I think i may have screwed up. please help

>be me
>go to omegle
>open up to a stranger about my issues that have been bugging me so much
>he is very understanding and helpful the entire conversation
>he asks me why i'm not afraid to talk to him at that moment
>i told him: "maybe because i'll never see you again"
>then he goes to say that's a shame because i am nice and tells me i could be friends with him if i want
>i am nervous but i respond and give him contact info (i've never done that before but he's so nice.. he wants to help me)
>well we talk for hours after that
>he is so nice, and kind, and understanding, and knowledgeable too
>i am not used to this kind of attention
>fast forward to pic related
>he says that and i panic
(i know he doesn't mean he *likes me* likes me and that he was being nice and reassuring me I could bee myself around him but i just couldn't help but panic)
>i didn't say anything after that
>i think about him all night
>i'm scared i hurt him
>i know for family reasons i won't be able to talk to him often or be a good friend (it's complicated)
>i don't want to toy with his feelings
>i'm scared to get emotionally attached to him and if i may already like him like him (there's no way i'm allowed to do that or will ever be able to)
>i'm scared to hurt him
>i am ashamed of myself
>i don't know what to do, or what to say
i think i was wrong to give him my contact info as i did something irreversible and i will hurt him, i couldn't tell him i even wasn't scared and make him feel better because i was terrified, but he's hurt now, and it's my fault, i am an emotional wreck and i am not ready for anything, i don't know what to do

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Jesus Christ. I don't even see the problem here.

I'm prescribing you one Chill Pill

Just talk back again and say youre sorry for leaving like that

I don't think you're emotionally strong enough to use Discord, or the internet for that matter. Where are your parents? Do you even have parents?

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do you really think it will be okay if i just say i'm sorry user? even if i know i won't be able to talk to him often and be a normal friend?
what if i panic again and hurt him?
i'm scared if i may be emotionally manipulating him into accepting me
should i apologize anyway?
should i tell him i won't be able to talk to him often..? (it will just sound weird if i explain why)

i know i'm not strong but i thought it would help me become a better person if i force myself into meeting people but suddenly i feel like i just can't

I think you need to say sorry for leaving, and dont think like that, you wont scare him/her. Just think about it, already told you he/she likes you.

Yoooo ok so you are autismo person, hit me up on discord It won't be weird talking since I allready know you are autismo...hit me up with an invite.

You sound a little more involved than just a friend.
Anyways it looks like he's a no life eager to make an e-friend and you're giving the same impression. He probably thinks he did something wrong, you think you did something wrong, it's all good just hit him up again whenever you feel like it.

You need therapy and reduce your internet usage. Clearly some underlying issues

but why?
and how can i fix myself if i never try?

Hey I don't know what else you two talked about but don't mistaken his politeness and kindness as flirting.

Wow OP... just wow...

You ruined his life. He's probably going to commit suicide anytime now. All he wanted to do is talk to you, hear you, share things...

But now he'll be gone soon. He'll take his own life, then become part of Satan's ever-gnarly deep-pit eternal stew.

Hope you're proud of yourself.

but he's not a no life he's defenitely well adjusted and such a kind and helpful person.. i don't know because i was anonymous at first it was so much easier to talk about my problems with interacting with people even though it's otherwise a hard topic for me to talk about and i never bring it up in real life other than subtle jokes that my family doesn't take seriously but now he knows about it but he didn't judge me and just spoke to me so easily. i know i should be happy and grateful but i suddenly feel so nervous. why am i feeling like this? i don't understand
yes i know he wasn't flirting.. i just lost it a bit when i read those last messages i couldn't breathe properly and i don't know why. it's defenitely not him but a me problem

Autismo or not we all know what kind of guys she actually goes for.

Everything is absolutely fine.
Apologize for dropping, don't go into it,
p roceed as if didn't happen.

If you ever do make a mistake, or if something bad happens, or there is a problem, then it's not the end of the world. Just approach the issue, and try to improve things as best you can.
>But what if...
Just approach the issue, and try to improve things as best you can.
>But what if that causes something else to happen that...
Just approach that issue, and try to improve things as best you can.

Life is a series of issues. Worry and fear don't help. Keep breathing and keep moving forward.

>my dear
That's an Indian. He will politely ask for bobs and vagene today or tomorrow, mark my words

i did it Jow Forums

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please explain
what did i do wrong?

i would appreciate if you told me what was appropriate to say (if you were in my place) rather than just telling me i don't sound normal

please help so i can edit it before he sees it ;-;

Jesus Christ that's some cringe and autism.
You don't have to explain why you dipped, just say you enjoy his company and sorry bout last night.

okay user thankfully i deleted it before he saw it
>hi, i just wanted to say i'm sorry for leaving like that last night, i really enjoyed talking to you
does that sound good??

>Hey sorry about also night, [reason why you left but in one word] happen and had to go but I enjoy talking with ya
Generally rule of thumb for conversation s is short, sweet and to the point.

the reason i left is because i panicked i feel like if i said that i will make him feel bad about himself
should i say something happened and i had to go?

Just say family happened and don't do it again. Use this friendship to grow and learn to get over your nervousness.

God damn you are so adorable. I like flustered gals and I'm mad jelly of this guy.

Lmao I was just kidding wheN I said you had Autismo yesterday but damn...dont ever explain anything like you did...just be like "no I didnt run away I was just busy LOL" majorly rolling my eyes.

She does have autism user.

thank you user i sent him this and now i'm awaiting his response

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Much better.
The emoticon is a nice touch.

thank you so much
i won't forget your help

You didn’t do anything, just opened up to a random stranger on the internet.

You guys aren’t dating, married, nothing like that. Yeah you should never give out contact info but lesson learned.

Have any relationship you want: friend, nothing, whatever

please be my e-gf, we can practice conversations everyday while I'm at work

What country are you from if I may ask? I don't understand how or why you are like this.

At all.

Either way, you are overreacting. Something tells me your family is one of those ultra conservative Christian types.

i don't know if it's a good idea to say where i'm from because i'm scared if someone will recognize me but i am not from a western country. my family is conservative and religious but we are not christian.
but i don't know why i can't interact like a normal human. at the time i just say what i'm thinking. do people generally not do that?

No...only people with autismo do that, you are confirmed on the spectrum. You need to find people that can deal with that, there is no cure...I mean you think people will identify you from telling what country you are from, geez..theres millions of people in a country Lmao

if it has been 7 hours no reply does it mean he doesn't want to talk again?

Majorly rolling my eyes....yeah hes probably busy or something...

it's been 9 hours and it says he's playing a game now
i don't think he'll talk to me again :(
thanks for the help

Well hes playing a game, I know you ain't right but understand that you are not his main priority. ..you are an user he just met, hes playing his video games so maybe after hes done he will reply, maybe not, dont say anything weird, let him reply.

OP you remind me so much of myself. Constantly overthinking, worrying about hurting others feelings, etc. You can try to think to yourself, “Will this matter in 10 years?” and it might help you calm down. It’ll be alright!

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okay. i won't say anything.
i am just sad because i really really didn't intend to hurt him that way user.
thank you for your words. i hope i can become a better person after 10 years.

He sounds Indian. And thirsty for a woman. Good luck op.

he is not indian or thirsty. he is western. he is just really kind and gentle. he was speaking to me like that because he wanted to help me but i just screwed up.
thank you user.

Trying talking to the people in your class rather than internet groomers

You're insane, how could you say that?

he is not an internet groomer i also told him about my approach in practice and he told me i should speak to people from real life rather than the internet to improve my social skills and gave me examples on how i can do that and i listened to him and met up with a friend i haven't seen for a while the day after (yesterday) but when we were talking as you could see the opportunity for friendship came up that's why we spoke on discord.

Don't drink anything he gives you and never let your eyes leave your glass

Dubs of truth proclaims so. But still, don't trust this fucker, you seem to have no idea how easy it is to be nice online and then be the complete opposite irl.

being muslim really is tough for women.
Hopefully your religion will disappear one day. It will take many deaths and a couple WW tho.

Anyway, you are a good girl. Have fun.

so it's been an entire day now.. :(
is it safe to assume he is not going to forgive my mistake?


>sweet dreams tonight
You seem romantically infatuated with this guy user.

More like you are making something into nothing.
Look gal, this is just some person you know on the internet. You have never seen him irl and ultimately you are just a name on the screen, not a person.

This is why you must interact with people irl. Face is very important.

i think i may already like him. i think i already developed feelings. he came out as an angel that had all the answers. i've never seen that before.
i guess you are right..
he must have a lot of real life friends too
i will have to move on right

Lol he hasn't responded in 2 days? Over if true.

yes.. he has not
it's my fault and i need to own it right

It's interesting how women can be considered attractive and hot no matter what they do. Had the genders been reveresed OP would get called creep, desperate, clingy, etc. I know it's kind of obvious but I still think it's interesting.