Fuck politics

i need to write an essay
we're supposed to write from the perspective of someone that has the opposite opinion to us on some political subject, but my problem is that i'm a RADICAL CENTRIST. i've been racking (wracking?) my brain since the assignment was given, and i can't come up with a good thesis. i try to think of genuine arguments, and the flaws are too obvious. i think of subversive takes, start getting all psyched up, and then realize i'd end up spitballing a bunch of edgy bullshit tangentially related to the subject.
in my situation, what would you do?

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> the centrist has zero political depth of knowledge
Imagine my shock

Read the Unabomber manifesto and argue that. Anti-tech, anti-civilization

Shut up, Jow Forums.
>directly responding to another work
Sure, why not?

Yeah read some autistic moron’s ideas of what life is. How about no

I'm not pol, dumbass lib

Wait so you have no opinion on like
>gun control
>progressive tax
>separation of church and state
>political violence
>climate change
>immigration policies
>minimum wage
>corporate tax
>climate change measurements
>public vs private services (medical, internet etc)
>international military interventions
Like, the list could go on. A lot. Are you seriously tell me that you have no opinion on any of these things?

No hard opinion.
I'm in favor of as much quasi-libertarian bodily autonomy as possible, so I'm tentatively in favor of abortion remaining legal. However, I find the practice detestable, and am personally uncomfortable with drawing an arbitrary distinction between "is a child" and "is a clump of cells". I don't really know what the right thing to do is, so I'm just kind of like whatever, dude, not even my problem.

>radical centrist
no such thing really. There's nothing radical about being a status quo

>no hard opinion
what does this even mean, you have at least A opinion on any one of those things. Gun control: for or against it and why?

how about this, argue against how both the left and the right resent you for being a useless doormat that enables the status quo

for the record, I don't care about politics. it's been over a decade since I voted. I don't care to hear about both sides of the issue I think both sides need to shut the fuck up. Even people that I used to agree with I just get sick of and stop caring about all the shit they have to tweet everyday. But I'm a 32 year old man and don't have to write essays anymore.

Fuck you commie.

>no such thing really.
it's a meme you dip
>literally the entire rest of your post
it sounds like you agree with me, except for the part about door mats, so i don't know why you're arguing the point
see thread subject line

You're a radical centralist? What does that even mean

Are you from Neutral Planet?

Choosing the "inbetween" option first assumes everything is two-sided, wich is not true in some matters, and second it IS an option itself. You choose to be deliberately equidistant.

So you could argue against someone who believes that if you have any beliefs, they should be total. I mean, imagine if your "Opponent" says: "If you believe in freedom of speech, or gun control, or whatever, you should push for it to its maximum consequences, without stopping halfways; if you believe in freedom, or peace, you shouldn't aim for just a loooong gradual solution, but for the whole as quick as possible, as black people wanted without inbetween steps."
You could argue against that without problem.

It means I upset partisans every time I open my mouth. Or type, in this case.

Not OP but I consider myself centrist
>>gun control
I think guns are okay but should not be allowed in certain contexts. I also think mass shootings are caused by our society being shit and fucking people over
I'm okay with it mostly because if you are contemplating abortion you would probably be a horrible abusive parent.
>>progressive tax
Yes but don't go crazy individuals shouldn't be paying most taxes.
>>separation of church and state
Yes but fuck atheists.
>>political violence
No love and peace.
>>climate change
Real but people act like we can fix it overnight if you just vote dem lol what a joke.
>>immigration policies
Can't let everyone in but we don't have to be crazy and shut ourselves off.
>>minimum wage
Probably should increase at this point but I don't really know.
>>corporate tax
Make them fucking pay.
>>climate change measurements
Prone to error for sure.
>>public vs private services (medical, internet etc)
Generally would prefer private but health care is so fucked in america.
>>international military interventions
Stay the fuck out of it.

Isn't the opposite of a radical centrist either an extreme socialist or extreme conservative? If you just take any extreme opinion, you could write something from that perspective, no?

>it's a meme you dip
Your political stance is a meme? I agree.

>it sounds like you agree with me

I don't agree with you because I don't have a political stance. You have a political stance and identify as a radical centrist.

I have a ton of different beliefs on all those issues like I think guns should absolutely be controlled, I think gays should be allowed to be married but I don't think trans people should be allowed in their non-biological washroom or changing room, I think that climate change is real and the most pressing issue today, I think that the US should stop funding Israel, I think that Tibet should be free, I think that 90% of America and Canada should be given back to the native Indians, I think lots of things - but I don't care anymore about any of them to vote or do anything about them.

>I think that 90% of America and Canada should be given back to the native Indians
That is straight up retarded. Except maybe Canada since it is mostly uninhabited.

>all this illiterate, putrescent newfaggotry

it means he skateboards while listening to Limp Bizkit and going THERE'S TWO SIDES TO EVERY ISSUE BRO

So you're alt right?

I can't even begin to describe how sensitive you are lmao. There's triple-ply deluxe toilet paper named after you because of how sensitive you are. I said in my own post that even I don't care about my own beliefs, and I've never acted on them, and just the fact alone that these thoughts sometimes exist in my head was enough to offend you.

Imagine being offended by or trying to argue against something someone said that they themselves don't even care about. American politics in a nutshell.

Go to Jow Forums, get in arguments with people, then write about it.

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I wasn't really offended I just pointed out that idea is not smart. If I wasn't on Jow Forums I probably would have worded it more politely.

Yep an alt-right communist.

So you basically have no opinions and know nothing about politics?

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They call them the flyover states for a reason. The land could be given back to the natives and they'd be like "my people would prefer a nice new york studio apartment instead". Barely anyone lives there and the ones that do are all fucked on meth and day dream about the day back when before their manufacturing jobs got shipped to Taiwan in 1987

There are tons of farmers living in the "flyover" states. You can't just take their land from them that is exactly the thing that happened to the natives. If you actually respect why that was wrong you would not want to give land back it is their homes now.


>such a brainlet this is what you hear when people have actual rational discussions

yeah and they're just farming subsidized corn that ends up going to waste who cares just delcare eminent domain and cut them a check that's what they've done before

> If you actually respect why that was wrong you would not want to give land back it is their homes now.

Yeah like I said I don't care either way. I'm never gonna be president and force farmer joe out of his meth shack so why are you arguing with me

>eminent domain
There is a lot of fucked up shit that is used for.

I don't know you seemed to want to voice your opinion. I was just voicing mine.

>actual rational discussions
Having a meme political alignment and no hard opinions is "rational"? Funny how your best argument is a non argument.

so you have a ton of opinions which all have counters

I only provided random examples for OP and then you and the other user was like WHOA HOLD ON YOU CAN'T BELIEVE THAT

>Having a meme political alignment and no hard opinions is "rational"?
Neither of those are true. You can be centrist and have opinions. Being centrist just means your opinions are actually nuanced and not guided by a party. Maybe "independent" is a better term to describe it.

No I just criticized them.

Actual OP but yes. The assignment is supposed to be graded based on the strength of our arguments. I'm not a brainless zealot, so I can't come up with any actual arguments.

Yes but I am neither left nor right.

OP literally said that he has no hard opinions and that he was a "radical centrist".

okay does it make you feel good to criticize useless opinions that even myself don't really believe in?

I think Tibet should be free, and literally everything I own is made in China - as another example.

I was criticizing the comic.

That's insane. I wish I could understand why Americans are so fixated on declaring their political position as if it adds intelligence to their character

No it gives me a headache but I can't help it. It is like this all the time in my head with my own thoughts.

You should spend less time online. I cut all things politics out of my life after the 2016 American election and I've never been happier and stress-free. Even the people I agreed with were just driving me up the fucking wall. Take a day off.

>being such a retarded newfag that you don't know what a "radical centrist" is
>continuing to get hung up on your own illiteracy
Stop posting any time.

I probably should but I don't socialize much and get lonely.

Your best arguments are calling people "retarded newfag", but sure you're the real intellectual.

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>but sure you're the real intellectual.
he never said that
you're literally arguing with the voices in your head at this point
get help, faggot

Where can I find a qt thicc GF like this?

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By definition, if you’re “radical” anything, you have an opposing point of view. But you’re actually just a retard with no opinions and “radical centrism” is an oxymoron.

Are you people just pretending to be retarded?
Anywhere in America, dude, fat is on the rise.

When the street battles between communists and fascists start up again in earnest, I would call for a temporary ceasefire just so we can shoot the fucking centrists.

Yeah, yeah, fuck you, too, MAGApede.

Then just write it as a radical whateverist. Explain why abortion is okay and why it is cruel in the same breath. That ought to be an interesting read.

you aren't "centrist" you are ignorant. a centrist has political takes, you have just no idea about politics

Write about how voting is not only meaningless, but the very concept of voting, and indeed, democracy itself is immoral. Watch everyone's heads explode.

We have a winner

>I'm a radical centrist
Bullshit you're just egocentric or ignorant as all hell if you immediately think of anything that opposes your thoughts as being inherently stupid.

B-but if the most people want x,y, or z then it must be moral!


the capitals cracked me up don't know why


anyway good luck with the essay, just point out how extremists are cunts

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I did not see the obvious answer here. Write on the importance of picking a team in divisionary politics. How you're going to throw away your vote it you aren't on on team crazy. A reasonable candidate will never win so you must pick lesser of evil.

I'm running out of time, so it's very likely I will do this.

This is a valid argument that is in opposition to your views. But ok.


Get the fuck out of here with your ironic meme garbage, you nincompoop.