Family friend made a dirty joke

Our neighbour who's very close with me and my family (basically an uncle) recently made an inappropriate joke to my 18y.o. sis (who's very introverted and sensitive). She repeated the joke to me and while it wouldn't be a big deal to me, it affected her. He's well in his 80ties and sometimes can be clueless when it comes to humour. I know that he never means any ill will and it's more a case of tactlessness. However it's been severly bothering my sis who says that she doesn't really want to see him anymore.

I believe she feels betrayed by a parental figure. Something to do with power balance and trust I guess. My question is, how should I confront him? Should I get him to apologise to her in person? My sister says she's doesn't know if she wants to talk to him after I have a discussion with him. I know that this situation has to be resolved in some way.

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Is she a virgin? If so, how much would she be willing to sell her virginity for?

If he's a good friend and is very close with you just tell him what happened and how your sister feels. You won't even have to ask for an apology he'll do it on his own (if he's really that close to your family).


This sounds really immature. Just move on some dirty old man said something gross who fucking cares?


would smash your introverted sister lmao

Tell us the joke god damn it.

What even was the joke?

nah you could invent something like you're neighbourly friend is helping your sis make her hate for mens grow.

i don't know what's being more immature this old dude or your sister.

blame it on the joke dammit, the joke was immature.

>I know that this situation has to be resolved in some way.
No, you believe it does.
She feels bad about the joke and feels disillusioned about the guy. That's it. You can't unring that bell.
It's a shame but that's life.
Life will bring you both troubles and trials that will dwarf this kind of problem.
Virtue untested is innocence.
Buckle up buttercup.

Go fuck yourself you little witch. So what do you want to do now, "shame" an 80 year-old man over a joke, put him in jail too? You're a piece of shit and so is your sister too. Now let's see both your tits or gtfo.

Who hurt u

He said if I had a pretty girl like you around (hes a vet) I'd be laying pipe till morning even after walking 20 miles

I don't know he might tried to give her a compliment but he should've known she is sensitive?


Okay that's not a dirty joke, that's a come-on.

I kinda share the sentiment that you and your sister are browbeating someone over something innocuous.
It's bothering her? Really? She's never made a joke about her rag, vibrator, or men being animals? It's like a black person flipping out over the word "nigger." Either you're a nasty little hypocrite that's going to take any opportunity they can to kinda throw someone under the bus, or you're so AMAZINGLY sheltered you don't fucking hear and use that word yourself.

Either way, the world shouldn't have to cater to your sensibilities. Especially an 80 year-old man. Have some fucking respect.

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On one hand, what an absolute madlad for still hitting on girls while he's pushing 80

On the other hand, what the actual fuck is he doing hitting on girls while he's using a cane to get around his house

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>guy makes a vulgar sexual flirtatation with a woman
> she isn't allowed to be creeped out

As expected, incel refugees haven't gone outside and just rush to white knight defend a boomer

Oh jesus christ. That 100% is a dirty joke, ya jackass. Care to badly explain how its not dirty?

HOW the heck should he have known she was that sensitive? Unless they talked extensively about her sensitivity, he shouldn't have known. This idiot ain't a mind reader, even worse, he's proly half way to being senile.

Unless yall want to waste energy for him to see the error of his ways or to get an apology, just tell your pussy-ass sister to ignore him. He basically has one less friend to attend his funeral.

There's a difference between being creeped out and making an issue out of nothing.

Do you know why so many old guys are dirty old men? Because "Fuck it, I'm old. What are they gonna do?"
Some old men have lived long enough that they just don't care about keeping up the pretense that they don't think about sex. They'd rather make you uncomfortable that monitor themselves one more moment.
And even when you're 80, it's *still* a numbers game. Wantonly flirt with enough women, one might flirt back out of fun and that feels nice. Hey, maybe you'll win the lottery. Almost certainly not, but if the only cost of the tickets is people thinking that you're dirty minded, which you are, then you might as well play.

And then I think of an old superhero called Ghoul who literally came back from the dead. He talked dirty constantly. All the time. Eventually, one of his teammates called him on it. He replied, "Look at me. I am half rotten. Talking about sex is the only thing I can do anymore."

So yeah. Old people can get away with being dirty. He didn't even grope her and fake senility.

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He didn't mean it wasn't dirty, he meant it was beyond a dirty joke; it flat out sounds like he's hitting on her.

This is not uncommon at all. Older people tend to lose some self control (hence the stereotype of old people blurting out rude shit), both because of giving less of a fuck and because of neurologically going downhill a little. Older people still have sexual urges and for most old folks, a dirty comment or invitation is the best they can still achieve with pretty young people.

As for OP, I agree, it wasn't in any way a joke. In the very best situation he was giving the kind of compliment that was still very commonplace for a man to give to a woman he didn't know that well back when he was young. However it is at least equally likely that yeah he got a kick out of mentioning she looks good. Your sister was there and you weren't, she heard his actual tone of voice, saw how he looked at her etc. Yeah she might be having a strong reaction just because of her own disposition but be careful with being sure that he did not have any intentions or whatever. Again you weren't there and if you are a guy, yes it is VERY much possible that he has sides you've never seen. Just because someone is a bit of a perv sometimes doesn't mean he's an all around dick, people are often conflicting and messy.


OP here, that wasn't the joke, but damn user you made me laugh.

It was slightly milder. Lol

>OP here
>doesn't reveal actual "joke"
>displays the possession of a sense of humor