What's the point of life if you're a genetic failure?

Seriously, if you're a sub 5/10 manlet dicklet with many health issues, what's the point? Why should I even bother trying when I'll be rejected or impeded by my phenotype at every turn? Why should I contribute to a society that not only discriminates against me, but also allows me to exist, and even punishes me with forced confinement when I try to end my existence (and fail because I fuck up everything)

Escapism isn't working anymore. What do I do?

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Submit to serving the Chads of the world you manlet beta cuck.

You should not give up bby, there's way more to life than what meets the eye. Focus on your passions and you'll find someone along the way. Keep hope please. ily

Same man. Reality has come back around and hit me. I was so detached these past few months and now I realize things won’t always be this easy and I just really don’t want to work to just barely survive. Suicide might be back on the menu

Not OP but I am so fucking sad and angry at who I am and I'm dispassionate about everything and hate my life. I probably need some happy pills and therapy but who cares. Nobody can help me.

What's the easiest way to suicide for someone who is a pussy, bros? I've thought about this shit for years on end I think it's time I go through with it.

the only thing passionate about is getting a gf/wife. it's always been like that and it always will be. only problem is that i can't get one.

There’s that incel word again. It’s more like “won’t”

Hell no, no suicide, no giving up. Life is more than your job, you could explore the beautiful country just by train hopping. You could bike around, learn an instrument, invent something amazing. Whatever your passions are. Your looks and your job status don't make you any more or less of a human. Society has just brainwashed us into thinking these things Even if you're a 5'1" man who works at McDonald's YOU ARE WORTH IT. There's so much beautiful and amazing content and dreams in you. Love yourselves please

At least you have that to work towards

I'm so old and bitter I lost interest in everything I've ever liked in life.

Do not give up please. See my other reply.
I don't mean to shove my faith down your throat but at church you can find a lot of decent women who would love to get married. Do not lose hope. I know you'll find someone

By living in your own head and joining schizo masterrace they may try to lock you up even more though.

How is it that other short dudes have women?

all of the things you've mentioned are boring and garbage. everything is fucking boring and garbage. the only thing i want is a gf/wife and everything else is irrelevant.

They are probably self-confident and don't hate themselves to a debilitating degree

Learn to leave societies expectations behind and live for yourself

when i went to church the only single woman there was twice my age. i would've loved to go out with her but women don't tend to date guys younger than them, much less so much younger.
i feel uncomfortable visiting other denominations but i could probably do that

Well there you go

Confidence really moves women, you should all work on it. Trust me it'll help

I think it's worth a shot

Any advice as to how? Nobody every explains how to become a confident person they just say to be confident.

Yeah I’ll just train hop, break several laws, constantly trespass worrying about police catching me and throwing me in a cement cage to rot for a few months, break a few bones but not be able to afford healthcare so my bones heal up nice and crooked while I waste away because I can’t get food and water all because “I’m worth it.” LMAO. Thanks for the laugh bud.

there's no point opie
just see if you can take some things you want from this wolrd before you pass and nobody remembers you or anything you've ever done

Confidence comes from knowledge and will.

Analyze logically why you feel bad about yourself. You will see you are being irrational. Knowing that reality is different from what you think now gives you a level of confidence.

And why not keep going? Yeah, I’ll just invent something amazing as my wounds become infected and my stomach is two weeks empty. I’ll just survive on my fucking passions that I pull from thin air and munch on when I’m hungry. I’ll just play that old trumpet I found in the dumpster while I sit in a black mold infested abandoned house and really get a good musical education. Yeah really fucking top stuff mate

LOL you're welcome. I know that isn't an ideal way to live, but I just want you to know that good things are there for you. You have to try new things and I'm sure you'll become passionate about something

DESU I don't know how but I know there are a lot of books that teach you to build confidence, maybe try and find a few

I am ugly. I know this as fact as no woman has ever expressed interest in me. I am now confidently ugly. Thanks man

No, no. I don’t think you understand you optimistic and lying fuck. I simply lack the will to live. If shit gets hard I will crumble. I have no reason to work because I cannot justify it to myself. I will cower in an abandoned building when my mom kicks me out because at birth I was not given the tools necessary to survive, let alone earn intimacy and pass on my genes. Fuck off

Yes but you should also know that other ugly men have women. Do those men have magical abilities?

It’s not magic, just base line confidence/social competency. I completely lack it so not only am I ugly, I am utterly unattractive. I don’t even know why I responded. I’m not the guy who asked how to become confident. I don’t want to and therefore won’t. I’m sorry

If you are a genetic failure, how were your parents able to have children?

Random chance/mutation and regressive genes. Also sometimes the ingredients just don’t mix well and make a fucked up cake

Why be sorry? Same advice for you: confidence comes from knowledge. Most of you are just ignorant of reality and nothing more.

If ugly men can have girlfriends, then your ugliness alone clearly would not prevent you from having a gf. If ugliness meant no gf, then it would be impossible for those ugly men to have gf. Right?

>I’m not the guy who asked how to become confident.
That was me

We sound very much alike. I always thought I was alone in this complete lack of self-esteem but I guess not. I just don't know if I should give up or try to do something to improve myself. I'm honestly at a point where I don't care all that much about a girlfriend or anything; I just want to be happy in life.

I literally just said they have basic social competence. I am socially retarded, several years, maybe even a decade behind my peers. Seeing it now and the amount of effort it would take to just reach where I should have been, oh I don’t know, at the end of middle school is simply too much for me to consider. I don’t want to do that. It’s easier to remain alone and wait for my family to die so I can finally kill myself in good conscious than it is to become an attractive person

We all want happiness, it took me a long time to figure shit out. There are a few things you can do that will improve your life:
Being self sufficient
Some concern for looks/style/hygiene
A realization of mortality and that no one is better or worse than you. There is no need to feel so insecure
Nothing comes magically. Skills, including people skills, are developed over time. Everything takes effort
We all fuck up, all the time
We all want intimacy and love
Most people are unhappy, very few are happy
If you can help people, you should

So literally all of your ancestors throughout millions of years of reproduction were able to successfully have children, but you are the one in a million person who got unlucky? I think it's much more likely that you are just lazy and irresponsible.

Yeah man, I know we’re not alone. I’ve been dealing ok with this but tonight in particular I’m crumbling apart. It does not help at all that I don’t know what I actually want. Like I tell myself I don’t want sex or to deal with women. Is that true? Or is it just my way of coping? I have no fucking clue. If it’s not true, there is still the monumental task of actually becoming attractive which I’m clueless about.
But my stupid fucking animal brain has developed a crush on one of my teachers in college. Wtf am I going to do? Approach and say, “hey, I’m a 22 year old virgin who is hideous and lives with his mom. Want to get some coffee?” Fuck this shit. Fuck being born with retarded genetics. Fuck not being given proper guidance and motivation growing up. Fuck not having the willpower or desire to overcome this shit

Yeah, it’s an interesting thought. But laziness is a product of faulty genetics so oh well. I can’t be arsed to become attractive let alone live in general

Wow you're so unlucky that even your genetics force you to be lazy. How did you come to such an amazing deduction? It sounds to me like you're not lazy at all since you have gone through so much effort to think of an excuse for everything.

Ok, regardless of the source, I’m lazy. I don’t want to live if I have to work for it. Life just isn’t interesting enough, and certainly not enough to warrant being a wageslave (which makes me legitimately suicidal). So I’m not sure what you want to hear. I do have several mental illnesses thanks to my dad. Yes, real mental illnesses. My grandparents were all mostly degenerate drug abusers who died early. My mom is the most normal person in my life but she fucked my retarded dad so whatever. I’m not blaming them, but I am unattractive thanks to genetics. Maybe not lazy thanks to them, but whatever is going on upstairs doesn’t help my motivation to live

You are obviously not a brainlet or an NPC. Thats a fair start.

>I'll be rejected
You dont know that, and you cant know it.

>Why should i contribute
Because society is the reason you have libraries, Jow Forums, and a whole roast chicken for 1 hour min wage. You can porntube on a smartphone with 100x more processing power than the lunar module. Just by being born you are an emperor without an empire, having a better life than 95% of people from 95% of human history, and none of this makes any sense.

>I try to end my existence
You have natural depression. It is a reasonable response to severe illness. You are not a cuck for wanting to die. Most likely your manletism and dickletry is linked to the illness.

Dont blame people for wanting to jailbreak you, or delay your death. They want you to eat chocolate without vomitting, fucksomeone who loves you back, drink every flavor of guinness there ever existed. They might not act very compassionate; thats just them being spread very thin between a lot of people.

Make a checklist for things you want to do per day, and do them. Tick them off. That documents progress; it is a major help.

Like I said before, the fact that you can expend so much energy in generating endless excuses as to why you can't do anything and why you're not responsible for any part of your life is clear evidence that you are, in fact, not lazy but simply averse to taking responsibility. You just want to blame other people so you don't have to actually do anything productive.

Did I not just say I cannot bring myself to work? Yes, I’m pretty sure I did. Call it whatever you like. I take full responsibility for refusing responsibility. Now what?

Life is only interesting if you engage it. Refusing to work is just robbing your experience.

Work is not slavery. Get this out of your thinking. Obviously dont work for an exploiter, but work at fair market value is a good thing.

How about this.

Starve for a couple days. No calories, just tapwater. No tv, no vidya, no net, nothing that costs money (value proxy for societal contribution). In a week work will look good if it means getting all of those back.

>implying I haven’t done that before
Look, you can’t sell slavery to me. I can’t convince myself to become a house nigger instead of a field one. Wow, my master lets me have two days off a week! I love life! Sorry champ. Death is more welcoming than this shit

>I take full responsibility for refusing responsibility.
That's clearly false, or you would change your behavior. I suppose next you will tell us that you're genetically predisposed not to be able to take advice, even after you have asked for it.

So obviously someone is responsible for you, or you would not be here, using that persons electricity and wifi.

You think responsibility is bad, but have no problem heaping yours on your caretaker.

I know only two things that will change your attitude: homelessness and starvation.

Hopefully the people caring for you arent on this thread.

t. seen for myself how people straighten up when thrown out

Ah so the ugly truth finally reveals itself. OP is just entitled, and a racist to boot.

If it’s false, you’re saying I don’t take responsibility for refusing responsibility. Is that right? I literally do not want responsibility

I’m not op. And I’m entitled only to death if I refuse to work, I understand that

Yeah, I hope they throw me out too. It’ll give me the final reason to jump in front of a train

Alright, so you won't work.


Here's some magic words: psylocybin at a graduated dose, or dimorphine at an overdose.

Yeh I’ll just buy an illegal substance with money that I manifest at will

Bill gates is short btw
Whatcha worries about
Just do you




If you want to escape, even by drugs, you have to hustle.

You pay with your hands (work) or you pay with your back (suffering). You are not a protagonist in a YA novel; nothing's free here.

Imagine being so entitled that you would kill yourself because society doesn't give you everything for free.

I’m imagining it because I’m living it my dude
Death is free. Relatively cheap, at least. I’ve already got a shotgun and shells. Alternatively there are train tracks all around my city. Society can either pay me to live (they won’t once my mom kicks me out) or I die. Pretty simple

Am 21334875.
Alright. At least you have made your down payment by buying your outticket.

I'm sorry I can't help more.

: (

And why do you think society owes you anything? If anything, you owe society.

It’s ok. I’ve known for a long time I’m running out of time. As much as I love my mom I understand im a burden and that she can’t/won’t support me forever. But I’m not going to live just because.
It’s not so much that they “owe” me, but more that I’m not interested in being alive if there is work involved. And if you’re going to preach social contract theory, feel free but you’re just wasting your time

Why are you giving women so much power over you? That even the thought of not getting their approval is enough to make you suicidal?

Goodnight guys sorry for the breakdown but it was all mostly genuine

Screencap your OP.

If you make it later on, come back here post why/how.

If you dont, you dont. But i'm betting a pint you will.

>I’m not interested in being alive if there is work involved
Gee, I wonder why your life sucks, OP

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Have you unironicly thought about this?

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It's okay to kill yourself. You have zero advantages in this life and continuing to live will only bring suffering.