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Thread is dedicated to R for being prettiest anony on this board :3

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Good night, honey anony! Hope you’re having a nice day

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Get your ass off the bed and start working, I love you but you need to move on, stop letting your depression control you, I been waiting for you for too long, trying to help you but you need to help yourself, you say I could be with someone better, so do you want me to break up with you? Is that what you want? I don't understand

We already have one up, please check the catalog and use the search feature before creating threads as to not flood the board with the same threads. Thank you have a nice day.

Emma Watson one? Ugh

Larpers ruined this board, at least I only visit once a month now

Honestly its so bad in the other thread with cringey bait I don't blame any anons abandoning it to vent here instead


The other one is incredibly gay, the OP was bait and its only purpose is to start a flamewar. Its just really, really bad. Let that one be a containment zone and this one an actual gioyc.

Taking refuge here. The other one is not good for CHA LA HEAD CHA LA posting its too cursed. Now then.


i ate way too much candy corn today. i feel like i'm going to puke.

Fuck you for starting another one.

I didn't start this one.

I know my relationship with her is over. She still loves me, but I'm an insecure, neurotic piece of shit. I can't change. Every day I'm just watching her drift farther and farther away. It's weird. What I hate most is that it's a slow burn. I want her to hate me and end it immediately so I can breathe easy.

I love her so much but I hate myself much more.

I just lied to a psychiatrist who asked me if I had any depressive tendencies in order to get certified for drivers license. Feels a bit awkward.

You CAN change. We don't tell ourselves negative things like this, we can get up and do better and try again.

Same but genders switched.
I feel him pulling away every day and it's difficult because I'm in a horrific situation, and it reminds me of what happened with my ex. And he's still got a mad crush on someone who's got more of a life than I do, she's a cute redhead who's fatter than me but makes significantly more money in the music industry just being a fucking merch girl. FFS. She's got a pretty busted face though. I have that on her. And with my genes I'll look five to ten years younger as long as I live. Just gotta get this paperwork together and forget about him somehow. Stop text-arguing me you flaky dolt. I know where your heart is. I'm angry-hurt. Let me go.

Your in the room next to mine and it's killing me not being able to hold you, but I know I can't do anything. I know that we're done. I know that when I move out by the end of the month, I'll just be 2 years in the notebook of your life. You supported me so much, you did so much for me, but you're not getting any better. I'm so sad about it. Maybe one day we can be friends... or something. Make sure the next guy takes care of your auto immune disorder better than I did, seeing you in pain and not being able to anything killed me... and it still kills me. I know you have to go out and be in this world by yourself. Just please be okay, please take care of yourself and get the help you need, I wanna see you win, no matter what. Please win. Beat your demons, for yourself. I'll be okay, I always will be okay, no matter what, I told you that any time you got worried about me, and I'm not doing too bad right now. I'll be okay, you'll be okay, I hope you don't hate me. God I'm gonna miss you....


Trump likes golden showers.

I left my girlfriend in April because she tried to manipulate me by telling me if I didn't do as she said she would kill herself. Can't blame her too much because I was crushing on a girl at work and she pretty much knew. Doesn't help that we were already having troubles, so this crush mixed in is what broke the camel's back. She told me to rush home and not talk to the girl I was crushing with, but the only reason I was going to talk to her was because my gf spam messaged her all of her insecurities, demanded to know how she felt about me, and told her of my crush on her. I still wanted to smooth things over because I worked with her, it would suck to see her every day after that kind of stuff.

I ended up breaking up with my gf because I realized I couldn't live with the constant "I'm going to kill myself" threat every time things got tough. It was driving me crazy.

I say that but I've been taking to her again and acting like we're going to try again, but all it is, is that I'm trying to stop crushing on that same girl from work because I feel like an inconvenience to her for me having those feelings. I go hang out with my ex and try to get those feelings back but I just feel so empty

I'm done with the crap. I'm done being used for your own selfish purposes. You can all die as far as I care.

I fucking hate Trump so much.

I haven't stopped crying since last night.
"You abused me too, just like her."
I feel like literal trash...

I guess it's good that you weened yourself off social media.
I just wish I knew what you were up to now. I haven't seen you in months, and I really miss you. At this rate, I might not see you until your sister's birthday

The only way I can get off now is by imagining that I have a clone of me as a partner. No one else can do the same job.

>tfw you can get any man or woman off
Blessing or curse?

I'm at that period in life where I question how everything went to shit so fast. We where on a normal and nice 5 years relationship. Thought we would marry, thought we would be happy. Now they are together on another country and She's the love of his life. Meanwhile I am trapped at the same job, going nowhere with my real passions, 26 close to 27 in 5 months. If it serves as consolation right after I found out he had a new girl I was told about how he kept cheating on me and all the signals became huge "of course, that's why"
I just want to leave my goddamn awful job, I hate customers so much. Fucking birthday cards. I hate graphic design so much.

I forgot how sex feels like
I forgot how kissing feels like
I forgot how the beating of someone elses heart sounds like

I just want myself, it's a blessing.

I feel good, absolutely no longing or yearning for anyone else. Life is simply perfect.

Today is the best date I'm ever going to get to make my exit. 09-09-2019

This needs to be be the day. It's perfectly aligned. I have to stick to it.

Keep it up user!

I think about committing suicide if I don't pass my exams this semester.

I'm going to love and understand her. I am going to work hard. I hope that's enough to be a man.

It already happened. I don't need anyone. Nothing to keep up ever.

That user doesn't give a fuck where or how many GIOYC there are here. They never do and no punishment ever comes anyway.

Justice + chariot + lovers were my cards
for love, mood + work. How perfect, how true. My life is shifting.

No one on here is a man or ever will be.

naw man. not true at all

I will spend all my time meditating on justice being served. For all those that think it won't be. At least she passed the test, in the nick of time.

What the hell are you on about? What test is there?

He gave him the O, in Enoch. Let that sink in for a while.


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The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God ('God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere' (Hermes Trismegistus)). As the sun, it is masculine power; as the soul and as encircling waters, it is the feminine maternal principle. "It implies an idea of movement, and symbolizes the cycle of time, the per petual motion of everything that moves, the planets' journey around the sun (the circle of the zodiac), the great rhythm of the universe. The circle is also zero in our system of numbering, and symbolizes potential, or the embryo. It has a magical value as a protective agent, ... and indicates the end of the process of individuation, of striving towards a psychic wholeness and self-realization" (Julien, 71).

I'm going home and I'm never coming back to this mess.

*slow heavy metal music plays*

I can see that bro. My Psychosis led me to this point in my life which has seemed to make a dent in reality too.

It's almost come to a sense of completion and has been a journey worth having and a sense of purpose that seems to have affected the world for the better,

You really don't understand much yet and I'm tired of trying to explain it.

I am too afraid to poop at my boyfriend's place and whenever I stay over for the weekend I end up having horrible stomach pain.

please do. I'm fucking trying here

Just shit in the toilet! Is it that hard!

I found an old picture of us, on a day that I wasn’t feeling so great and you were falling out of love with me. We were both smiling though. I miss you so much, which I’ll never admit out loud. I hope you’re happy out there, living, I hope you’re in love. You made me a better person and still I wish I could’ve been enough. I’m always going to have love for you, I might still be in love with you. Really, I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep myself from spiraling. You deserved stability and I was getting so sick.

Enjoy your shitty life or just take a shit

You're going to end up farting. Just take a shit, are you stupid? Spray some room spray in the toilet...shit, flush quickly, wipe and flush.

I'm okay with wasting 12 years of my life on someone so deceptive, but I won't waste another minute now.

I’m always punished for things that aren’t my fault. It’s not my fault I was abused. It’s not my fault I have delusions or paranoia. I’m trying to get better. I’m scared I’m losing my best friend because of my mental illness.

I need to get a job, but I don't see the point of any of it and I think the few interviewers I talked to could see that.
And my ideas didn't work out. I was delusional enough to believe that a company would take someone with no status, no experience and no connections seriously, and actually fund my ideas.
And I'll never be the attractive man that all girls want. I'll never have a lot of bitches lusting after my cock, I'll never have regular gfs I could cheat on. Literally nothing to look forward to except for being a wagecuck to a society that hates me. Fuck everything.

I refuse to care anymore, I refuse to put myself through this. You're on your own.

>Larpers ruined this board,
Some fucking zoomer mod has banned me from making threads on this board. I don't know if they done it cos they think it will help me or just because they'd rather have zoomer bait threads where they don't even ask for advice. It's like some years back when general threads were banned on Jow Forums and a whole bunch of mini-communities got wiped.

I don't know where to go now now that general old user threads are banned.

today was a wreck (and that was my fault, don't comfort me user, I failed it) but at least I bought cutesy floof denim jacket.

>denim jackets
Only hookers and drug dealers wear those these days
Or models that can pull it off

Cheating on wife with another married woman, we were at a party a few days ago of a mutual friends bday, and i saw her kiss ANOTHER guy.

Now my feelings are hurt.
Yes im fully aware of the retardation of this whole Situation

I took a sick day today. I probably could've gone in, but is it really worth my physical health on top of my sanity?

but it's floooooofy, user
also those used to be trendy

One of my bullies from midschool has been murdered. From my circle of friends, some of them actually liked the guy but because they were also bullies (not to me). They said that it is bad that he was murdered and I said that I feel bad that he died even though he died. To be honest, I am glad he is fucking dead and I hope he rots on hell or whatever place he went.

You don't have to cry or feel bad that someone who tormented you is gone, but it's probably not good for your mental wellbeing to maintain such resentment for the dead.

At times I feel like a fucking sociopath and sometimes I just want to ask my doctor if that's what I am. I don't know anymore if the emptiness and struggle with social interactions and difficulties relating to others stems from years of bullying and emotional abuse, or if that's just how I always was. Every doctor I ever went to for diagnosis asked me about the holy trinity for psychopaths, and I feel they do because of my anti-social behaviour.

All I want is clarity about all this. It feels like nothing I was diagnosed with seems to really fit to what's wrong with me. It sucks to feel nothing.

>inb4 no "sociopath" would admit to being a sociopath
>literally every article says this
I just want an explanation as to what's wrong with me. I hate to get the impression that I not belong just because I can't maintain any bond to another human being.

I’ve fucked up waaaayyy too much in my life.

You know what, maybe it's time to stop chasing her.


Is it wrong to kill myself if I think I'm a failure?

Oh yeah thanks for ruining my life here just because you're a fucking hornball. Cockblocking every single woman out these for me.Also thanks for being the biggest bitch ever so I get no sex at all!!
But hey at least you can spam an anonymous Chong Chong nip nong after I told you to fuck off and this is mine for how long now?

Fucking loser

I'm so happy you decided you wanted to fuck my life up like this oh boy do I wish I met you sooner!!

I don't know if video games no longer interest me or if most video games now are uninteresting

Wasted the entire weekend playing a fucking computer game instead of doing my homework for all my classes.
I wanna kill myself, I wish I was dead, I'm such a useless and disgusting piece of shit. I... hate myself. That's right. I admit that I hate myself.
I'm afraid of what my parents will say about me. I'm a failure.

Let's try hard today. I still gotta read 3 books this week.

I fucking love bullying her, this is what you get for being a manipulative trashbag.

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Shut UUUPPPPPPPP I don't give a SHIT about sex, just masturbate and stop crying about not being able to contain yourself, like it even matters right now

I should've never agreed to become a couple.

Just don't overdo it.

In what ways are you a failure?

I will overdo it as much i can, whores play with you so why can't you play with them? I'm gonna spread all her nudes next too.

You know what the worst fucking part is? I still want to play that shit all day! I'm not getting off this fucking toilet, and I have to shower and get ready for school. I don't really want to go to uni today, even though I know how important it is to go today specifically. I gotta finish all my homework in my spare time or else I'm fucked. But I don't wanna go. I want to stay in my room and let myself sink in my bed.

We're literally not a couple
>isolate a cunt for his entire time
>Hurr durr just jerk off

Imagine you did what she did to you, and she in turn starts bullying you mercilessly, and spreads all YOUR nudes. Would you feel that's unfair? That's she's a vindictive bitch who blew things way out of proportion and deserves criticism? That distributing private nudes is revenge porn, which is illegal?
In that case, kill yourself, you hypocritical pussy. Fuck off. It would be funny as fuck if she pressed charges against you.

Stop projecting, you sad excuse for an adult.

It's one thing to want to talk about something that isn't sex and how he wants to jack off, for once (which is my case) and another entirely to isolate someone, make them feel lonely as shit and tell them to fap to feel less lonely (which is your dad, pathetic case).

Holy shit, this board is full of projecting insufferable retards.

I don't give a shit lol, she's gonna pay the fucking price for doing what she did, you're a faggot cuck who's white knighting for a chick you don't even know, oh I WANNA SEE HER PRESS CHARGES, i have way more evicence on her than she could ever get on me, i fucking dare her, I'm gonna look forward to seeing her killing herself and there's nothing you can do about it faggot.
Shut the fuck up you don't even know what's going on to begin with, go suck the shit out of some e-girl's asshole

God bless you

I should seriously stop coming here, this board is not good for my paranoia.

The internet is not relaxing. Therefore, it's good to take breaks after using the internet. Wow, that took a long time for me to figure out. I keep thinking there's something I need to do so browsing the internet will just be enjoyable again, but times have changed, at least in my view.

I felt/did the same thing with a him. Now he’s the one to initiate which leaves me confused. Not sure if I’m being gaslighted or it’s genuine. So I can either continue to be a sucker or stop replying. And by cutting contact, I would now be the asshole.


This song was in my head
And now it's in my mind
Call it, reach it, get some words and get some timing
Though I realize
I cannot emphasize
I'll stick around but just a promise nothing binding
However can't you see
That you're so desperately
A standing joker like a vocal one-liner
Instead of sing-along
This song is monotone
I gotta get some soul I gotta get some feeling...

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whomst the fuck wants a pdf of the sheet music for Butthole Rainbow

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I want to cut up this potato face, it's disgusting and evil

Lol the schizo is strong in this one

I'm Got laid off from a job I liked (I've been trying to find another one/applied to different jobs ever since) and still live with my parents.
Also dated a few girls I really liked when I still had a job and plenty of money, couldn't get anywhere with them because they never wanted to go on a 2nd date with me (no girlfriend).
Suck at guitar, low on money, no car nor license.
All of this is exactly why I've been thinking about offing myself.

also helped to pay bills with the money I had

>tfw watching copious amounts of gore during puberty was my sexual awakening
i think i'm fucked

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They are here and they are glorious

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if you're an alien pls probe me im lonely :(

i'm so dizzy
i'm phasing in and out of reality
catch me in the quantum hiveworld

I hope you have no plans to cum when/if we ever have sex, because I have no idea how to do that.