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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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>Anywhere outside. Or online.
but most public places are considered "inappropriate"
is there places outside the bar that where asking girls out is appropriate?

I flinch at pretty much everything. Someone lightly touching me, moving too fast in my general area, you name it. I have a feeling that girls find it pathetic. Also my body language is just as bad in general. Could you get used to that? I can't help but wonder if that's part of the reasons why I'm still single. But I can't help it, I had a bad childhood.

What's the best way to tell a guy you like him and you enjoy his company without sounding too clingy and scarring him off?

Could just tell him he's really fun to hang out with. Doesn't strike me as a clingy thing to say, though it might not get the "I like you" part across as well.

If telling a guy that you enjoy his company scares him off, it's not because there's something wrong with what you said. It's because there's something wrong with him.

I enjoy hearing that people like being around me. I take pride in consciously making that sort of atmosphere. It's nice to hear that it's working. Something really weird would have to be going on for me to want people to enjoy being around me but then be scared when people enjoy being around me.

Meeting a girl is usually not considered inappropriate. Asking her out without getting to know her first is inappropriate... and it is inappropriate anywhere outside or online unless you are on a dating service like tinder or in a disco.

>too clingy and scarring him off?
Girls get scared of clingy guys. Guys are usually okay with clingy girls.
Most of the time is better to be overly direct than too evasive but I do understand that you may fear rejection. Find a way to understand if he likes you too and then proceed with the first move since he didn't yet.

just tell him that.

Can women or men tell me how common is for women to play hard to get when they are very interested in a guy?

I know for a fact this girl is very interested in me, I even once caught her taking a picture of me in class, even heard the camera sound, maybe to flick the bean later? Who knows

But at the same time she doesn't react to my advances, only than to show me even more interest.

Just doesn't make sense.

women my age (29) are "too good for me", they are either taken/married already or are in a socioeconomically level equal or sometimes higher than myself and are looking for men that are way above their own level.
Should I just go for younger women?
I feel that women just a couple younger (25+) would still look for successful men than me and I just feel I'm not good enough for most of them and they will either reject me right away or eventually leave me for someone more successful.

Just ask her out.

>she doesn't react to my advances

didn't you read? I did that last week, in person, she said she was busy for the weekend.. I'm trying again next week.

Advances is vague. And if she declines again she's probably not interested.

>gf found the bbc porn
i-is it over?

Not necessarily. Some older women are looking for a boyfriend because of the biological clock thing. You don't necessarily have to be more successful than them to catch their interest.

One way or the other yes. Either she thinks heaps less of you forever or she's into it and welcome to cuck city.

Guys, how do I deal with crazy feelings.
I've been head over heels for the same girl for 6 years. We've been extremely long distance for the last 5 years. We were together but we split a few months back. We didn't speak for a while but recently we've been talking again, she says she doesn't want me out of her life. Its obviously not the same. Sometimes its nice but sometimes I just want her back.
I can't stop thinking about her all day every day. I get my feelings are probably very unhealthy but I don't care because I just want her.

find someone else to obsess over.


I have a female friend that is being emotional abused by her SO. Its not really my business, but I worry.

I thought about asking her one day to just talk about it and share her side of it, then recommend therapy.

He's a real ass. Gas Lighting. Stone Walling. Controlling. Obviously I can't be around all the time to undo this shit. So why not a therapist?

I don't think she needs meds or anything. Just a professional to give her an objective second opinion about the shit in her life.

>she thinks heaps less of you forever
Girls, is this true?

I understand that I should just ask them out. But are then any guidelines with how I should do or is this just another “depends on the person” situation.
I already know not to do it while me and her are in a group cause that creates an audience.

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Why would a girl say "Bye (name)" with a flirty sorta inflection to their voice?

Why not just leave him?

>Why not just leave him?

I don't know. But I'm a dude. Not really my place to tell her to leave him. And they have a kid. So it would really be good if they could work it out.

>Why would a girl say "Bye (name)" with a flirty sorta inflection to their voice?

she wants your dick, or attention. 9 times out of 10 its just attention

Why does my gf seem more attractive now compared to when I met her first? Sometimes I like to just watch her sleeping.

How do you even know she's being abused to begin with?

I feel like you're trying to find an excuse to ask young girls out because you want to fuck them.

There's this girl in class that I find cute. I've caught her eyeballing me and giving me signals to approach but, when I did, it came up super awkward. Now I'm seeing mixed signals from her. She keeps doing the eyeballing and the accidental bumping but when I try to talk to her again I can sense that my presence makes her feel uncomfortable.

What is she trying to say with these signals? Is it fixable or should I stop trying ?

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This is probably the 1/10. I hope atleast, as she usually does something flirty when ever I see her

Most of the time girls don't sit down and write down a great plan about whet to do in order to communicate a message.
Probably she thinks you're cute but she's not interested anymore because conversation was awkward.

>How do you even know she's being abused to begin with?

I'm a human with ears and eyes? How would you know one of your friends is being abused?

We've been friends for 15 years. Its pretty obvious when you've known someone so long. Their behavior changes. They get anxious. Depressed. Etc.

Tbh I broke up with my gf a couple of months ago and I'm in that phase of lacking self confidence to move on. I'm not normally bad with girls but this particular time I just got super nervous. Is it fixable in any way?

My boyfriend is the same.
At least for him, we both got used to each other. I learned to touch him in a way that is comfier for him, and he got used to my presence.

i feel i'd have more in common with women around my age, but at the same time I feel that i'm not good enough for them.

I mean you specifically somehow know it's abuse like gaslighting etc that's causing depression, rather than anything else?

I've been married for 4 years to the woman I love and our relationship is great in almost every regard... but our marriage is almost completely sexless (including blowjobs etc). This year we have had sex twice, half a blowjob (she didnt finish) and two handjobs so far. I'm really at a loss about what to do and its driving me insane. To put things into perspective I've spent years actively making myself more attractive, im working a nice job, I wear nice outfits, doing more foreplay, spending more intimate time with her (hugging on the couch together e.g) and basically anything I can do that I think would help but anytime sex is brought up i always get the "not now" "maybe later" "i feel sick/tired" etc etc. Even times when she seems like she is into it she will often times just stop and give me an excuse before excusing herself, if im lucky after she rejects me she might ask if i want to jerk off to her. Its destroying my self esteem and making me quite bitter towards her.

Which gets to the point of my pathetic story. Early in our relationship I couldn't even look at pornography/lewd pictures without feeling like a cheater and now its reaching the point where we have on multiple occasions talked about me having extra-marital sex. She SAYS she is into it (she likes the idea of watching me have sex with another woman) and so on and she wants to be more adventurous but why on earth should I believe her.

I'm at a total loss about what to do, I just want to have sex with my wife and its driving me insane the constant rejection and sexual frustration I feel.

Stop overthinking it. Ask out girls you like, as long as they're not minors it's fine.
Since you're 29 I'd personally keep it 21+.

Why do I need emotional connection first to find a girl attractive?

Because you're a human with a brain that functions somewhat differently. Not hard to decipher.

Take her ass to couple counselling and talk this out with her.
I'm sorry you're experiencing this, it sounds rough.

I don't know, unless you naturally have a chance to talk to each other a lot, not really.
If a guy made a fool of himself in front of me, heh.

So a girl is either shy and likes me or is scared of me, but no one else I talk to seems to be scared of me in the slightest.

Is there a higher chance that she likes me? Or are some girls just scared of certain things?

>I mean you specifically somehow know it's abuse like gaslighting etc that's causing depression, rather than anything else?

I've been watching for about 8 months. I didn't come to this conclusion on a whim.

Just last night, the girl I was seeing ended up telling me she met someone when she was away during the summer and wanted to pursue that, and literally apologized for not speaking sooner.

She then apologized for stringing me along and I felt very angry and just cut her off and left back to my place. I feel so upset that I spent money on her and she was seeing someone else this whole time.

Idk how to recover from this or how to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I’m trying to distract myself from the event and I’d appreciate some advice on dating, having this shit in mind.

Boyfriend seems to enjoy getting hit in the balls. I accidentally kneed him in the balls last night when I climbing over him to get out of the bed to go pee and it gave him an erection. I asked him if he likes getting hit in the balls and he said "maybe a bit". What should I do?

Shoot his balls with non-lethal rounds as he exits a room. He'll love it

I'm not American. We don't have guns here.

Girls, what are your thoughts on growers vs showers? Do you have a preference?

Try working it in next sexy time. Maybe talk about it first though.

I want a gf that will pick me up and carry me around the room. Is this gf possible?

Yes if you're an alpha male

To clarify: If you're a beta you can still find a girl like this, but it won't be a relationship you'll just be their bitch

Is this true? I'm a guy who wouldn't mind this.


Think of it the other way and be happy that she at least told you outright and you were able to cut your losses sooner than later. It's not like you'd want to marry a cheater right? You dodged a bullet, be grateful (think of all the legitimately unlucky guys out there who literally get cucked) and move on.

I think it's best to assume that a girl will be feeling out multiple guys these days. I only say this because I've actually seen it irl.

Guys, are you waiting to have sex after marriage? I'll say I would have sex with a guy if we got engaged, but that my only rule. Oh, and the handjobs and humping isnt sex

Is a guy who's insecure about a big dick just as bad as a guy who's insecure about a small dick? I almost feel as though some would find it cute

I might be able to live with that if it also includes oral

yeah it's cuter by far

I don't like massive dicks desu. Too hard to heal with when giving head and riding, and they smash into my cervix.

Yeah, that's what I'm insecure about. Although my length is perfectly average so the cervix thing isn't a problem.

Sorry forgot to asnwer. Being insecure about having a large dick isn't cute. It's like humble bragging about something that isn't even that great of an attribute

No, it's even worse

No no, that's the thing. I'm not insecure in a humble way, I'm insecure because I always worry whoever I have sex with is just going to have a painful unpleasant time.

I would be very down, I love dry humping, clothes are sexy and drive me nuts. I don't think most guys would agree though.

>Gas Lighting. Stone Walling. Controlling.

Literally a faggot's description of a relationship. I'll summarize it:

user is your typical male-beta orbiter who serves as the emotional dump to a chick he calls friend, but wishes he was fucking her. user lies to himself about this because his idolatry of her, though obsessive, is kept in check by an alter ego that wears a friendship mask, a-là 'I only want what's best for her'. I also note that you typed "SO"; it hurts your little ass when you refer to him as the boyfriend, huh? Perhaps fiancé at this point? Case in point, you're such a weak faggot that you wouldn't DREAM speaking to him about this behavior (some friend you are, huh?). Alas, when far away from him, you won't stop short of selling the alleged assailant as undeserving of her affection. Your friend, in turn, LOVES her little emotional cumdumpsrer (you user), as long as you don't speak too badly of him - which is why you're not attacking the guy; only his behavior - and posit a professional solution to validate your limp-dick attempt at a very long, long, LOOOONG shot at sloppy seconds :)

Quite literally my friend: kill yourself. You're irrelevant in her life, or anyone else's life. You don't even have the balls to admit it to yourself.

That's the sad part, I wish more guys didnt care, but it fucks up the relationship everytime. You can get creative when waiting for marriage but most dont have the patience


Till now, I've always kept my face clean-shaved. Should I keep a beard? I've been called "cute" and "good looking" by multiple women. I'm wondering if that'll change.

Depends on the girl, I like no beards but if you pull it off go for it

Depends where you live. Move to a more conservative area

I think the likelihood of them caring will be heavily related to if they're a virgin. The pressure to lose your virginity is real.

What is up with the looks I get from girls who are out with their boyfriends?
Often, and especially if I'm with another girl, I get these fucking salacious looks.

I am hesitant to attribute this to pure looks.

At any rate. Am I supposed to do something or just stand there as eye candy?

I wouldn't want a girl who is okay with blowjobs but doesn't consider it sex. I think most people want one or the other.

Yes, I am waiting.
>handjobs isn't sex
Oh, you're one of "those" types. No, you're not waiting either.

You're taking a shit on the entire purpose of waiting, and then coming up with layers of mental gymnastics to avoid feeling like a degenerate. You will never be appealing to the manwhores who would pressure you to fornicate in the first place, and anybody who takes waiting seriously would balk at what you call "waiting".
It's hard enough finding someone who still cares about saving themselves for marriage, and in your infinite wisdom you would be narrowing that pool even further to those who have exactly the same level of delusion as you in what they consider "acceptable" sex before marriage.

Look, I know it sounds like a 'compromise' on the surface, but it's defeating the purpose of your goal.

Girls, what are your thoughts on the concept of sex robots? Would you want your own?

Funny haw deep human degeneracy run.
>would you want your own?
Why would I want an overpriced creepy chunk of plastic and wires?

It's like a vibrator but it's warm and has cuddles.

At what age is it no longer inappropriate to hug a little girl?

Assuming you're a male, no such thing.

You don't meet waifus or husbandos at discos, a good place to meet people and potencial parthners are gyms. Also where can I find tomboys?

I don't know but if you find out tell me

A relationship is more boring when you have a lot in common

If you're male it's once you're an adult. Too many people out to call you a pedophile these days, you have to keep yourself safe.

>how to keep conversation going and not boring (texting)
I met this girl last month while traveling, chemistry was there, we kissed then I had to come back home.
been texting for 2 weeks, I bought tickets to go see her in december.....
don’t want this to dry out

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>Get job
>Training at another store
>Super cute girl here
>In an entirely different department so pretty much never get a chance to talk to her
>If I do see her moving around and glance at her there's a high chance she's noticed me first
I'm only gonna be here for one more week, what should I do?

Girls, do you have a refractory period like most men do? Not counting the brief over-sensitivity after orgasm. Or could you just masturbate / fuck all day if desired?

Any gender, what does it feel to have sex? I probably will never be able to try it myself so I'm asking.

Feeling-wise it's not much better than masturbation. The emotions are a big part of it, if you don't love the person you won't get much out of sex.

Could masturbate all day long, but every consecutive time takes longer to finish.

catch her when she's alone and introduce yourself, talk some job related shit, tell her a little about yourself, ask for her number/ig/fb/whatever

I was extremely busy today so only got to talk to her for about a minute before I had to leave. It seemed like me talking to her make her mind go blank, looked like she was struggling for words, made me feel kinda odd.

but did she seem inattentive and disinterested in talking to you, or like she's a retard that doesn't know what to so say? any smiles? told her something funny?

Is that due to lowered sensitivity or just lowered interest?

No, no disinterest, seemed a tad eager, and was smiling the whole time yeah, just at a loss for words or something. And nah, I didn't say anything funny.

>She's closing the gates
>Getting my things together
>Catch her glance at me
>I've got some time so walk up and ask how her day was
>Just laughs and says busy
>Already forgot everything else I've said but end it with "see you monday, goodnight"
>Said goodnight back and some other stuff I can't remember
I've got 5 days left, fuuuck.

So that's how these cam girls are going on and on for literal hours.

Ladies, do you think a woman can teach a child to be masculine?

So I recently got a pair of sweatpants and it turns out my bulge is extremely pronounced in them. Girls, would it be a bit too bold of me to go out in public with these?