What is life like for a man with average to tall height? I always wondered

What is life like for a man with average to tall height? I always wondered

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People always asking if I’ve gotten taller.
Like bitch you saw me last week.

Sex for days, with 0 boobless hours

sounds rough user

It is simply not something you think about. Ever.

I suspect that if short guys just stopped thinking about it, it would disappear as an issue

>consciously treat manlets like trash
>"dude its all in your head LOL"
normie logic

lol ofc you dont think about it when it's not your problem

t. manlet
Will you ever learn?

based sincere normie admitting his disdain for manlets

Shorty female coworkers always ask me to give them stuff even if they can reach the shelf...

6'2" Hitler's dream here. It opens the door, but my autism cultivated from years of self imposed isolation pretty much shuts it. Finding a date isn't hard though, and when people are dicks to you it's 99.9% because they're intimidated/jealous of your physical gift.

i will never not be convinced that tall men live on easy mode

women appear shorter than if you're a manlet
t. traveled to countries with shorter people, wasn't a fan since i like women more around my size

Eh, I'm tall and decent looking, but I have to work to be charismatic since my natural personality is quiet and serious. You can be over 6ft like me, but if you don't have a good personality, you're just as unattractive as a manlet.

compensating with personality is far easier than making it as a manlet, you gotta compensate heavily as a manlet, either with money or endless hours in gym + serious and quiet personality is a death sentence for a manlet

I dunno what to tell you man. As a 6'2" blond man with a serious personality, life isn't peaches and cream. I just look like I could have been in a WWII German photo.

>tfw constantly having to duck under things
>tfw larger body requires more food so food costs twice as much
>tfw back pain 24/7

At least I can reach apples better.

Dude you have backpain too? I've pinched my cyatic(spelling?) nerve so many times, and when I'm hiking I'm always the one who gets the high up spider webs all over my face. I have probably eaten a bunch of them by now.

>be shy, awkward and anxious
>but tall and masculine
People unironically think I am not virgin. Mfw.

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>Be tall and good looking
>Awkward and shy
>Most people are dicks to me
It's not all it's cracked up to be.

It is convenient to fight taller and shorter people.