Get it off your chest...

or just post here about how great women are.

Your mom pushed you through her vag, show some appreciation.

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You need to stop your childish ways if you want to be a man.

I hate women.
It's almost mind-boggling how they can be the fattest, ugliest, most worthless pieces of shits on the planet and can still find a partner.
Meanwhile in the man's world, you have men who are fit beyond what's necessary, these are the men who have practiced self-discipline for years and they can still be virgins.

>they can be the fattest, ugliest....
>most worthless pieces of shits

Being fat or ugly doesn't make someone worthless, there are many people that have been fat and or ugly and have changed the world in positive ways. You on the other hand, are worthless because you're unoriginal, evil and boring. That's why you can't get a gf and that's why you will never be worth anything to anyone.

>t. fat ugly female

What childish ways?

Please be specific


You don't know me but I do know you're full of hate and despise the truth.

I like you

It's so frustrating that the biggest problem with my life seems to be that I can't seem to start anything new. Couple of years ago, my parents put me in academic counselling after being forced to withdraw from uni, wanted to figure out where things could have gone wrong. I tested in the 95th %ile and above across the board except for Initiative, which I scored below a 50. It blows my mind that one thing can cause such a huge obstacle and it sucks because I don't know how to work around it

To that dude who said he's going full on Rock Lee mode not to long ago




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I have no idea how to motivate myself. I just graduated college and am now working part time as a server at a restaurant. The pay is actually very decent, because it's in a good neighborhood and people tip a lot, but there's really no room for advancement. I don't know what the fuck to do these days. I feel like my degrees are worthless and I wish I tried harder in college. I want to pursue a post undergrad education, but I have no drive to study for the LSAT/GMAT, and I know my study habits are not where they need to be to do well.

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Emma Watson is a no talent hack.

Says the person who has never done anything of value with their life.

But wait...they are a....Jow Forums troll! ;)

My female pedophile neighbor picked up on my mother's hatred of men and the lack of attention, love, and affection she gave me and used it to groom me. When I go out into the world now, I notice women expect to get sex or whatever from me in exchange for just talking to me and being nice. People in general will look down on you and talk about you behind your back if you're not constantly trying to jump at these "opportunities." Should I ever voice any desire to be shown the good side of women, people will jump in making gross assumptions about me and tell me to go out and interact with women, despite the fact in many of my interaction with women, especially young women, they come off as pushy, selfish, or exploitative. The funny part is a lot of the self improvement advice actually backfires. I always had a decent face and liked to work out, which got me attention. However, most of the time, the attention I get it just more of what I've described. Making the first move only marginally improves things.

I would like to have a different experience, but it sure seems like I'm not allowed to. It'd be nice if I could just be who I am without people interfering trying to push me into their idea of who they think I should be or attempting to use my positive qualities for their own ends. I'd like to have positive relationships with women. Being able to feel desired without associating it with grooming or rape would be nice too. But I guess I'm stuck here forever.

One more day. One more day and the suffering is ogre.

I ruined my relationship with my best friend because I told her I have feelings for her at the exact wrong moment. Now she won't talk to me and I feel miserable

What's worse, I feel like because of me she's never going to be able to trust guys again. I get that must be upsetting for her and I hate that I was a part of it. I think she thinks all of our hangouts and latenights were just me scheming to get with her, even though the reality of it is that I just enjoy spending time with her. She probably thinks the one reason anybody hangs out with her is because they want something. Shes such an amazing person to be around though I don't want her to be upset by this

I just want to be able to talk to her again guys. I miss her so much

All these people crying about girls and their love life... while I'm here worrying about people getting mass arrested just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm paranoid, exhausted and I can't keep telling my colleagues to hide because they want to keep going where the action happens.
I wished things were normal again. I want to worry about the same things too. Fuck China.

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I wish love was like the movies.

What's the real reason behind the protests?

The official story doesn't seem to add up

i think my favorite part of it was when this guy putted the gaz grenade back to it's liquid state and there was a meme about how honk kong protestors vs american protestors who couldn't even lit on fire an american flag.

actually mad i couldn't find it back.

My cousin caught my masturbating to teenage robot porn and I’m permanently embarrassed

would you like some XJ9 pron?

or do you prefer the anime mecha ones?

Hong Kong government is a puppet of China government with no real power.
A lot of people living here have relatives from mainland, who give firsthand accounts of how bad their judicial system is. Not to mention their government makes anyone "disappear" if they make comments against them.
It's omly natural people would start to protest even more against the government when a law about extraditing people to China was going to be made possible. We have less than 3 decades left and China is trying to be an asshole by taking them away.
People would rather burn the city than go through what their relatives did.

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Goddammit I hate feeling like I'm in love with you, I keep dreaming about waking up next to you and holding you close to me, feeling your warmth and that the world is not falling apart all around me, I hate knowing that you don't feel the same way towards me and not being able to kill these feelings is driving me insane. Why do you have to be so wonderful, fuck you, fuck you for reigniting what was meant to be dead.

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>We have less than 3 decades left
I forgot to mention how the 1 country 2 systems isn't supposed to dissolve until 2047, but here we are in Hell timeline.

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you should see the video where a protester just STEPS onto a teargas canister like it as a soccer ball
the absolute mad lad

I guess I will just post here...
So I am 8+ months pregnant and wondering if stretch marks are only noticable after you give birth?? I don't have any at all and am wondering if I got lucky or if they appear after the babby is out.

So now that some zoomer mod have banned me from posting threads on Jow Forums because I don't know why. I assume cos one repetitive thread for olds is just too much compared dozens of repetitive zoomer and bait threads.

if you're talking about why there's still protests after the official proposal to withdraw the extradition bill, its because the protesters have 5 demands
>withdraw bill
>set up independent inquiry to investigate police brutality
>release arrested
>retract riot characterization of june 12 (2-million people's peace march)
>universal suffrage
there's also the fact that PLA have infiltrated HK police and possibly set up quotas for arrested people like its a sales target for the china government

You know who you are,
You think this is an easy habit to kick? I would love to be working 40 hour weeks but I don't have that kind luxury right now. I know I lack self control and at times empathy. I'm trying the best I can.

If you want to speak to me elsewhere, wait.

At least it's interesting for you... You have a great opportunity to go out and socialize, and convince some girl to fuck you before you get arrested or something. I have nothing...

You would see them immediately. Use Palmers's cocoa butter just in case.
Congrats you lucked out :)

>great opportunity to go out and socialize
>misses the part about mass arrests around HK and PLA disguising themselves as local police
u wot m8

I love you and you know that, you're totally my type, but you seems to be fine with this fake online relationships and I am not. Please give me your heart and make it real or fuck off.

You can get lucky and have none but its rare, some appear after you balloon up and then shrink back down. But I wouldnt worry too much about it, stretch marks aren't normally that bad.

doublenigger, he's just meming
leave him be

I wish you weren't bipolar, and I can't believe you hit me. It's really fucked up how I still really care about you, and I hate that I have to walk away from this, because I know it will only get worse, especially if you don't get help.

m-masaka... BAKANA, KONO POWAH!


I stayed alive this long because I thought she needed me or at least appreciated what I did for her. As it turns out she's as sick of me and I am. I no longer have any reason not to kill myself. I have no reason to go to work tonight or school tomorrow. It's all over.

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Your fucking pride complex is slowly making everyone in your life distance themselves from you. You are going to die alone at the pace you are going.


>Your mom pushed you through her vag, show some appreciation.
I hope you are being sarcastic. The fact that she pushed me out of her vag is the reason I consider my mom to be the only exception and the only one woman I would feel okay beating the living shit out of her with my fists.

You make it sound like you're worth it.

I've been there user, and if she didn't appreciate you then she never deserved your effort to begin with, THERE ARE BETTER PEOPLE OUT THERE, do not give up you fucking faggot

Oh your life is sooooo hard, you can't get a gf because you're ugly.....waaaaaah.

In the meantime, blind kids with no functional legs or arms are begging on the street. Fuck off you entitled fuckhead. I hope you die.

What the fuck are you talking about? I don't want a girlfriend.
>In the meantime, blind kids with no functional legs or arms are begging on the street.
Like you give a shit about them. Also stop complaining about my post you whining faggot. Get off the computer/phone and go help those blind kids you selfish piece of shit. You aren't helping anyone, you are a waste of oxygen. I help more people than you do.

You both sound insufferable

Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. I think we can all stop the name calling and find some common ground. We all agree that these poor kids don't belong on the streets, right? I think we would all support a program to get all these needy blind kids deported to Mexico where they can be gross without making us look at their icky gimp legs. Do we all feel better now?

Says the faglord that complains about a literal "vent" thread.

Actually I do volunteer....all the time.

What's so wrong with your life that you hate your mom for bringing into the world? I bet you take from life because if you gave, and weren't so hateful, you wouldn't hate your life.

I help more people than you do so no, I don't "take" from life. Kill yourself retard.


I didn't complain about the general, I called you an edgelord and I'll add that you're also sperg, which is correct

First school day tomorrow. So nervous i cant get to sleep :(

>no newline between replies

>two newlines between sentences

Perfect polar opposites.

Kill yourself

What do you mean don't give up? Give up on what? I have nothing to give up on. I pay rent so she can sleep here I buy food so she can eat I've been going to school so I can get her out of this fucking ghetto we've been living in. She doesn't want that though. It's not giving up on my part, it all just ended on its own.

Now now user don't project that hatred, I'm not your mother, don't worry though i'll give her a good fuck and become your new daddy.

You need to be at least 18 to use this website.

>didn't recognize cock mongler in first reply
Kek, k newfag.

Kill yourself retard

I think you're the one who needs to come back once you hit 18, little edgelord zoomer.

Kill yourself

bureaucrats will likely lengthen the approval process

Is that all you can say? Don't tell me you're actually underaged, either way you're starting to bore me.
I'll pick your mother at 8, you better be on your best behavior or i'll ground you young man.

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Speaking as a different edgelord, we tend to be 22-28. It's hard to be that pessimistic without some experience and it's hard to live much longer without finding something in this world to care about and take the edge off.

Kill yourself



Never been to a higher transit blog site? You see edge in all ages, the difference is that if you're older you start to get black pilled for real, that user just sounds like a teenage "I HATE U MOM, WHY DIDN'T U LET ME STAY OUT AFTER CURFEW ALL MY FRIENDS WENT TO A PARTY" and I like to laugh at that autism, if you're old and pessimistic that's fine hey vent away, it's another thing to go "i must go all out, just this once..."

Says the autistic edgelord. Seriously do us all a favor and kill yourself, you are a waste of oxygen.

Lost KV status last night at 23yo with a girl on our second date and she agreed to be my gf. Im so happy to find someone like her lads i think im going to make it

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You can't be close to someone without certain boundaries being upheld. If there's too much togetherness, or identification with other people, you no longer have anything to give to the relationship or take from it because all you are is a relationship, which you're completely controlled by. It makes you feel inhuman.

See? It screams of teenage angst faggotry and I can't get enough of it! please keep going, cause u mad as fuck boi, you're gay as FUCK BOI

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Kill yourself faggot

U mad as fuck, I wasn't even talking to you lol, zoom zoom zoom

Well if you like them you'll probably be oblivious to the fact that you're controlled until they do something crazy

kill yourself

Not even your mother knows y u so mad, fag

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Kill yourself retard

say something else, you're boring as fuck boi

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Women aren't that great, we think they are because our bodies want us to fuck. I love my mom, but she's the only woman I really have respect for

kill yourself

That's what boundaries are for

Hate my life. Everytime I feel like I'm getting somewhere with a girl, I go back to square one.

You have to tell me IRL yourself. come here, to a sexist site, to talk shit about women all day. Oh yeah, you're totally free! ;)

Idk man I wonder how people would treat them if they know they had a dick between their legs instead of a bagina

>I help more people than you

I highly doubt that since I volunteer full-time. I'm not going to kill myself because some entitled loser form Jow Forums told me to.

Yeah check your privilege, you white men have been enslaving everyone for centuries. Karma is a bitch, I revel in seeing you angry white privileged men cry all day about how tough you got it.

Kill yourself.

This actually, it's not that women are bad it's that they're just completely average and dick tells men that they're the best shit since sliced bread, when most chicks just so fucking boring.

I can tell you actually.

When I game and I use a male name and male character I am treated way better and with way more respect. You guys have it way better. You're just whining now because a fraction of your power is being taken from you. No, you can't own women or black men anymore. You got it soooo hard.

So original. All that comment shows me is I hurt your wee wittle feelings with the truth.

Well you're probably treated with respect because there's no other way to treat you. If they called you a hack it's still a form of respect
Because there isn't lust behind their behavior and they know you're not bangable they won't try to get a reaction out of you to spark a conversation which could eventually lead to the act of reproduction

>Yeah check your privilege, you white men have been enslaving everyone for centuries. Karma is a bitch, I revel in seeing you angry white privileged men cry all day about how tough you got it.
I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you actually are that type of fag? That's just fucking silly user c'mon.

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bitchin bitchin bitchin all daaaaaaayyyyy
bitchin bitchin bitchin thats the waaayy
gonna talk down some racists and sexists
gonna tell them, hey, you just got rekt sis
fuck all these keks ill make a new nexus
of libs like me who love to suck big dicks
oooh oh oooh oh oh

Thank you for the memories.
I still miss and love you, but I am doing okay. I strive to be better than when we dated and before we dated.

I'll be better for myself. Maybe we can be friends when we're older if you want. You know my number - it won't change.


I will always love you. I'm sorry that I messed up by falling too hard. We have our whole lives.

Kill yourself