A 101% sure advice for getting laid and even getting a gf? Just be confident and ask for it directly and shamelessly

A 101% sure advice for getting laid and even getting a gf? Just be confident and ask for it directly and shamelessly.

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Yes but if it doesn't work the first time you have to keep doing it until it does.

I mean not even prositutes are 100%. I've read stories on here of guys getting rejected by hookers from being too weird.

I'm curious though, OP, do you mean ask directly for sex? I have done this to great sucesss a couple of times, but how do you specifically implement ths method?

>I mean not even prositutes are 100%. I've read stories on here of guys getting rejected by hookers from being too weird.
For real? How pathetic can a person be?

You're partly there.

You gain attraction by being honest and confident about your intentions- then accepting whatever consequence that entails. If you aren't getting the results you wanted, change your approach or the way you handle conversations and interactions with women. You don't just go up to women and demand sex- but the very mindset required to do that; that in and of itself is attractive. Speaking your mind honestly and confidently, but perhaps in a way that isn't super weird or creepy. Women like men who know what they want out of life and who go after it. But with finesse and a certain demeanor.

Yeah kek. I used a fine bimbo hooker once to lose my virginity, and I was nervous as fuck and stuttering. But she took some pity and treated me with a bit more care. After that I took off nicely with women.

The dudes I read about were just the encarnation of desperate. These were guys in their 30s wih extreme anxiety and lack of social skills. Probably fat and unkept as well. Their greentexts can be found in r/Jow Forums I believe.

>How pathetic can a person be?

Very. Just yesterday I went out with a friend (soon to not be) and pic related happened (from a post I made). I can not explain it in words to you, but know I now why women reject inexperienced and insecure guys. Just talking to them, as a fellow man, is like pulling out your teeth with a nail clipper.

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it's gonna turn out like this

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Thanks bro! Definitely gonna commit suicide after reading your post! You are so alpha and chill, senpai!

Bro no, don't. I am here to help as best as I can. This is something that can be learned. Please describe your situation to me so that I can help you in your weak points.

I don't really have a situation. Just a 26 year old KHV. Never tried to talk to girls and now I'm bitter and angry at life. I don't even care about fucking or whatever I just hate my life. Keep practicing game though bro I'm sure it's helped you immensely.

So I'm sure you've heard the standard advise.
>Exercise, good hygiene, start by making small talk with people.
Listen, I was a shut in who played videogames 12hrs a day. Trust me when I say you absolutely still can change. But it takes you making it a goal and actually taking action.

Why have you not begun talking to women, even unattractive ones for practice?

I exercise and have good hygeine

Just really socially anxious and too depressed to go out by myself and attempt to be social; I don't even know how to do that honestly.

Here is what I did. First, avoid going to places like r9k or blackpill/incel/mgtow places.

Second. Go gradually. goodlookingloser.com has an approach anxiety program for men like you, it helped me for sure. You start by going out anywhere, say a mall, and asking a girl what time it is. The next day you do 2 then 3 so on, then you ask them for directions, then personal questions, then you conversate, until you basically are asking them out. But this process is gradual taking months so you adjust from the starting position of complete sperg, no offense.

Finally, read r/theredpill in reddit, but avoid anything to do with woman hating and lookisms.

Hell I'll even get the links for you.

The Approach Anxiety Program (Start from week 1):

TheRedPill (read the sidebar):


Thanks for the help bro but like why is the "solution" in your mind this faggy, PUA-tier shit?

What do you want? For me to deliver women to your door, you highness? I can only do so much for you. And you ain't in a bargaining position with girls.

Ask yourself what is more gay, being a little cringy at first but getting sex, or not being desired by women at all? Because from a purely technical point of view, not touching women at all (you) is closer to a homosexual, than trying, failing and then succeding (them).

I am trying to be nice to you, but you have to lose the attitude. Lesser men would have told you to fuck off after this last reply of yours. Anyways, this is my last reply, to you, so take the 2 links and use them 100%, or else your doom will be of your own making.

How do I even talk to women? I'm not scared but I just can't think of any (good) topics.

Ask them about themselves. Religion, politics, hobbies, job, college, past experiences. Ideally ask them out within 15 minutes of talking. Talk about the same shit on a date. Talking is about creating some connection with the girl before making moves. Things like asking for dates, kissing, undressing, foreplay, penetration are the big moves you MUST make.

I apologize. Wasn't trying to come off like a dick I'm just a skeptical of anything and stubborn to change. Thanks for your words and I'll try to check the links out. I gotta admit though I'm at such a low point I don't think this is gonna help. I need some happy pills or something.

Apology accepted. You should see, a therapist, for your happiness, I am for real, I saw one and helped me tremendously. No secret phrase exists to make any women fuck you, but I will give you one line that will restore power, faith and hope to yourself. And you can use it with women, your happiness, your job, etc. In fact you should write it down, put it as all your wallpapers, write in on the wall, tattoo it, and read it every day out loud:

[You are completely, solely and absolutely responsible for any situation happening in your life, good or bad. However, you are the only one capable of changing it for good or bad, but only by taking action and having the right mindset. Success or failiure, after all, is a mindset and action thing.]

Ok cheers mate now go and do. By the end lf the month you should have done the first 3 weeks of the AA program. Start today, right now >:)

The whole point of making "getting laid" as such a priority for men is that it's a filter. The good men climb their way up to the top, and the losers never spread their seed.

It's a form of socially acceptable eugenics. Frankly, we should be making it harder to get laid.

P.S. Remember to keep eye contact and smile. If you feel like nobody else does, I believe in you.

I don't like PUAs only because some of them act like they were born chads. They are not: this is a suite of acquired traits, behaviour, mindset.

You must stop identifying as incel. You are a Man. However a poor loser weakling etc you remain a MAN. This is baseline selfrespect. You are not begging for anything, you are asking in a socially acceptable manner.

Prev user has given good pointers. Pls avoid all blackpill sites. Confirmation bias reinforcement and community affirmation
for bad behaviour and thought patterns are ruining you.

We are not looking down on you son. We want you up.

>the losers never spread their seed
Patently false, unless you're saying that having sex itself is "winning". See all the deadbeat druggos who manage to breed with other deadbeats,.