Tell me how shit your life is to make me feel better about mine

Tell me how shit your life is to make me feel better about mine

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Schizophrenic with symptoms of psychosis
Lives in third world

currently stuck in abusive father's house

that's about it, i'm improving psychologically, getting stronger from this experience and working on my goals. imma make it.

>no friends
>no education beyond secondary school
>never worked (Europe)
>schizoid personality disorder (been diagnosed)
>other mental issues from abusive childhood

I'm not going to make it but at least i'm not fat.

I rather stay fat and have everything I have now, than be skinny and live the way you do.

you'll make it

you'll all make it my friends

>I’m improving psychologically
No you’re not hahaha

I get the feeling half of us aren’t making it past another decade.

Good luck user

I want to help all you assholes. Life is more confusing, but it’s still the same where it counts

>live with mom
>no job
>no friends
>work experience is all shit jobs
>younger siblings off on their own w/ families/partners
>had sex once
>my childhood was cool
>yeah I'm depressed, but who isnt?
>planning a trip to the rope store real soon

Thank you!

Of course, i'd probably take what you have as well. I just have to take positives anyway I can with this mental state (My doc literally told me to consider getting out of bed and getting dressed an achievement)

People winge about the side effects of ssris, but i'd kill for a pill that can reliable help with schizoid personality disorder.

Life is only as shitty as you make it, pussy faggot

If you don't have a disease that gives you constant pain stfu and go do some shit

I am fat and lonely.
My face resembles a potato.
If I were to be compared to an animal I would be a mole, because I spend all my time indoors digging holes for myself.

I hope everything will work out in you favor!

Try to get a new job, even if it pays bad, find a one that gives you purpose and you don't feel like shit for doing it

I am fat, i am in deep debt, work so much and get paid so little i cant afford anything. Got no electricity in the place i life because cant pay the bill, no food in fridge. Right now i am in my parents basem3nt like a fat ugly troll. Oh btw, no friends no girlfriend no social live.

My life is pretty good. No real complaints outside of a slight weight issue.

my life is pretty good bet you wish you were me

A mod has banned me from posting threads here.

Living at home in Shitsville.
Don't have the balls to move across the country to paradise.

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I have been taking care of personal hygiene, wearing nice clothes and fixing up my social retardation, which started getting me some attention from opposite gender. Finally I feel like I deserve to be positive and confident after years of self-loathing and torture.

>average looking
>above 130 IQ
>did good at school
>porn addict for years
>confused sexuality
>mood swings
>barely interact with other people
>constant panic attacks
>was bullied
>no gf, but lost all interest in having one
>virgin, but lost interest in sex years ago
>narcisistic personality disorder

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>Tell me how shit your life is to make me feel better about mine
I work a job that pays better than any other job I can get, I have numerous qualifications for said job but they don't translate to other jobs at all, if I were to get another job paying the same money I'd have to work 60+ hours a week 6 days a week.
My job involves working every other weekend, I work bank holidays depending on my shift pattern, I've worked every Christmas eve, day and boxing day since I started working there, I only get NYD off because I work all the others.
My hours range from 0645 starts up to 2145 finishes, I can work as little as 4 hours, sometimes I get less than 8 hours sleep after I drive home, I can work up to 13 days straight with 3 days off for rest days before doing another 13 day stretch.
I've been assaulted and even had piss chucked over me, I've cut down suicidal people, I've have to restrain people who slashed their arms, I've been undermined by colleagues and even had one colleague watch me have a fight and didn't do anything to help.
My job basically cuts me off from the world, I can't take my phone, I can't make personal calls from work, people get managed out solely because management don't like them, it's all government money so they don't care about litigation.
My shifts and hours makes it impossible to meet anyone outside of my line of work, anyone I do date pretty much gets annoyed that I don't have all the time to talk to them or to spend together.

I work in rehabilitation, in case any of you want to go into that field.

>22 kissless virgin
>dumb (sub 100 IQ)
>narrow frame
>flared rips
>ADD (not selfdiagnosed). its so bad that im having trouble making longer sentences
>when someone watches me doing anything where a possibility of fucking up exists, i get nervous and i will fuck it up
>i got my driver's license only because of pity
>cant keep eye contact
>i dont know anyone with a lower income than me
>going to the gym 4 times per week for one year and i cant beat a petite girl in armwrestling after 1 year of training with strict diet
>i hate my 9-6 job
>i want to kill myself everyday and i pray everyday to whatever higher force is in charge of this to release me from my pain
but i think if it exists, it wont be so generous to do it.
i just want to be released from this dull existence

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>never had gf
>i will fail on my first year in uni. (I have literally passed only 2 of the 12 exams )
>live in a poor post communist balkan shithole
when i fail im thinking of killing myself , i cant look my parents in they eye (they have sacrificed so much for me to go to uni and im failing like a retard).
Im not even stupid that i couldnt pass my exams, i just never put any effort because im a lazy piece of shit who was too bored to open the books.
I feel really bad for my parents that will have to live with a loser like me.

Welll,,,, let’s see.
My husband is So Insecure in his masculinity that because he had to wait for me 30 minutes in the nail salon he is now pissed the fuck off refusing to talk all curled up in the bed pretending to be asleep at 6 on a Sunday night like a little

That def sucks

Had been in an abusive relationship with a girl much physically stronger and taller then me (those are my sexual tastes).
She turned out to be a scitsophrenick and said that i have driven her to this point.
I got a lot of death threats with my exact adress and if i tell this story to somebody they will say that i am stupid for not being the strong one in the relationship, so i've earned it

Came out of the closet to my parents 4 years ago. Remained celibate because they are Christian and I thought I should do what they want, despite me being an adult.
Recently my parents said to me: "You know that one time 4 years ago? That's when I realized you were my failure, and the failure of this whole family".
I'm 26 and don't really have any friends now. I think about suicide every day and it's getting worse because now I have uncontrollable anxiety attacks and need to beat myself up physically to make them stop or to stop myself from jumping into a bus or something.

23, only laid once( 3 years ago, didnt cum) make 35k annually at call center.

Dump him sis
He sounds like a little bitch that can’t women how did you even end up with a beggar like that

My family hates me, I have no skills, and I'm in my fifth year of high school because I cut everyday. I can't talk to anyone and my one main aspiration is to go pro in Fortnite but I'm too incompetent to beat 12 year olds on controller. I don't use my brain.

>go to community college, majoring in physics
>gf of 3 years dumped me 2 months ago
>got a job as a high school tutor
>been hitting the gym
My life has only just begun. The only horrible thing so far was the breakup, I was devastated by it because I truly loved her. I’m still kind of depressed about it, but going to the gym, tutoring, and studying has helped me keep my mind off things. My life is okay.

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I don't see any point in living

I've promised not to kill myself, so I have to put up with this shit.

I'm 34, a divorced single father that had to move back with his mom, make less than $12/hr., all of my friendships have faded, I only have a HS diploma and have health problems. I hate my life and can't even muster the willpower to change it anymore.

Also, my credit is shit, I have credit card and medical debt, and my car is failing me.

Anons in your 20s, take note. My 20s were glorious. Active social life with fulfilling friendships, well paying job I enjoyed with great benefits, romantic relationships, great physical health, no debt. The sky seemed to be the limit for me, I was soaring and felt great. I mention this as a warning. If you are doing well now, don't assume you always will be. Plan for the future not being so bright, and if you feel things start going awry or slipping away, fight. Fight like hell to hold on to what you've got and never give up. Once you give up it's so much harder to pull yourself out of the tailspin of a downward spiraling life. I gave up once, and now it seems it's all I know how to do. My once iron will rusted and crumpled and fell and blew away in the winds of fate and time.

What happened to your ex? She just up and left you and the kid and you both stay with your mom? At least you have your mom to stay with

Are you me except you're in the Balkans? Holy shit.