They aren't going to be using the whole house including your room. Could've stayed in your room and not be bothered. But you nlew it out of proportion. For now just meet with them, share your feelings, and compromise. Don't be a dick otherwise you'll make your living situation awkward and uncomforable by living with people you verbally argued with. Remember that you are adults, since you already know what sex and shit is then it's no big deal if u hear them clapping cheeks. The key is be respectful and compromise. They can't call you out for /trying/ to find common ground and a solution. Everyone is entitled to their own personal space abd should not stay somewhere else for other days. But just kinda compromise and go somewhere for some hours then go back home. Good luck OP, don't be retarded and use your fucking brain. The key to living with roommates are communication, compromise, and being respectful. Try not to be hostile and cause arguents. I lived with a roommate myself, but whenever ge clapped some cheels with some bitches in his room idgaf. He didn't ask me to leave so that's what mattered.

so take you rent and divide it by 30 thats is what you pay daily ro stay there add up three days for them and thatsbthe amount they owe you so if you pay so if your rent is 600 they owe you 60 dollars