The boys gave me a wake up call, but it really hurt

>be me
>sad 19 year old
>have almost no friends irl and mainly get social on discord and D&D
>good friends on discord
>last night
>finishing battle in Total War
>hard siege battle and really drinks me in
>friends remind me of D&D that night
>middle of battle
>tell them I'll be on soon
>try to finish battle quickly without losing
>gets really hype after a bit
>win the battle while losing almost no one
>look at the time and realize it's 50 minutes past the game beginning
>quickly hop on and apologize profusely
>immediately get ass blasted by friends for being late
>starts to get really harsh
>start comparing me to that guy, saying I'm always late
>rarely ever late for this game, but I am late for other games but only by about 10-15 or 30 minutes tops due to life and college
>goes on for a long time
>cancelled game that night because of me
>continues to be angry through the night at me
>feel like shit and rarely speak above a whisper for the next 30 minutes
>get called away by family to watch a movie
>I accept and say a simple "bye" in a meek voice when I leave

I understand they were mad at me for being late, but this is the first time I've been late like this. It really hurt since I knew I was wrong, but then they started comparing me to people who legit show up for 20 minutes and then go to sleep or some shit.

I feel hurt by it now, and it actually makes me want to take a hiatus from D&D since when I think about it, it hurts my chest and I feel really sad.

What do I do boys?

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Find better friends

Leave them. I was in a similar situation. I know it’s hard, but they’ll keep grilling you for the smallest things no matter how hard you try to get better. Eventually, a tranny will accuse you of narcissism when you speak up about your problems.
Believe me, you’ll be happier in a different server.

Thing is tho I've played with these people for over 3 years now and they've never made me feel like this. However, after tonight, I've started to see some glaring issues with games in the past usually with my character being the butt of the joke or being plotted against by other characters/players.

hi zac

>hi zac
who tf zac?

Just stop altogether. Nothing worse than being bullied by „friends“ and walking on constant eggshells

If you make people wait, you are a fucking asshole. I assume you are from California, the only retards I've met that do stuff like this and expect people not to react

> I'm too busy with school and life to be on time
> regularly making Other people with busy lives wait for more than a minute
You are selfish. Change. Get a watch. Develop an internal clock. You were spoiled by your family or something

You're not wrong, but these guys know I'm late sometimes just due to life throwing curve balls, and they're usually very understanding. It's this one time I know I did fuck up and they tore me a new one. Besides, when I say sometimes, I do mean sometimes. I'm not late consistently, but trying to balanced college work, real life, and D&D all at once can be a bit daunting to me.

The only thing I took from this is that you’re a huge faggot.

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Do you let them know ahead of time?

Ive been on your friends side, and having someone who shows up late without communication frequently is extremly frustrating. Youre literally just leaving them in the dark and wasting their time.

If you do communicate to them and theyre still mad, talk with them about changing times.

This sounds like it boils down to poor communication on your part, hard to tell with limited knowledge.

Is total war fun? Which entry?

Yes, I let them know I'll be late or if I can't make it. I almost never leave them in the dark about these things.
This was the first time I had been late while knowing there was a session simply because I lost track of time.

Warhammer 2, I was besieging Castle Drakenhof with full gates and a full stack with only a one stack of Dwarfs. It was SFO too, so the vamps were kings in melee. My bullshit is still inexcusable.

You sound like that one friend I have in our group. He's good at games we play so we tolerate it but he's always late and we have to plan for him to never be on time.
Fortunately we play fightans so it's not that big a deal but sounds like your friends finally had enough of your shitty management and exploded.

Time to reprioritize your life op.

I'm trying man, I really am. I've been seeing a therapist and everything since I find it hard to find meaning in much of anything. Organizing myself has been a priority for me for a while, but I'm not very good at it and often need to seek help from others, which makes me feel embarrassed and stupid.

Just tell your buds it’s ok to NPC your character until you arrive. Motivates you with consequences and they have recourse if you are late

I've told them they could do that on multiple occasions, but they don't really seem to want to do that. Also, that night two other people couldn't make it (and they didn't say anything about not attending) so with there only being so few people, they couldn't really do anything even if they did NPC me. No man, I should have been there.

I'm gonna be honest with you if you're usually the butt of the jokes they don't really consider you friends. Maybe try to find a new group that appreciates you I know it can be hard but it seems like these people don't respect you. You're gonna be a better version of yourself with people who actually like you. I'm just extrapolating from what information you've given me though.

I do believe they're my friends, and they did actually like a few of my characters, but one of my longest running ones, one I played for almost a year, was a character who would frequently get bullied or forced into situations by the other party members they didn't want to do. At the time, I thought it was kinda funny and almost meme-worthy, but as time went on, I slowly began to realize they just liked to shit on the character. I wondered why, and I think it was because the character wasn't absolutely autistic like the other party members and did their best to be reasonable when everyone else was basically a bunch of psychopathic murderers and world dominators. (In essence, I was a somewhat good character in an unofficially evil campaign). It was only afterwards when I played absolutely evil and morally decrepit characters were they shown respect, but when I play evil characters, I kinda feel like garbage because I'm the motherfucker who feels bad after accidentally hitting an NPC in a game and accidentally kill them.

>knowingly created a character that is clearly the odd man out right from the start and doesn't fit well with the established play style of the group
>gets bothered about it

>friends know you're around
>they can fucking SEE YOU playing video games
>they give you a heads-up, to not completely cocoon-sperg and actually show up at the appropriate time
>"Yeah, yeah, yeah," you wave them away
>you show up even later than when you allegedly have an excuse
You're an asshole. My advice is to either go full loner and cut ties, or start paying fucking attention to the time and being considerate of others. I recommend the latter, of course, but we should both be realistic here and acknowledge you're probably going to sink into the former, anyways.