What is wrong with my husband?

What is wrong with my husband?

He had to wait like 30 minutes at the nail salon for me then came home and threw a giant shit fit, yelled and screamed, curled up under the covers.

I am horny wanted to have sex he started cursing at me.

How is someone that insecure? There were 2 other guys in there—one also waiting on his girlfriend the other getting a pedicure with his wife. Wtf is wrong with my husband ...??

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Maybe you’re a cunt

What did I do? He shouldn’t have married me if he thinks I’m a cunt.

Ask him

If you can't do that then both of you are retarded. If you can't communicate just go ahead and hire a divorce attorney.

He is asleep. He curled up in a ball and wouldn’t respond then went to bed.

He sounds like a manchild why did you marry him? Has he always been like this?

>then came home and threw a giant shit fit, yelled and screamed, curled up under the covers
Maybe I’m not that hopeless at all if this guy managed to get married. Good god.

Don't tell me....you met him on Jow Forums.

I should ask, what the fuck is wrong with you to have married a boy like this. You had to know he was like this.

probably saw you on pornhub with tyrone

This is one side of the story.

Since you didn't tell his side, and you're too emotionally stunted to be impartial when telling the story to seek real advice, you resorted to asking what's wrong with your husband instead.

I'll concur with Maybe you are a gigantic fucking cunt.

As for what you did... and that he shouldn't have married you as you say in ... don't worry. It's not too late.

Unlike him, you'll age like milk under the sun, and even at 50 there will be fertile women willing to take his cock. Whereas in your case, by the time you're 35... you're literally worthless as a woman.

Everyone knows a woman's expiration date. A woman is only really valid from the day she starts her period (12ish?) until she turns 25.

After that, it's downhill into a septic tank.

This is beyond worthless perhaps you forgot where the incel board is. Perhaps if your dad wasn't so old you wouldn't be such an autistic fuck who hates everyone. Just cause a man finds a warm hole doesn't mean he's useful. Besides all the meds they need to take just to function means they are well beyond expired they are just too full of themselves to admit it. Good luck with whatever sad life you think you are rocking. And then post some response to me about just how amazing you are and I am really just a dumb cunt because men are the Apex of amazing from birth to death and I'm the true loser because only you are super special and amazing.

Wow, you managed to make him melt down, you must be a very likeable person...

Does he wait for you always? Do you always make him do stupid shit and hang around while you run stupid errands? This isn't the full story and this isn't the first time. My guess is you are both selfish and just concern yourselves with your own needs and don't think about how your shit effects either of you. You pissed him off, I'd be pissed off waiting for ever. Learn how to masturbate, apologize for taking forever and let him be. And both of you need to communicate. Like for real ask him what's going on and not in a super bitchy way like you are going to do tomorrow. You know act like a human who cares about the person they took vows too.

My life is great and being a man is great. You're just mad because you're just another worthless fish-hole who's totally used up and can't stand it.

Too bad for you. I don't hate everyone though. I really like women who are much, much younger and prettier than you, and don't think of themselves as God's gift to men.

You're just mad that you can't compete with prettier, younger women and their silky-smooth skin, deliciously succulent juices and youth.

You're just a fetid old bat who smells like a cheap store selling pumpkin spice generic perfume in preparation for Halloween.

If I was your husband, I'd divorce you immediately. God how sad his life must be with you around. Poor guy.

Making random women on the internet feel like shit about themselves isn't going to fix you. You need to get some therapy and work on your shit, user.

Yeah, poor old women on the internet seeking pity by blaming their husbands about everything.

I hope not every old hag behaves this poorly in their advanced years.

>implying we're getting the whole story here

Seriously, there are a million reasons other than "muh insecurity" and "muh toxic masculinity" that someone might be upset that they had to sit around and wait "like 30 minutes" while someone else did something they enjoyed, in the same way that someone might be upset if you took them to a restaurant you knew they didn't like, ate in front of them while they ordered nothing, made them pay, and then called them insecure for being upset by the situation.

Given the structure and quality of OP's post, I'm inclined to believe that she's (at least) equally at fault.

We lack critical information

Why the fuck did I laugh to this shit

i have a brother, who's 32. our mother was over recently (she lives in a different city) and while i was away, they had an altercation. i first heard from it from my mother. here's her story:
"so i went upstairs to talk to your brother and asked him if he's gonna have dinner with us, and he said he didn't feel like it, then he threw a tantrum when i made a silly joke and started talking to me about how he's no longer a kid and i can't treat him like such. can you believe this?"
i speak with my brother later:
"so she comes upstairs and asks if i want to have dinner, i tell her i don't, and she made some dumb joke about me, as she usually does, and i tell her "ok, whatever mom" and she comes over and slaps me in the back of the head telling me i can't dismiss her like that because she's my mother, and i lost my shit and told her that i'm a 32 y/o man and she can't treat me the way she did when i was 15"
the end

The following posts try to convey the EXACT SAME mesage but using different methods.

What happened in those 30 minutes?
Let's assume your husband isn't just throwing a fit for no reason, what could that reason be?
Did he feel humiliated in the salon or something?
First figure out what happened from his perspective and then decide whether he is justified.

The only insight you give is
>I am horny wanted to have sex he started cursing at me.
Which tells me you have no way to read the emotional state of your partner.

waiting to see your wife again for 30 minutes is nothing.
I have waited for her for my entire life.
If some some guy from here actually got to hold a girl he met through chatting anonymously like in the rumors I have heard, yet took her for granted, treated her poorly...
One of the worst jokes I have ever heard.

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