What is the point of pursuing women if college is just going to turn them into toxic man-hating feminists?

What is the point of pursuing women if college is just going to turn them into toxic man-hating feminists?

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You only see them as such because you hate women.

Come on, we both know third-wave feminism isn't about equality.

Everyone these days is a pathetic waste of time. Both men and women.

Everyone can go to hell. Go solo.

I don't know, I got a college education and I'm a pretty decent wife. So do many of my friends, really most of them.
Even my feminist friends aren't particularly man hating.


This. I also have some feminist friends who aren’t batshit crazy like OP makes them out to be.

This, too.
One of my closest friend is a feminist. She's a very kind woman, and honestly much nicer to her boyfriend than anyone I've ever seen.
She constantly tells me that she's lucky to have a man like him and never, not even once, critiqued him.

C'mon...like everyone is the same. Honestly, I don't give a shit that you have a deep subconscious hatred towards 1/2 of the population. You're screwing up your own life and I hope you have a meltdown because of it.

if you seriously think all women are this fantasy meme you got from this website you'll never survive.

women and men aren't equal, third wave feminism was about individuality and women working to build other women up and help other women pursue careers of their own and female entrepreneurship.

4th wave feminism is what we are in now and where you get this bullshit "men and women are 100% equal in every way" which leads to women losing rights. and why we have so much of a rift with women on a lot of topics.

Yeah you're right, fuck feminism and fuck women, you should be like this guy instead.

Look at how cool and totally normal he is. He is based and red pilled. He probably has a dozen females asking to suck his penis and he's like SORRY FEMALES, THIS MAN IS GOING.... HIS OWN WAY! and then all the females cry and have their periods & everyone stands up and applauds him. You'll be cool like him one day.

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Because in reality nobody gives a shit about feminism and everyone is horny

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Thankfully natural selection takes care of such deviant behavior so it will never spread too much.

Have you even been to college? More often it turns women into dick loving sluts.

What rights are women losing exactly?

I think you should work on getting off the internet, user.

not him but didn't america or some of its more retarded states make abortions illegal again?

Women have equal rights legally in the west but they aren't treated equally socially. That's what these retarded men don't understand.

No. He has been to the internet. He get all his knowledge from echo chambers and cherry picking.

If only, all these incel/MGTOW retards come from normal parents. It's learned behavior from having spent too much time online, so it's not something that would be transmitted via genes.

This. Not sure how many of you remember this but I was an adult before the internet and social media really picked up with the mainstream.

No one was like this at all.

Women have more rights in america, you daft cunt.

Arent treated the same socially? Fuck, most engineering firms priortize hiring women and minorities nowadays.

Suck a dick and stop trying to hide the fact feminism is just pushing for further female advantage.

That has nothing to do with the feminist stances on "we're all the same".

Not that user, but right now, thankfully, not much.
But women and men have different needs and by pretending we're the same, and by forcing equality you end up making things worse for women.

For example by forcing businesses to hire women you make people feel like women are less qualified and only hired because corporations are forced to, which makes people respect women less ironically.
By forcing the whole #metoo thing over the top, you made man SCARED of being alone with women. Which punishes mentorship, group work, etc.

Where in the constitution does it say women have a right to murder their own fetus?

The whole premise of Roe v Wade is based around a misinterpretation of the 4th amendment. Also, many of the representatives that sign these laws are women, too. In fact about half of women are pro-life. Abortion is neither a women's issue nor a feminist issue. Next question.

Same. If I had been born like 15 years later I would have probably been one of these frogposters that complains about feminism and unironically uses the term "normie". I probably would have been an incel. Thank fuck I wasn't though, I was able to realize that it wactually was my fauly for being an emotionally immature needy ugly out of shape weirdo instead of blaming this and that. I got fit and fixed my face and improved my appearance and personality and then whoops what do you know suddenly I was hooking up with girls.

Feminazis are pretty damn rare outside of Twitter. You have nothing to worry about.

I'm related to one, so that's not true.

Genes aren’t static when they are passed down from parents though. Chromosomes will randomly shuffle genes with their counterparts during meiosis for maximizing genetical diversity. This is why siblings can look and act significantly different from each other.

You asked where women were getting less rights than before and I gave you an example

>Next question.
are you a supreme court judge or just some autistic asshole looking to argue on the internet?

What's funny is when these retards actually think people on Jow Forums are for real. Then they go on social media or TV and say something they'd say here....and ruin their future. LOL

Your sister isn't statistically relevant dude.
Maybe don't go to college, you're painfully retarded.

You said I had nothing to worry about. I do.

>By forcing the whole #metoo thing over the top, you made man SCARED of being alone with women.

Literally no one but frogposters on Jow Forums were scared of being with women, and they were already scared to begin with this was just another excuse for them to stay indoors.

were you planning to fuck your sister

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The women that deserve it are treated equally or better. The ones that have risen purely on the basis of a vagina are treated worse.

>if you have problems with this particular political movement you must be an incel frogposter


Obviously not, but I do have a real-life connection to a radical feminist that is inalienable whether I like it or not.

why else would feminist strawmen make you upset?

More rights, BS. The reason why they are given priority is because they're are so few of them - fucking duh.

"suck a dick" perfect example of what I stated. Thanks for illustrating my point so well. There are sexist idiots in every field. I once worked at a place in which men were looking at porn on the office computers, in front of women. Where they openly talked about women's bodies. I just want to go do my job without seeing some disgusting degenerate man looking at porn. This site illustrated my point every day. The boys on here are so weak that they need to tear women down constantly. They can't stand on their own merit and be a man because they are pathetic weak babies.

>What is the point of pursuing women if they all turn out to be feminazis
>my sister is a feminazi

I just think it's interesting that not only do people think abortion is OK, but they actually think women have a "right" to do it.

The right to bodily autonomy is pretty big in all developed countries. Would you like to be in charge of who is allowed piercings and tattoos as well?

>Literally no one but frogposters on Jow Forums were scared of being with women, and they were already scared to begin with this was just another excuse for them to stay indoors.
That's not true. There are actually stats about this, it is a problem.

• 27% of men avoid one-on-one meetings with female co-workers.
• 21% of men said they would be reluctant to hire women for a job that would require close interaction (such as business travel).
• 19% of men would be reluctant to hire an attractive woman.

That's not the same thing and you know it.

A new fetus has its own body, it's own DNA, it's own blood type. It is by definition a separate human and by killing it, you are not only committing an atrocity, but you are infringing on the rights of another person.

I'm not even pro-abortion, but fetuses don't fit the legal definition of "person", and they don' have rights.

Look the fuck around you. This site is primarily males and look at the fucking level of depravity. So many guys leave this site and do youtube videos about what a shithole this place is. Those guys are actually real people, unlike you.

That wasn't me. But what he said holds nonetheless. Just because your sister is a feminazi (and she will likely grow out of it, most do) doesn't mean every other woman on the planet is. You have more than 99% of all females left if you restrict your dating pool to non-feminazis, and they are pretty easy to spot.

Saw some video on youtube the other day that showed some posts from a reddit thread. It asked about guys missing signals. There was a common theme.

>girl is obviously horny
>girl takes clothes off
>guy decides it's not worth risking it, proceeds to ignore it
>post gets >10k upvotes
Every. Last. Post.

The Reddit normies have the problem too.

>I'm not even pro-slavery, but negroes don't fit the legal definition of "person", and they don't have rights.

Maybe the law needs to change.

Fetuses meet the scientific definition of both "alive" and "human." A fetus is a person and you don't have the "right" to kill it.

>reddit normies

someone post pictures of reddit meet-ups. There's no such thing as reddit normies. They're only slightly less autistic than people on Jow Forums. Actually probably even more autistic, just less hateful.

[citation needed]

There is no logical reason to be anti-abortion
>Killing is BAD They are BABIES
appeal to emotions.

Indeed. One degenerate office indubitably proves the need to coddle half the population from disrupting influences at work. Your workplace sucked, but that is the extent of your concerns.

And you seem to be of the mind that you have a right to rule over their bodies.

No, it doesn't make sense. They're not people. They're not conscious, they have never been conscious. They've never felt an emotion, had a thought, felt pain.
They are human cells, they're alive, but they're ultimately just lumps of cells without any higher function.


>More rights, BS

>reproduction rights
>lighter sentences for same crime
>its ok to discriminate against men when hiring
>family courts

Could go on, but do tell about those magic rights men have that women dont.

Btw, the suck a dick comment wasnt because you are a women. Youre an user, that was a general insult. Not everything is about you having a vagina you overly sensetive faggot.

That is why there are some pretty clear laws on when a fetus becomes a person, at which point abortion is no longer legal.

>blacks commit more crime
>racism is logical
>cant discriminate because fee fees

Emotions have place in law you retard

That was quite the tirade, well done. But it didn't really apply to anything at all

Lumps of cells that if simply left alone for 9 months will become a fully formed human being that will experience all that and more. What right do you have to take that potential away?

Since fetuses have no rights, the rights to determine whatever happens inside my body prevails over their non existent rights till they start having them.
There's no right to fulfilling your potential.
You have the potential to reproduce, does it mean you should have the right to rape women?

>circumciscion (you can't even spell it)

You can't blame women for this one, you'll have to blame your father. It's usually done because the father is cut and the parents don't want the kid to have mental trauma from looking so different from the dad.

>reproduction rights
No idea wtf you are talking about. Both sexes have equal rights to fuck whoever providing their is consent.

>lighter sentences for same crime
Let's see some stats on this one from a reliable source.

>its ok to discriminate against men when hiring
No it's not, there are sometimes government financial incentives to hire aboriginals, women, disabled because there are none working in a particular field and there is a need for diversity. I'm not HR in one of those companies, are you? If anything, those groups are discriminated against because THERE ARE NONE WORKING THERE. Duh.

>family courts
I've checked out the stats extensively on this one. Barely any men fight in a court of law, it is very rare and if they do the law favors joint custody, there is absolutely no law written and standing today that favors women. In the vast majority of cases, the man is deadbeat dad that just leaves the family or the dad and mom come up with their own agreement.

An appeal to emotion is an attempt to sidestep arguments. It does not mean that emotions have no place in driving the formation of laws.

Not every clump of cells deserves to be a human. Frankly, most don't want to be. Look at all the young people who want to die these days. By aborting these fetuses, we're doing these potential people a massive failure. Abortion is a moral act.

We need better ways of predicting traits of fetuses. We should be able to tell if a fetus is likely to turn out to be a loser, and if so, kill it while it's still legal. Let couple minimax their kids for intelligence and chadliness.

Don’t pick women in certain majors, especially women’s studies. Other majors have more normal women

> favor, not failure

You take away the same potential every time you masturbate. Even worse, you do it once for every sperm lost.

fucking gay retared normieniggers and roasties can fuck off my board


No, don't be dumb.
Sperm cells aren't cells with the potential of growing into humans, unless they meet a egg cell.
Fetuses have their own DNA and will develop into humans, unless they die. And that happens a lot more than people realise. During the first two weeks your chance of miscarriage is 75%.

>Since fetuses have no rights
Yet. Like I said, the law isn't perfect.
>the rights to determine whatever happens inside my body
Like the creation of a unique and completely separate human life? I'm sure you'll argue it's the same thing as taking a rolaid for your indigestion next.
>You have the potential to reproduce, does it mean you should have the right to rape women?
Another false equivalency. You have no real argument.

Sperm have their own DNA, user...

I do like how you create such an easy separation exculpating yourself though. It must be very handy when you place blame so widely.

>collecting data from 152 men and 303 women in all

>Not every clump of cells deserves to be a human. Frankly, most don't want to be. Look at all the young people who want to die these days.
Oh, so you think you have the moral authority to make that decision for them?
>Abortion is a moral act.
Don't make me laugh.
>We need better ways of predicting traits of fetuses. We should be able to tell if a fetus is likely to turn out to be a loser, and if so, kill it while it's still legal.
Eugenics? Same strategy Hitler was wanting to use to advance the human race.
A sperm is not a human life. It's half a DNA strand. Do you kill 3 chickens every time you make an omelet? No. There were never any chickens in the first place.

>You have no real argument.
Your argument is "I don't like the law and it should be changed to suit my personal opinion"

If the life is completely separate, why not just take it out of the woman? Surely a completely separate life form would do fine on its own.

>I spend my free time arguing against abortions on the internet, surely it is the feminists' fault why I can't get a girlfriend

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You haven't argued why fetuses should have rights beside the fact that they have potential to become people.
There's no reason why someone should have the right to fulfilling their potential.

Why should a lump of cell have rights?

Yikes, user, you just keep stepping in it. There is no half DNA strand. Are you perhaps thinking of chromatids?

Given your answers so far, I'm starting to think you aren't that well educated in the details of what you claim. It's almost as if you just set an arbitrary line so you can consider yourself innocent.

Laws change. Remember when it was ok to force people to work for you for free under threat of force? The law changed to protect them.
After 6 months it most likely will. By that logic, if it's the same body, why would you need a placenta to separate the fetus' blood from the mother's? It's all part of the same body, right?
Because if you simply leave it alone it will become a person deserving of human rights. Why not kill someone who's in a coma if they'll almost certainly wake up in 6 months? They don't have a right to fulfill their potential of waking up.

>There is no half DNA strand.
Excuse me, I wasn't being perfectly literal. It is half the potential of human life. A sperm left to its own devices will not grow into a person.

>You can't blame women

The fuck is this us vs them bs victim complex youve got?

Im only talking about rights disparities. Youd do better to convince people if you dont presume peoples intents and opinions based on a couple points.

Seems like youve got some baggage to deal with.

Again, no one has the right to fulfill a potential. That's idiotic.

A person in a coma retains the rights they were given by being people, once they developed consciousness, and lose some others.
Also them being alive also doesn't really harm anyone's rights.

There is no reason for a fetus to have rights.

You pick that out of all the things I wrote (and proved you wrong about)? Looks like you're the one with baggage.

If you got cut, take it up with your parents, not with me. Go petition the government for your baby dick rights. Parents can parent how they want and they do. Some parents spank, some don't. Some give organic food, some give chemical toxins to their kids. It's not our fault that your parents are stupid but it's called parenting.

Still waiting for your sources...

Also them being alive also doesn't really harm anyone's rights
How the fuck does being pregnant do harms to your rights?

>How the fuck does being pregnant do harms to your rights?
Being forced to stay pregnant if I don't want you harms the right to self-determination of human beings over their bodies.

>It is half the potential of human life
Oh user...

So now it is half the potential for human life? But you just said
>Sperm cells aren't cells with the potential of growing into humans, unless they meet a egg cell.

So do sperm cells have potential for human life, and thus wasting them is akin to abortion, or do they not have potential for human life, and jacking off is fine?

You really aren't being consistent here.

If you had a perception of feminism that wasnt from crazy youtube compilations, I'm sure you wouldnt give a shit.

Yeah, cause you clearly are sidestepping an issue for whatever reason.

I gave you an undeniable right women have over men and ypur response is
>why are you blaming women
>go deal with it if you care so much

The other points dont matter when you clearly are trying to avoid acknowledging that men are worse of than women in some ways.

That wasn't me. You're debating two different people here.

So it's a matter of convenience? 9 months of discomfort means more to you than potentially 90+ years of experiencing life? I hope no one breeds with you honestly.

There's that word again

>I gave you an undeniable right women have over men and ypur response is

You are so stupid and don't seem to know there is female circumcision too. Girls are sewn shut and often get infections and die.

In america? Thats a socially acceptable practice?

Well that makes things much more difficult, but I'm glad that you are sane.

Then the question I beg is: if sperm is not a human life, is an egg a human life? If not, at which point does the combination of sperm and egg become a human life? at the zygote stage? The embryo stage? The fetus stage? If the last, when does the fetus count as a human being?

user, 'potentially' doesn't mean anything here. You potentially kill thousands of babies every day by driving a car. If you wish to count 'potentially', we should all be executed for 'potentially' murdering everyone around us.

Eugenics was popular in the US too.

Don't put the government in charge of it. Give people a tool, let them decide what to do.

Now we are switching to socially acceptable?

Yes, it happens a lot in North America. Look it up.