I have a bad craving for instant ramen

I have a bad craving for instant ramen.
I also have a few at home, so I can make myself some.
But I don't wanna harm myself with BHT, BHA and glutamate.
Should I just do it? And if not, should I just throw all the noodles I have into the bin, since they'll just make me think about them all the time?

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amazon.com/Kikkoman-Japanese-Noodle-Soup-Tsuyu/dp/B002Z3F0IW/ref=sxin_1_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-amFwYW5lc2Ugc291cCBiYXNl-ac_d_rm&keywords=japanese soup base&pd_rd_i=B002Z3F0IW&pd_rd_r=9d472d8a-87d8-44e4-9f5a-27316463a0a2&pd_rd_w=HlIfl&pd_rd_wg=IpXrk&pf_rd_p=404c4843-2c96-4d0d-a5fe-2b0598693e61&pf_rd_r=R765WW559AJ5J08BCM94&qid=1567901688&s=gateway

russian scientist proven that instant ramen not harmful.Google it

Don't waste food.

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OP, life is short and pleasure is scarce. The meager harms of a few chemicals aren't as important as to deny yourself a real craving.

Imagine being more scared of the glutamate than the huge amount of fat in ramen

The carbs are what is really bad.


Carbs make you fat more than fat does.

did you know that sunlight is the leading cause of skin cancer?

Bypass the cravings and stop getting instant ramen, learn to make the real thing. For real, it's not too hard/expensive if you have the ingredients and it tastes way better.

Linked below is what I often use for noodle soups (tastes amazing), there are other great soup bases too that make cooking decent noodles crazy easy:
amazon.com/Kikkoman-Japanese-Noodle-Soup-Tsuyu/dp/B002Z3F0IW/ref=sxin_1_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-amFwYW5lc2Ugc291cCBiYXNl-ac_d_rm&keywords=japanese soup base&pd_rd_i=B002Z3F0IW&pd_rd_r=9d472d8a-87d8-44e4-9f5a-27316463a0a2&pd_rd_w=HlIfl&pd_rd_wg=IpXrk&pf_rd_p=404c4843-2c96-4d0d-a5fe-2b0598693e61&pf_rd_r=R765WW559AJ5J08BCM94&qid=1567901688&s=gateway

Do you have any evidence for this or just baseless assertions?

>But I don't wanna harm myself with BHT, BHA and glutamate.

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I learned it in school and I am pretty confident they had evidence especially since everyone fucking knows this? Were you raised under a rock?

What school did you go to? Did you pass?

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That chart is BS and old. My phisiology class taught me the body will convert carbs to fat before it bothers getting rid of it. If you are eating less carbs and more fat your body will be burning fat. Certain kinds of fat is really bad for you though like saturated fats.

Post the new chart then, the one that agrees with your theory of what a healthy diet is.

Just fucking google it. It's not like carbs need to be completely avoided...but noodles are carb heavy...

I did Google it, and the ones I found agreed with the one I posted, and it is the one that I was taught in school. If you can't find one, just admit it.

What are you even arguing for?

I'm refuting the claims made here and here that "carbs are worse for you than fat".

And the claims made here and here that this is taught in school.

They are. Unsaturated fats are very healthy. Most people eat way too many carbs and it is why they are fat.

Actively work out/exercise.

>Most people eat way too many carbs and it is why they are fat.
Again, is there any evidence for this claim, or is it only a bare assertion? And what is your model of a healthy diet?

Okay user just stuff your face with carbs then.

I'll take this as an admission that you have no evidence.

I'll take this as an admission you are a faggot. Seriously you argue like that Destiny retard on youtube. Also arguing for no fucking reason. Ramen is mostly carbs not fat and not all fat is bad goddamn.

I agree that not all fat is bad and do not dispute that. What I dispute is the claim that all carbs are bad, or that carbs are worse than fat, or that carbs are not a major part of a healthy diet. If your best arguments are personal attacks on the speaker rather than a refutation of the points by way of counter arguments and providing evidence, you shouldn't argue.

I don't even disagree and never said they were always bad.

Get on my level, punk ass bitch.

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Then why are you arguing and calling people retarded?

Because you ask for evidence like I base my diet on academic journals that I just have on hand or some bullshit? I mean what the fuck are you thinking? It is a fact that ramen has more carbs than fat but what the fuck this is just stupid at this point.

When someone makes a health claim, I ask for evidence for that specific claim. If you don't have evidence to back up your claim, why would you make the claim in the first place? Whether ramen has more carbs or fat is irrelevant to whether carbs are less healthy than fat.

Because not everyone carries evidence around with them? Your mind has been rotted by the internet.

Shut up, asshat retard.

So you're line of logic was "I know nothing about what I'm talking about, and have no evidence to support what I'm saying, but I'll just throw in my unsolicited opinion as if it were factual anyway"?

No I just talk like a normal person I made a statement something people do when they want to communicate an idea to someone.

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Fuck you.

Why did you fucking buy it if you aren't going to eat it?

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plz dont tell me you microwave those. They are much better when you cook it the normal way (Steaming hot water and letting it sit for like 4 mins) The noodles are more full and the plastic doesn't melt into yo shit.

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What exactly do you find funny?

Not him but
>I smoked a cigarette once
Guess I have lung cancer now.

Its fucking ramen and you don't have to worry about damaging your system unless you eat it 3 times a day 7 days a week. Fuck ass college kids eat this shit damn near close to what I just mentioned and come out fine you paranoid schizo.

How the fuck do you even get by in life if you cant even decide to eat something in your pantry without a board of anonymous retards to peer review your decision?

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