It's my genes' fault

>It's my genes' fault
>It's my parents' fault
>It's social media's fault
>It's feminism's fault
>It's Chad's fault
>It's Jamal's fault
>It's the fault of those kids in middle school who made fun of me for a couple of years
>It's because I read a jpeg I saw on r9k once
>It's because I was born in the wrong decade
>Literally all of time and space is to blame, except for me

How do we help those incels who categorically refuse any help?

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You can't.

You can't help someone that doesn't want help

If they're refusing help, why would we try to help them? It's annoying as fuck when people do that. Stay in your lane.

Bullets, ropes.

they do want help though otherwise they wouldn't self-identify as victims


It's the semites' fault.

Oh I know it's solely my fault and that nobody is going to help me.

I don't care anymore; I just want to die.

>I don't care anymore
The battle cry of those who care too much

Wrong. They identify as victims because they don't want to take responsibility and want attention.

>and want attention
so they do want help

Why aren't you realising it's a defence mechanism for their failure? You don't just have a hard time getting paid and convert into an incel, it's an amalgamation of bad traits that have you you in that position

It is my fault. I refuse to alter my genes, to put the effort into becoming a 0 instead of a -1, to just generally grinding myself to dust trying to reach the baseline. I accept defeat, my isolation, and my genetic termination. I don’t blame anyone else but myself. Now can you leave me alone?

What part of "no" don't you understand? If they wanted help they would be willing to take responsibility. They only pretend to be victims as an excuse for them to continue to fail.

>Now can you leave me alone?
You came into my thread though, and it's not actually your genes' fault. All sorts of fucked up people in wheelchairs managed to get a gf.

Ok, fine. I don’t have genes and even if I did they’re not at fault. It’s my fault. Better? And yeah, I can here. I’m here to preemptively address the problem. Maybe so you’ll stop complaining about Incel. I just want to be left alone and am hoping this will clear my name

No it actually is their parents fault.

why cause they didn't get them a pre-arranged marriage


No because they abused them or neglected them.

then what
so what, abuse and neglect is older than inceldom

Doesn’t exist. Take responsibility for once in your life

Hello anons with unresolved trauma. Yes it does exist and is the only real reason they are incels.

are you sure it's not because they're autistic asshole who poisoned themselves on post-irony Jow Forums?

Proof that it exists and isn’t just incels placing the blame on others?

Yep. You sound like the autist here. Autism isn't even a valid diagnosis anyways.

Fuck off proof fag. You just want to derail the argument to be about source bullshit. Also nobody has done a scientific study on incels you imbecile.

I see. No evidence of this “abuse” and “neglect.” Interesting

There is rarely evidence left behind of abuse you abuser apologist.

Hmmm probably because it doesn’t exist. Sort of like big foot

Yeah that's what they all say. You only say that because you are too scared to face reality.

You might be right. Me saying that is probably the biggest cope of them all. I want to be happy, I just don't know how.

>Fuck off proof fag. You just want to derail the argument
haha yeah what a faggot, trying to derail the argument by


asking if the argument is valid to being with


Holy shit when will you people fucking learn your advice is not helpful and actually harmful? You blame incels for everything tell them it is their fault and when your advice fails you say they are just lazy. I hate you faggots. The only advice that ever helped is acknowledging my past as real. Go fuck yourself.

Actually it's the fault of my mental illness and autism. If you can post 1 (one) ugly assburgers psychotic man with a gf maybe I'd be inclined not to shitpost about my misery.

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>You blame incels for everything tell them it is their fault and when your advice fails you say they are just lazy
I never called them lazy.

I called them hateful, which you're proof of.

You are way more hateful. Blaming people with emotional issues for all their problems. That is much worse than blaming someone who abused and neglected you. You are just too scared to face it because abuse is terrifying and cruel.

Sounds like you answered it already, they can’t be helped. They’ve got to help themselves out of the hole.

The reason people want to help is to stop the suicidal death cult that causes shootings.

The real answer is because we are born into this world

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No, the other user asked where the proof was that abuse was the root cause of inceldom. Then you starting calling everyone a faggot retard or whatever.

Blaming does jack shit, what good is there to gain from avoiding free will?
You are your own enemy. Until you start to take personal responsibility it’s always going to be a self defeating system of logic. Get help like everyone else does and join the human race.

>How do you help someone that refuses help

You’re a fucking retard

Because you fucking proof assholes piss me the FUCK off. People do not base their goddamn beliefs on academic peer reviewed papers with dozens of sources and studies you FUCKING ASSHOLE. What the hell is with you people? Also abuse is rarely evident and objectively verifiable especially when done to children. I mean what the fuck is wrong with you? We do not need to prove this shit happened. Psych drugs don't help, blaming yourself doesn't help, blaming life doesn't fucking help what helps is realizing why the fuck you are this way and acknowledging that other people shaped the course of your life maybe even more than you did because you were a fucking helpless child at one point that would literally die if not payed attention to.

Join the coping masses? No thanks I would rather accept myself not run away.

Accept what? Lay down and rot?
Oh sure thing, that’s a life.

>People do not base their goddamn beliefs on academic peer reviewed papers with dozens of sources and studies you FUCKING ASSHOLE
they should

why are you shouting

god damn

No holy fuck you are dumb and you act smart and ruin peoples lives.

No they shouldn't that is retarded and unnecessary. There is no reason to think the only worthwhile knowledge comes from academic articles that is just some bullshit you were fed by idiots.

I am pissed because you people try to force your stupid crap on me. Make me take meds, blame me, none of your shit helps.

I don’t have to act smart, I’ve been though bigger problems than any of you crybabies. I’m just ashamed to share a planet with people who hate women for not fucking them. I get why you do but it’s so weak of a world view to base a ideology on. Everyone has problems and you’re not special, nobody is.

>I am pissed because you people try to force your stupid crap on me. Make me take meds, blame me, none of your shit helps.
So maybe it's not the world's fault then huh

>ve been though bigger problems than any of you crybabies.
Someone who has faced their trauma and resolved it would never say this. They would be understanding not try to dismiss it.

No it is because the world is not empathetic. That is why this is a modern phenomenon but nobody wants to face it. And mass shootings are our society's fault.

Or they’d see you need a slap in the face to wake up out of your suicidal depression, I’m not your enemy or friend just an agitator.

Well all of those things don’t help. It’s a series of things that have actually changed in society, coupled with this disaffected group where they can congregate online and nurse mutual grievances.

We need to help them and they need to help themselves.

We are all just people that want to be happy, but it’s more difficult for some

More abuse has never helped anyone.

That’s how medicine works, you get cancer you bombard your body with’s not meant to be a cake walk finding happiness. You’ll appreciate life more when you go though hell. It’s just the way it is. You’re the frog sitting in a pot slowly cooking and I’m yelling at you to jump out.

That's strictly an American problem because they have assault rifles hidden underneath every couch cushion.

The path I am taking is much harder. Facing abuse is not easy it is not pleasant it is much harder which is why people don't usually do it and aren't accepting of it. Facing the reality that people could be so cruel to a child is fucked up.

It happens in other countries too.

It's a modern phenomenon because you read online that it was actually everyone else's fault that you couldn't get a date. Mass shootings existed before nu-Jow Forums. Incels did not.

You poisoned yourself on this website. Your attitude is your problem. No one but yourself can change.

not really no, nowhere near the per-capita ratio.

They got worse in modern times (which starts way earlier than Jow Forums)

>implying that people who are extremely abused and lonely are always at fault for having a warped view on reality
Really, OP? Pretty insensitive. Isn't that called "victim blaming"?

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It’s not your fault what happened to you, so why let it be who you are? They don’t deserve the recognition or energy if they hurt you. If you want to face pain how about you volunteer to help animal shelters? There’s lots of abused animals who have a need for someone that gives a shit.

>Incels didn't exist before the internet
>There were never lonely , disparaged, sexless people ever until the internet came along
You know nothing about history if you think that's true lmao. What? Are you for real?

>It’s not your fault what happened to you, so why let it be who you are?
It's not who I am but it is part of my reality. You have to accept it to grow. You have to grieve because you were never allowed to. I have vowed to accept myself by the end of the month.

>how about you volunteer to help animal shelters?
I tried but I wasn't very helpful they didn't like me much. Except one nice dog.

oh is this the part where you try to call historical figures incels? Like those black dudes who say that Mozart and Thomas Jefferson are black?

Lonely, disparaged, and sexless people always existed sure, but they didn't make it their whole identity and post frogs on the internet about it.

They're also not related to inceldom either. Loads of mass shooters had a wide range of reason for doing what they did, it's not all just FEMALES REEEEEEE

>saying that historical peoples/ figures were lonely, disparaged, and sexless is like saying that Thomas Jefferson is black
But also
>Lonely, disparaged, and sexless people always existed sure, but they didn't make it their whole identity and post frogs on the internet about it.

Yeah no, there were lonely, extremely angry men who were disabled, gay, poor, or enslaved who led lives of complete lonely misery. Sometimes toiling away in harsh prisons, sometimes the victims of extreme childhood neglect or abuse, sometimes being called evil or wicked figures in their culture by the product of their birth. People are just as ignorant and brutal as they've ever been, it's just that some lots had been fooled into thinking that they're different

No they want attention.
That is not help.

Neglect definitely exists for some cases.
Virginia Tech-9 was ID'd but no one gave mandatory councelling, suspension, ec. Ditto the Supreme Idiot. Autism can be managed with cope programs; its like physio therapy. Make them go and in a year they'll be walking on their own; let them hide in a room like they want and they will malfunction.

That's new.

You are angry because you see our disagreement with you as a refusal to agree with you.

This is incorrect.

If i am supposed to take your perspective as more valid than a peer reviewed paper, what happens if you are IRL nonironically a narcissist?

You have a vested interest in thus argument because you identify as "abused". Can you take me seriously if i say Gay Nigger Jews are Master Race if I also happen to be GNJ? You'd prefer an impartial opinion from a third party.

Same here.

No I am tired of you people pushing your beliefs onto me and people like me. You turn us into medicated hospitalized dead people because you can't stop stroking your ego. Science can fuck itself it is useless for this.

Autism isn't real it is just a label you people slap on us. I am tired of this crap.

I would probably have much less difficulty with women, sex, and relationships if my parents weren't idiots who created the conditions that allowed me to fall prey to my sexually abusive neighbors and ignored the signs of what was going on.

It‘s my fault because I am a stupid idiot, who is a coward. Then I was a fat fuck and stopped socializing. And now I am here lost some weight, but be alone because no girl wants me.
Oh and maybe I am ugly.

This. People like that just want to complain. There are some legitimate social issues going on right now but they aren't nearly as bad as these guys say. Also, if they get off the computer, improve themselves, and contribute to society, then maybe they could help fix some of those problems.

I want every Jow Forums frequent lurker to read this: check on Tinder. I'm not even kidding. I just made a bs account just to see what was out there and honestly it was pleasantly surprised. There are turbo-sluts, single moms, and sjws, but there are also plenty of normal, average girls. Just try it out, don't even make a real account, just deny everybody, just look and see that the world isn't as scary as the internet makes it sound. Of course, it would be better if people met through friends, family, non-degenerate social gatherings, but people just don't do that anymore, it's going to be 90% online soon.

As someone diagnosed with autism but not a retard who uses it as an excuse, kys, you're just a permanent victim

And if the help always hurts, and never actually does them any good?

People say the same about Major Depressive Disorder it never helped me. Autism keeps expanding the definition too. They are just labels they don't solve your problem.

Feminists: everything is men's fault


Keep passing responsibility loser. That’s REALLY attractive

>your genes
>your influences
That's 100% you. You control nothing. Responsibility does not exist.

You cut their girl balls off, destroy those, and execute those whiney FagTOW/incel scum.

>Responsibility does not exist.

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