26 y/o female, virgin. Depression/anxiety issues. Fat as fuck, overweight by 60 lbs...

26 y/o female, virgin. Depression/anxiety issues. Fat as fuck, overweight by 60 lbs, which explains the virginity for the most part. Very solitary, rarely spends time with people beyond work. Has decent career prospects, probably. If I dropped the weight (it'd probably be a 5/10 at that point), would I still have a chance at a stable relationship with a decent guy? At getting married? Am I too close to the wall, or show too many red flags?

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You have nothing to lose but 70 lbs.

I'd date you :) Don't be so down on yourself

Just look forward and improve what you can and accept what you can't

Depends what do you mean by decent guy
My cousin married a hamplanet and he's a cool guy to hang around with, but has a min wage job and drinks and smokes like there's no tomorrow

Do you realize that being a virgin, depressed, anxious, and fat are the rule and not the exception? You say this as if other people don't have problems or as if your problems somehow make your situation special.

Technically, the best way for you to lose weight and start doing something to change yourself is finding a man who would supports you towards that goal. That's a man job.

Anyone can find love, however you must first find it in yourself. If it’s your weight issues holding you back from that then (as someone who had the same issue before) you just have to commit to the changes you want to see. Just be honest about yourself and who you want to be and go for it, you’ll find happiness and love before you know it.

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Intermittent fasting works. All straight men consider a woman’s body to some degree, losing weight will make you attractive to more men.

Sucks but just giving you the straight story user

Intermittent fasting

You must be one of those that eats to decrease anxiety. So, instead of eating, have you tried playing games to decrease the anxiety?

Yes, losing weight is simple but takes long consistent effort. Add some cardio and lifting into the equations and you'll be significantly happier as a result of being healthier.

It's not too late
I personally don't care if you make money or not unless I can't cover the bills
That's fixable. What's your diet? I can help you with that.

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Imagine, a women is a virgin by something that is completely contingent on her choices.

A man will be ridiculed and looked at less for being short and/or having a small penis (two things that are uncontrollable). LMAO women really do have life on easy mode

Since you're a non-disabled woman you 100% can get a guy, it just depends on your standards of what "decent" is.

You'll get a good guy, don't worry. In the mean time focus on improving your health and going after your passions, if you're a Christian you can usually meet a lot of decent men who want to marry at church. I know you'll find that special someone


Same here, I'm an obese oompa loompa who consistently fails at eating less or healthier. I just hate myself and at this point don't think even a fetishist would date me. But I think you shouldn't give up because maybe at least one of us can make it.

Stop projecting your own expectations onto men. Men and women are different. Most men won't give a shit about your 'career prospects' as long as you aren't terrible with money, nor would anyone but a shameless manwhore see your virginity as a negative. Be wary of getting used by men looking to get their dick wet, though--sleeping with a guy will not make him commit.

Just lose weight and work on your mental health, and you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.

>would I still have a chance at a stable relationship with a decent guy? At getting married?

You’re a girl. You’ll always be able to have a relationship. Doesn’t even matter if you’re overweight.

>Intermittent fasting works

This. And it requires no real effort either. Just dont eat for the entire day and then have a healthy dinner in the evening. If you get hungry, have some water or coffee or something. I've done it now for a month or so and i feel great. I have more energy and feel much better, even though i dont eat anything during the day

All kinds of beans, peas and chickpeas are great for weight loss. Stay away from white rice, bread and potatoes. Throw on some salads and lean, white meat and you are set

Its going to be really difficult for the first two days, then your body will adjust to it. Get thin and the rest will fix itself


Don't worry. Just find some desperate weeb boyfriend. I know a girl who did that.

Sure, she wound up with a crack-addict boyfriend twice her age who knocked her up when she was 16, but what have you got to lose?