How do I get motivated to clean my room...

How do I get motivated to clean my room? I don't want to just put things all in boxes because that just makes things worse imo

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give yourself some small rewards. You clean your room? you get to play videogames or idk, have some chocolate

Visualize a clean room and manifest it

Idk I just have trouble with getting things started, I don't want to say I'm lazy or anything since I know I want to do things and get things done, but why is it so hard to start?

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Kids nowadays need to ask Jow Forums for motivation to clean their fucking rooms?

start with 1 thing.
clean up just clothes.

when done with that start with one other thing. dont try to clean up more than one type of thing at the same time.

i have this problem too. i get overwhelmed because there are too many things to do and a lot of times there is to much to process. usually i end up not doing anything.

I'm sadly an adult with ADD, user

OP i really want to help you.
First of all can you show a picture of your room? It would really help us to give you more specific advice.

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This is just one section, my bed takes up a lot of space

Pic related always helps me

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I have way to many knickknacks

Ok so user when i'm cleaning my room i usually do it like this.
>sit on the floor
>get everything off of one shelf and put it on the floor
>decide what i need to keep and what should go into the trash
>with my now empty shelf put back everything on it in stable little piles
>bigger and larger things in the bottom ans smaller things in the top
>another very important step is to put in one shelf all the things that you use more often
>repeat this with all the other shelfs/table/bed

Sorry for my bad english op i'm from europe. Hope i helped

Thanks user, I'll start with that :)
I know it's a very simple thing to do but it gets tough sometimes to start

Pic #1 steps
1. Pick up that beanie. Put it with your clothes, maybe in your closet.
2. Put that can and that rag where they belong.
3. Wrap up them chords, then put them somewhere out of sight. Get them when you need them, and put them away when you're done.

Next pic pls.

Just one more thing user.
4 years ago when i was about to go to college i was in a similar situation, i wanted to study but i didn't how to start and it was very difficult at first and i honestly considered suicide. Now i am an aerospace engineer making 120k a year. Remember op don't give up on your life and you will get to the top. There is a inner chad in all virgins.

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Thanks user, I think I needed to hear that

There's a few reasons why you're having a hard time doing the task:
>1) You don't know what you're doing
This picture is a picture of a mess, switch thrown on books, top section used for readily and often used things, while everything else seems to fall into a priority tier of how the distance from your arm when you reach out from the bed.

Sort it out, either with wanting expensive things to show off on the top, then working your way down in wealth price or work it down in priority of usage. I'd happily throw the switch at the top and then put a charging cable closely
>You're unmotivated
That slung by bag is from uni, right? You walk in, sling it by the corner and just let it sit there for the entire day. I did that all the time with my stuff and I only realised it when my friend started doing the same. What I suggest is carrying it with you till you sit down, take out all the heavy stuff and then hang it up. It'll be out of the way so you can't trip up over it
>You're too confused on what to do
Cleaning up is something that's learnt via routine, and it has a strict set of protocols in some cases. For example, my aunt adds bleach to the washing up on the last wash up of the month to remove curry stains, my friends mother does her washing up with spoons, forks, knives, then cups, then plates.

As others have mentioned,
the best thing to do is to get everything stashed away, whether into storage, mentally checking off things you won't use but might need into storage.
Then from there, start with organising stuff, and start with the smallest tasks, so it's something like this
>Throw everything on the bed, assess what is useful/most expensive
>Arrange the cabinet as mentioned
>Check the bags, find somewhere to hook them (don't use a door handle)
>Look at the progress, feel a bit better, ignore the pain in your back since you constantly sit on the computer
>Pick up the stuff off the floor, pull in the vacuum for cleaning, do the floor
>Look at your bed sheet, if it's been more than 2 weeks then chuck it in the wash
>Take off the socks, feel the wonders of nicely clean carpet
>Put a mental note to do next month