Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

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They prefer beautiful girls. Do what it takes to get there.
Just don't overdo it and look like a clown.

Men prefer women in makeup who they think are barefaced.


Guys prefer women who aint fat and aint bitches.

When I say fat, I don't mean a little bit of a belly, nearly everyone has that. I mean perfectly spherical, rolls down hills fat.

Make-up is neither here or there once a guy has gotten to know you.
Too much of it however, makes you less approachable to begin with.

Without. Same goes for hair dyes, tattoos, and piercings.


As soon as I notice it , it's a turnoff. As long as she is a 5/10 there is no need for it.

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Don't listen to men, they don't actually know what they want. Wearing 'natural' makeup is good if you want to look like you're effortlessly and naturally pretty.

Protip: They always say "no makeup of course duh".

Go to a makeup artist and get decent day makeup done. I will guarantee you will turn at least thrice as many heads. And there's your honest answer: Of course wih makeup, men are 99% vision, 1% brain.

>Asking men about makeup
The answer will be different because
>Some men haven't been around women who are just terrible with makeup
>Some men don't notice light use of makeup
You'll get a slew of answers, so there isn't really much point in taking a male opinion on it, more or less go with what your female friends suggest, what you feel comfortable with, or what you have time to do

>99% vision 1%brain

99% of any achievements mankind ever made come from men.

Obvious bait and bad trolling

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take care of your skin and half the job is over

use makeup to enhance features

this is the real bait
not even gonna bite

You wish. And you'll never be among the percentage of men who actually have done society a service, kek.

I just want her to look beatiful and nice that's all.

we can pull off the no-makeup look
surely women can too


Just enough make up that it's not really noticable. Even if the girl is naturally beautiful, some light make up will just make her even better.

And put on some perfume.

Do you prefer guys with bed Head unkempt neckbeards beards and an odour? Or do you like when they dress well, look clean and presentable and wear deoderant?
It's the culture we live in. You can get away with no makeup and bare minimum but we value looking our best in any way, and we all prefer that. This isn't just a how men view women thing.
And how much makeup is acceotable.will vary immensely man to man, and some won't give any fucks one way or another.

If men all started wearing makeup (the light can't tell type that hides imperfections and changes face shape perception and all that stuff), then men who didn't would start looking like garbage by comparison.
You would be able to pull off no makeup less and less.

Things I want a woman to be when it comes to looks
>not fat/chubby/thicc
>someone who doesn't eat like shit
If you need makeup to look good, then you probably have a shit diet that's fucking up your skin, and likely fucking with your hormones too. Either that or you really do need makeup and at that point I feel like I'm being tricked.

>If you need makeup to look good it's your diet

Not like some people are just ugly, or it's generally expected men dress well and have haircuts and be clean shaven or have clean in style beards...

C'mon man, even you know that's a stupid AF opinion. We're a vain culture all around.

guys prefer women who aren't fat

Honestly all this about men liking "natural" is nonsense. Men like fake boobs, they like makeup, but if you put too much makeup on or make your boobs too big, it looks worse. So just don't overdo it

Read the second half of my post. As for the diet portion, things like pic related almost always stem from dietary related issue, whether it be a diet high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, or just pounding tons of bread and other forms of carbohydrates. If that's happening, I also have reason to suspect you're also deficient in vitamin b-6 and b-12 which can cause depression and impair your ability to think clearly. If your body is getting what it needs and you aren't poisoning it, you'll look about as good as you would the reverse with make up if not better. That is, unless your ugly.

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>Men like fake boobs

Beautiful and without makeup is what you're looking for op

I personally despise make up and if girls used make up like
this, hiding their true face beneath a fake face, it scares me and makes me think those women prefer lies to the truth.
But that just might be my autism.

All the guys saying they don’t like makeup are lying, especially to themselves. It’s just that distasteful makeup is worse than no makeup.

>Men like fake boobs
Incorrect. Every single guy I've ever talked to agrees that fake boobs are gross and unappealing. Small and natural > big and fake, any day.

A girl who looks good without makeup gets a lot of bonus points.

Women care way more about makeup than men do. That's my experience as a woman.

Girls always talk about the new products they got, how much they like whatever product etc. I only wear makeup when I ho to a wedding, otherwise I go bareface. My bf doesn't care, no guy ever cared. It's the women that sometimes go "oh no why don't you wear makeup, it's so fun!".

>I only wear makeup when I ho to a wedding
Seems like a typical female sentence.


I like some
I dont like seeing faces caked in bronze goo

Honestly you dumb fucking twat, it depends on the guy. Some guys wanna scrape shit off your face when they go to stroke your cheek.

It's time to stop lumping the genders into hiveminds. Holy shit. Fuck everyone who does anything like this.

both are nice

based spartan


Minimal to no makeup.

good looking girls with no make up

I do, but girls are not interested in attracting me. They want to attract the guys who do find their make up attractive, which makes them smart. Real cowgirl type smart-pills being taken left and right. A real interesting social experiment concludes! No one is shocked!
Protip: if you prefer girls without makeup, you’re most likely insecure about other guys, the real cowboy Daddy-Os, noticing your girl and stealing her.
This isn’t a Chinese-porno, Pocahontas. You’re rolling with loaded die. I’d suggest taking the cope-pill, cowboy, ‘cuz things are about to get DOWN and DIRTY in the literal make up department.

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Everyone has there own preferences. It's impossible to automatically please everyone or to please the one. Do what you like. Be happy. And if you're attractive you'll attract.

*Girls look obtainable and therefore less intimidating without makeup.

>implying girls are trying to attract you
*blushes* Wowee that is sure embarrassing of you.

Makeup and accessories. Lashes make everything. Eyebrows are hit or miss.

>this level of cope
Okay sweetie

You mad?

He mad.

>guy says he prefers women without make up
Don't project that shit on me nigga

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No. I prefer girls that take care of themselves.


If I think a girl is pretty without makeup, that's a win in my book.

If I see obvious makeup, I am immediately suspicious.

If you do end up dating her, you will be seeing her without makeup a ton.