GF is begging me not to kick her out after stealing from me

Long story short
>Live with GF of 2 years, never asked her to pay for the apartment we share, not even the milk in the fridge,she works part time at McDonald's
>I have a safe in my bedroom,one day i realize that stuff was moved from the inside and missing one of several envelopes with cash.
>Check on the hidden security cam i have
>My gf and her friend of her picked the safe when i was away on a trip
>Show my gf the video and tell her to get the fuck out
>"Please don't kick me, i have nowhere to go and no money!"
>This was a week ago, told my friends and some of them told me that i was a bad person because i know she can't afford to rent , eat, etc
Was i really wrong? I don't want to share a roof with a person i cannot trust .

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lol is this real thread? don't associate with thieves. they're duplicitous by nature, you can't even really bond with them, only the facade they put up. learned this lesson the hard way myself

No such thing as right or wrong. You do what you do. That said, you have a valid reason for kicking her out. You're not responsible for her.

if you are fine with being an open wallet fir her while she fucks some other guys for enjoyment behind your back then go ahead and accept her with welcoming arms

your friends are giga shit too for defending her btw
cut them all out

>No such thing as right or wrong.

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I dont really mind the money,but the trust is completely gone
I have asked several friends male and female and they told that i should at least provide her a place to stay until she can get a full time job

so she can nab more of your items? hah! don't bite the hand that feeds, mother fuckers!

Fuck her, you did the right thing. Unless she pays you back she can go live with her shitty friend.

I know it’s hard for you to imagine but morality is subjective, we have laws because of it. Good and bad aren’t real, only fair and unfair. Since life isn’t fair it’s not hard to see why people become criminals.

>we have laws because morality is subjective
>life isn’t fair
>it’s not hard to see why people become criminals.
Keep going, this is hilarious.

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I dont even mind the money it was the smaller of the envelopes,400 dollars

Bruh put that bitch behind bars

I would have kicked out someone who stole from me too. If your friends feel so strongly that she should be given support and a place to stay, tell them you'll give them her number and they can take her in.

Show the fucking police the video and get that piece of shit off the street and into jail. How is this a hard decision?

If serious, kick her out. You can't trust a word she says.

And also, this isn't on you. She is responsible for her own actions. You kicking her out is an obvious consequence of her stealing.

>>This was a week ago, told my friends and some of them told me that i was a bad person because i know she can't afford to rent , eat, etc
She should of thought of that before stealing your shit.

Sue her to garnish her wages and get the money back--you have proof,
Kick her out, hopefully she'll starve to death or commit suicide.

Also, you should know better than to cohabitate in the first place, let alone with degenerate garbage.

Then those friends can harbor a theif instead of you. Tell that ho to eat shit and never talk to you or your money ever again

Report it to the police and give them the video. She'll have all her needs provided for in jail.

...Are you really this stupid that you have to ask virgin retards what you should do? Its obvious...KICK HER OUT. Dude I better see an update that you kicked her out omg.
Every single retard here always brings up lawsuits when they dont know jack shit about them.

Why don't you tell your friends to take care of her instead, since they're such good people unlike a bad person like yourself?

Kick her out and cut off those idiotic "friends" while you're at it, they sound like pieces of shit who care more about a dishonest thief than they care about you.

Her friends can provide her a place. You did the right thing. Money aside, you’d never trust her again.

It's actually easy to imagine right and wrong. Raping a baby is not only subjectively unfair, it's objectively wrong.

This right here. Call up one of your friends who feels that way and tell him or her that your ex is on their doorstep with all her belongings, she has nowhere to stay. Also. You might want to change your locks and upgrade them considering your gf and her friend picked your safe.

She’s a thief and a liar. You don’t owe her shit

If she's your gf she could have just asked.. Ahe seems really immature and you shouldn't feel bad about kicking her out, she did this to herself.

>your friends think you have to pay for a thief's life because besides being a shitty person they also built nothing for themselves, planning to live off another person all their life
dump your friends too lol

this dude explaining moral nihilism to a bunch of apes in this thread

based fellow stirner fag

She can go fuck herself.

It's easy to imagine fire spewing flying dragons yet that's fiction too

>Raping a baby is not only subjectively unfair, it's objectively wrong.
What if by raping the baby, you prevented an incel from shooting up a school? Saying that baby rape is unequivocally bad is short-sighted and even a little homophobic

Yes but if you rape the baby, a man wearing a red hat comes out of 1 of 3 possible houses that are currently inhabited by 1 other man wearing a red hat and two other men wearing blue hats. You don't know which houses the men are in at the moment but you do know that the men wearing the red hats are 50% more likely than the men wearing the blue hats to pull a lever which guides a train to instead run over a qt girl who MIGHT fall in love with the school shooter and spare the entire class room of 30 kids currently tied up in the path of the train. However, 5 of those kids are currently bullying another kid in another class who has access to explosives and could kill far more than 30 kids. But if you don't rape the baby, a third school shooter will see the senseless tragic consequences of school shootings for what they are after the first shooter and the kid with explosives commit massacres and become a beacon of hope by promoting mental health amongst his peers and possibly prevent much suffering in the future.

The question is, is it awwwwwwwright?

No you weren't in the wrong. But you should forgive her and let her know that you realize that it's best that you two aren't together anymore for the sake of your own well being.

>Have a job, even part time
>Please, I have no money
Why are women so bad with money?

I would honestly just let the incel do his thing. Killing people is always seen as a bad thing because of nostalgia, but there is not one person who haven't considered murdering a thousand people just to get better parking.

what you did was 100% right

Yeah kick her out. If she's stealing your money she's likely going to take advantage of the relationship in other ways.

Unrelated, but what are people's thoughts on gfs paying rent? I charge my gf half what I pay for rent since she makes half what i earn. My gf talks to me about one of her friends whose bf pays for rent, food, etc, while her friend saves up for trips that her bf rarely goes on with her. She also talks about a past bf of hers that paid all the rent and most other shit. What's the dealio here. Personally i think since women work now, both parties should split the rent to some degree, but i wanna hear other people's thoughts.

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Dump your brain dead friends too

1 get paid back.
2 start a bank account.
3 auto deposit.
4 call manager and ask for more hours.
5 less time to complain about money. Her time is less and earns 40% more cash.

She is a manipulative gold digger. You can do better OP, kick her out

She was living with you and you paid for everything, she robbed you with her friend.
You have no obligation to home her or pay for her, she could have saved money from her job, she was happy to steal from you with her friend, she can live with her friend.

You can afford this place you live in without her, carry on with your life, it's better than having her around.
Do tell the police, it's good to have a record of her being a thief and serves the purpose of keeping her/her friends away.

I think it's fair what you are doing, I would do the same. The other girls you mentioned are getting more out of the relationships than the bfs, if a man finds a girl that treats him the same way, everyone would make fun of him

not the same user but youre either a total bot that doesnt critically think or an npc not self aware enough to critically think for example if u could only save one out of one person who would it be morally right to save and lets say the person you saved was a bad person themselves would then that make you a bad person by de facto... please zoomer lurk more

>i have nowhere to go and no money!
what'd she do with the money she stole? It's time to kick her out man she'll figure it out, she has at least one friend.

You were right, she's a woman so worst case for her is she just find some other guy to live with and steal from, also she could just move in with her parents unless they are dead or kicked her out for being a thief lol. Also get some new friends, they sound retarded.

Her friends can house her, kick the ex out