How to get the faggotry out of my system

How to get the faggotry out of my system
I'll be feeling good and manly one day, then the next day I'll fall and get back at watching porn (tranny porn) and for a week I'll catch myself wanting to stimulate my ass (even though I never felt any actual pleasure with it) and laying in bed in bottom sexual positions.
I feel as it faggotry is a demon that possesses me and gets stronger the more I watch tranny porn

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Stop watching porn, and if you can’t manage that, then stop watching tranny porn you degenerate faggot

You need to rewire your brain first. Start by masturbating only one time every 3 days, and use only normal women image, without any other faggotry, just you and your imagination. This is easy because the period is short enough to deceive your own mind into waiting instead of jumping in the degeneration. Try to do that for at least 21 days, but I would recommend 42 at least.

I don't really need to tell you to delete all your tranny porn and stop browsing /b/ and /gif/, right?

After 42 days masturbating every 3 days, go for one every 5 days. Do that for another 42 days. Fill your fucking time with something, if you're jusf lying in your bed, your chances of losing are higher.

That done, now it's time. You will only masturbate once per week, but without ANY porn. At this point, you're probably getting of the degenerate shit, but the roads for that shit are still inside your head, and will be there for some more years. Remember: it's important, NEVER use that roads again. Every fucking time gou orgasm to tranny porn, the tranny jew gets stronger inside your head.

Just to complement: I'm saying all this as a 20yo male who started crossdressing and almost got caught in this sissy crazyness. Fuck that shit, if I ever see myself coming back to that, I will promptly kill myself without even a second thought.

Sometimes I manage a month without porn but I always come back at it because I have no life and have a repulsion agasint women

Will it go away if I simply stop watching porn and fapping for long enough?

You need to realize that you're addicted. You didn't started masturbating for tranny shit two times a day after discovering masturbation, you probably had a normal path like most of us:

normal porn > hardcore > lesbian > maybe hentai > "wow, this dude looks cute"

That's why you can't just stop. You need to make sure that you're walking out of this patch, basically rewiring your brain.

Because accepting your preferences and being at peace with yourself is never an option, isn't it?

I dont enjoy being a faggot in life. I was born to be an alpha male.

you both sound mentally ill
and to be clear, its not cause you're fags

Isn't that what half of them do?

Jow Forums really fucks people up psychologically. There’s nothing wrong with watching tranny porn and it doesn’t mean you’re gay. Being exclusively attracted to and wanting to have relationships with men irl makes you gay. It’s really quite a cut and dry definition. But sexuality IS a spectrum and none of us are 100% at either extreme. The point is that your behaviour and desires are entirely normal and actually very boring. The solution to actual peace of mind isn’t to just repress it, in the same way that the solution to a messy room isn’t to just shove everything under the bed. You’ll have to deal with it at some point. Accept yourself, forgive yourself and maybe you’ll understand yourself better. At that point you may decide to stop watching tranny porn or porn altogether and you’ll be far more likely to succeed because you understand your desires.

Dilate you fucking discord tranny

Wish I could stomp your fucking skull in you freak

Triggered by the truth isn't a good look, user

It sounds like you have some serious issues, friend. Have you tried counselling?

Try tranny hooker. Either you will get absulutely disgusted and stop you porn addiction or you will finally acknowledge you are faggot. Regardless, you will at least know what you are dealing with.

You’re bisexual or gay, so just stop fighting it.

get off Jow Forums, that way at least if you keep looking at trans porn you'll stop feeling so bad about it

Kys degenarate tranny

I think your brain defines your preferences. But you have to try being smart.

Hey faggot

bro try not to think I mean empty everything in your mind sit in an empty room.

Congrats your gay

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I watched a ton of gore videos (nearly a thousand hours) and I haven’t felt gay at all since then. I also grow out my beard and mustache and keep my hair buzz cut / short in general. Also wear long sleeves and long pants in public, maybe also a hat. Don’t show too much skin, it’s an erogenous zone. Being serious btw but it works

You probably have too much estrogen in your system. When I was fat I thought I was gay but really it was just estrogen I think (estrogen is produced in fat cells).

It’s too late. You’re already a fag. Cope.

For me it went away when I started to accept that I was associating a part of myself with being a woman due to bullying as a child. I was a skinny child and I was a little feminine even watching some videos from my childhood I was dancing and singing along to some girly pop song like a girl. The problem was I was bullied and taught to be ashamed of that part of me. Then I buried it and it came up through sexual fantasy instead. When I started to accept that these ideas were wrong and abusive, that having a feminine side doesn't make you a woman or anyone a woman, and that everyone has a masculine and feminine side I stopped having the urges. It will take a while and it may flare up a few times before you really get over it.

Ignore the people saying this makes you gay. "Gay" as a label is meaningless it only exists for political reasons to give same sex couples more rights or to demean people. Beyond that "gay" has no value. Even if you fapped to the thought of a man fucking you once does it matter? Of course not you can still exclusively date and fuck women.

I think its better to make peace with it. Homosex is kind of hot, but its also very gross and unsightly, you just have to decide if you like it enough to act on it.

When you vilify some part of your mind (ie "I shouldn't be thinking/feeling this") you are propelling yourself toward it. Essentially you're doubling up on whatever pleasure you derive from the "wrong" activity. While satisfying whatever craving drove you toward the activity, you're also temporarily free from the self-imposed negativity. Once you return to the guilt and shame, there's more than before, which allows the next give-in to be an even greater pressure release.
The way out is to forgive yourself for having those cravings. They're part of you, and it's okay to have them. If you feel like you'd be better off not acting on them, then that's a fine choice to make. In your mind, however, you need to be okay with their presence.

Op here. Good advices thanks guys

Watching porn is bad for you
Please stop

Honestly, just find another type of kinky porn and work your way back to normal porn. Watching faggot shit will make you do faggot shit.

And politicians and political movements says Gay shit on the mainstream media doesnt make people go gay.