I'm going to keep this short.. like me. I'm 5'4" 115lb,21 age. Disable but im able body. I have (pic realated)...

I'm going to keep this short.. like me. I'm 5'4" 115lb,21 age. Disable but im able body. I have (pic realated). I had it for so long I completely forget it there sometime. I am mainly focusing on college I will be making close to 60k-80k a year,if I get my masters. 3 more years. I think im Ready for a relationship. Never actually tried. I only have done school then went home and repeat. I haven't made a new friend since middle school. I hanged out with them all through highschool also. So never had to make new ones. I'm basically saying I have a main plan figured out but I don't want to do just school home school home anymore. So how do I socialize,get friends and gf?

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That thing looks fucking disgusting mate.

Isn't there a cripple website you can hook up with other quasi-humans? I'd try that. It's bad sport acting like you're normal.

See, I'm a realist. Instead of encouraging you cripples, i urge you to be ashamed of your shortcomings and refrain from being around us, normal human beings.

Good luck.

I'm human too.

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Consider the following

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People are a lot nicer than you think. Be friendly but not clingy and you’ll start making connections. Relationships grow out of commonalities

Im actually considering it, I don't see my life other then to graduate college then work my college job. I want everything in between aka kids, gf. A family man and not just working man.
I know people are nice but they just treat me as if I'm slow (try to be extremely helpful and talk slow) or completely ignore me as if I wasn't even talking to him. People said in my face that they don't take me serious and if I do get mad or even punch them they won't even get mad or at least punch back.

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this is the most mean-spirited post i've read on this board in a while. have an award

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Not you cripple-user, I’m talking about the dweeb calling you a sub-human. Don’t commit noose not loose

I know I'm not supposed to let other people affects me but it hard to feel normal when people don't even give me a chance. The friend I had in highschool just kept me around out of pity when they made plan after school or a group chat they wouldn't even include me or even try to. I find out literally a day later because they talk about it.

Start up some fun hobbies. Outdoors and social.

Care to explain what the medical apparatus is and what your physical limitations are?

It basically like a artificial nose. Just makes sure I get enough air into my lungs . Can't run I have shortness of breath. Can't do sports or running. Just got recently approved to lift weights but it guarantee that I won't get far because of my disability.

I see.
Learn to sail might be fun, yoga, paddle boarding, taking cooking classes, hot air balloons. Money is the thing you need to buy your way in to some sweet hobbies.

You’ll do great.

Why not paint your give-me-air tube thing all one color so it can be fashionable like all black or all white

Thanks for the suggestion.im going to try to join some clubs. But
What socializing tips?

I rather not breath in chemicals

Smile often, say hello and introduce yourself. Ask questions! This is the most important part. Asking for another person to express their opinion on something, especially if it is important to them is a great way to break the ice and chat.
Stay positive, talking shit makes you look bad even if you are right.

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i was going to say, if can you forgot about it then everybody can.

but my my did i got disgusted by this : . you gotta choose guys whats more digusting right now, this post or the pic related ?

Nothing like that was ever said to my face.

Meet people. They will notice your breathing tube and maybe ask you about it. And then they will either drop you (which means they weren't friend prospects to begin with) or they will absorb it as part of who you are, of no more significance than this guy's eyeglasses or that guy's left-handedness.

Our gang includes a guy in a motorized wheelchair. We work around the occasional problem (finding ramps, etc) and sometimes the girls hitch rides on his lap. He isn't a charity project. He's Mike and he's fun to hang out with

I actually puked when I saw that pic how do you even hang yourself when you have one of these?

based and redpilled
just find friends op
just because you're disabled doesn't mean you're autistic
your collar will be a great way of introducing yourself, you can make robot sounds and pretend they're coming from there :)

No, you aren't

Same person?
Sound immature but I never thought of that

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Don't listen to the miserable faggots spewing their edgelord bullshit in this thread. Remember that Jow Forums is a haven for low-life scum-sucking wastes of life, so it's not the best place for advice or support. You may have to try harder than the average person to compensate for your disability, and many people can be shallow cunts, but take it in stride and know that you are able to endure hardship more easily than the common man.
Perhaps you should wear a scarf or ascot, unless they interfere with your apparatus. Everyone's got flaws, visible or not. Don't get discouraged. If nothing else, you can imagine yourself as Darth Vader, dumb as that sounds. Reshape your mind to accept your circumstances, and spite those who have shunned or shamed you.

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Satan is real, and he will have your soul.

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I am the asshole who posted
Sorry OP I was in a bad place (I still am). I was just mad and wanted to hurt you to feel better.
It's just a tiny little thing don't worry it's cool and at least you can try to be funny about it, come up with jokes to show people you're not bothered by it.
The best thing you can do if you have a visible "illness" or "diformity" or whatever is to show people that you can take jokes about it. Good luck op and sorry