I've never had sex before and plan to go to 7-8 hookers next weekend. To women with big breasts, with small ones, black, Asian, white, I want to try everything. I just want to fuck for two days as a compensation for what I have missed so far.
What is to be considered with prostitutes? If it is stated that multiple intercourse is possible, then I can fuck them in an hour for example 4 times? If this would end already after 10 minutes although I paid for one hour, it would be quite a disappointment.
Can you order escort ladies in your hotel room just like that? In my country prostitution is legal, so that shouldn't be a problem, should it?
I am only 19 and most prostitutes seem to be 20 or older. Will my age be a problem?
And in general, has one of you ever used prostitutes/ escorts and maybe can give me some tips?

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No one?

MOST escorts do incalls and outcalls so if you get a hotel you'd be good. Also an hour is honestly plenty of time for some random hooker, I mean YOU can get the girl all night usually.

but a lot of them have certain rules and all that obviously.
also websites to check out your local stock:

if you are a virgin, I seriously doubt this will work. why the need to have them all over the weekend? why not having maybe 2, and the rest later?

Thanks I will check it out
Why would this not work?I'm planning for a weekend in another city and for 2 hookers the effort is simply not worth it. I just want to gain experience with different women quickly. I will also do other things and not only fuck hookers. So this should be possible after all?

Your age is not going to be a problem. Negotiate everything else. Many hookers are, understandably, shrewd when it comes to this kind of stuff. You have to make it explicit that you are paying for an hour regardless of how often you will or won't climax. It is harder to negotiate rounds of intercourse. A pussy isn't a paved road, one woman gets sore more easily than another, she is still a person. Wanting to negotiate going three rounds even if she's in pain after the second won't hold up. I would recommend spending at least twenty minutes on other sex acts/touching before getting to penetration, to make intercourse better for both of you and avoid fifty minutes of having to fill time if you came and are not ready for another round, or she is not ready for another round right away.

Coming to the hotel likely won't be a problem.

Keep in mind you are going to need to wear a condom for both sex and blowjobs. Whining about this (or other boundaries not in violation of what's been agreed upon beforehand) is going to ruin the mood and is not in your best interests either, if she fucks you bareback she fucks everyone bareback, never believe you are the exception.

Make sure to get tested afterwards, some STDs like herpes are not prevented by condoms. Don't think too much of sob stories or "wow I actually really enjoyed this sex" or "I didn't expect such a handsome, sensitive guy", they might be sincere but take it for charming. A lot of sex workers make most of their money on getting guys hooked because of feelings or savior complex.
Having said that, joking or talking a little bit is likely to make everything better, make sure the ice is a bit broken. Do not jerk off/drink more than a drink or so beforehand or you will likely not get it up because of anxiety.

>I just want to gain experience with different women quickly
experience with hookers doesn't translate into skills to use on non-hooker women.

You will have a lot more fun if you spread it out. The first sex of the day feels much more satisfying than the third, and in order to keep up you should probably take a cialis which reduces your sensitivity further.

I'm wearing a condom, of course. I don't want to get AIDS or anything. If I have clarified with a hooker beforehand that repeated intercourse is possible, but then she refuses, can I then demand my money back? Or would I have problems with the police?
My biggest fear is that somehow I'll get screwed. I'm not that rich and I don't feel like wasting my money.
When I've had sex with several women, I won't be so fixated on sex anymore and have had great experiences. That is at least my thought behind it.
I don't know. If you've never had sex before, the second or third time a day will also be great, I think

>When I've had sex with several women, I won't be so fixated on sex anymore and have had great experiences. That is at least my thought behind it.
Sex is nice but it's not the end-all be-all of a relationship. Also sex with hookers is not the same as sex with non-hookers.

>If I have clarified with a hooker beforehand that repeated intercourse is possible, but then she refuses, can I then demand my money back?
Almost 99% certainly, no. Or to be more precise, you are going to try to intimidate her ("I paid for this, now do it or give my money back") and she is going to intimidate you back ("fuck you I'm not a machine, you can accept it or fuck off") and you will extremely likely lose that confrontation. Even if you "win" it, she won't give your money back - then she gets nothing out of it - she will go "okay fuck you get in there" and spread and you will be fucking an angry, unwilling woman who does not want you to.

She won't go to the police, if anything she will threaten getting her bodyguard/pimp who will be around somewhere waiting in the car. More likely she will just make a huge scene and try to storm out and start screaming if you try to stop her.

>I'm wearing a condom, of course. I don't want to get AIDS or anything.
If you can spare the money, buy some HIV home tests and do it beforehand. You might need to do one on yourself with her, to make sure she knows it's not some fetish where you want to infect her.

>If I have clarified with a hooker beforehand that repeated intercourse is possible, but then she refuses, can I then demand my money back?
Just ask or see on her profile page if she allows for "multiple cups". If she says yes, then you're allowed.

>Or would I have problems with the police?
Don't argue with them to cause a scene as cops might be called then.

If you're a virgin, let the first hooker know you're a virgin, and you want to get experience. She'll probably be more into it. Tell them all you want a "sex education". I wouldn't be surprised if they're willing to accommodate you if you have any special requests or questions.

If you have a fetish for two girls competing for your dick, would the hookers be accommodating of that? Would it work if you paid more money to whichever hooker made you cum first?

Duos and threesomes they're called. A lot of escorts are accommodating of it, and will usually have a friend listed on their page.

They like tipping, and probably would be into that.

>Why would this not work?
Because having lots of sex in a short period of time is a skill that requires experience to be acquired. If you are a virgin, then you have none of that. That's why I suggest going slow first and see how much can you take. Also what said.

Different user here. Is it possible to get 2 hookers to physically fight over you?

...what are you?

Sure. If they're escorts, they're probably only going to do pillow fights and light fighting. They'd probably list it under BDSM.

If you want a full out brawl, you'd probably have to find some toothless street drug addicted crack whores. Tell them you have a trunk full of cocaine, but you'll only give it to the one left standing. Just be careful, cause they might both attack you instead.

What do you mean by light fighting?

>What do you mean by light fighting?
Sorry. Should have typed 'lite fighting'. Basically nothing involving bruises, blood, broken bones, etc. So some hair pulling, wrestling, slapping, nipple twisting, some playful biting, spanking, whipping, and so on. If they're into BDSM and duos, then they good chance they'll accommodate you. As long as you're not overly sexual in your description, you can probably ask them via email.

Nice. How much does that typically cost?

Like anything else, depends on the escorts, you, what you're asking, and how you ask. Generally, they have different rate tiers. Most will include it if you're with a regular duo rate, or will charge you a little more for a girlfriend experience rate.

Just ask them if they can accommodate grappling with their friend, if they have a particular BDSM+threesomes/BGG/MFF/duo listed on their page/site before making an appointment. Just don't disclose anything sexual or the fighting for your affection part. Then go over the details when they arrive.

I want to go to law school, so I want to keep my record completely clean. How likely is it that I would be arrested for soliciting prostitution?

Unlikely if you don't pick a street hooker that's actually an undercover cop, or use a suspicious no review page. Problem you'll have is an escort saving your information, and later using it against you years later. Cause escorts usually ask for your driver's license and other personal information as part of "screening". Even if the statute of limitations has passed, it could later be used against you by the state law board. Don't worry though, most lawyers do drugs, hookers or both. Some lawyers even bring their hookers from the night before to court with them. So you'll be in good company user. Video is related.

Are there any cheap hotels/motels/inns in Long Island that wouldnt be suspicious of a hooker?

>7-8 hookers

Relax dude. Try 2. Its a QUALITY over quantity thing.

Some woman want to rush you out as fast as possible so find one better or mention you want to go a few rounds.

Just relax. Dont waste your money on 8 cheap whores. 1 or 2 expensive ones guarentee a good experience. Explain its your first time and they might give you a special.

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Law school catfight fetishist here. It worked. I’m not OP, but thanks anyway guys.

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Minor correction. Not law school yet, but I want to be. Thanks either way

you are this guy? this post is laughable. you made my day, a new paraphilia that I didn't know about.

These two are roleplaying. They are gonna do some light fighting, but they’re pretending to hate each other for me. See yall wednesday if this thread is still alive.

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If it's not alive, please make a thread reporting the outcome, this is really interesting. I'll be checking the board.