Wife is having an affair with her best friend’s husband...

wife is having an affair with her best friend’s husband. I hired a PI but he couldn’t get actual pictures of them in the act. he got 2 weeks on video of My wife leaving work 4/days a week at noon and going to her best friend’s house while her best friend was at work but her husband is Home. (He works at home). Most days my wife picks up lunch then goes to the grocery and gets wine then parks her car at a business near his house where he picks her up. She parks at different nearby businesses each day. He then drives them to his house. they go inside and don’t emerge until around 530pm when he brings her back to her car. (His wife/my wife’s best friend gets home from work at 630.)

They never kiss in the 2 weeks of footage we have. She knew i was onto her because i knew her car wasn’t at work and confronted her about it. She’s sly and LOVES to lie, so they’re careful.

Anyway, she said the PI report proved nothing but that she didn’t love me anymore and has been wanting a divorce for a year so was going to his house so he could help her through this difficult time and help her find a house to move into. I sent her best friend the PI report. She laughed and called my wife and was like can you believe how crazy he is? He thinks you’re sleeping with Alex. Haha haha. So they all got a good laugh from this. Sick! I was like ok then why the hell don’t they ever leave the house to look at properties for rent?

Her parents are telling me I’m crazy too. They just don’t want to believe their little darling is screwing her best friend’s husband. We have 3 daughters (14, 5, 3) and it makes me sick she’s doing this! I want to save the marriage. I was willing to go to counseling but she doesn’t want to. She says we’ve grown apart. I’ve accepted it but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay alimony! She’s still screwing him almost daily! I have to prove it though. Of course i will fully provide everything for our daughters.

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She moved into her parents Guesthouse so i don’t have access to her phone. I never knew her code to unlock it. Her phone is in a plan with her parents’ phones (has always been since i met her). My phone and our 14 year old daughters are on a separate plan, so i can’t access her phone records.

Surely there’s someway to hack to get phone records. I don’t need the actual messages. I just want to show how frequently they’re calling and texting each other. AT&T won’t give me the records though

The only reasonable thing to do now is fuck your wife’s best friend. Like the old saying goes, a vagina for a vagina.

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What the fuck did I just read


Women do not cheat, incel. Your little fiction was flawed from the start.

She’s cheating. I need to access her phone records and don’t know how. That’s why I’m here. Does anyone know a way to obtain phone records without being on the account

A sad story about my sick wife and how she’s ruining my life

While you think his wife, your wifes friend, believes her lie and his I can guarantee deep down she doesn't.

If you haven't talked to a divorce attorney already to formulate a plan you are a fool. Find one right away and take your story and proof to them. Remember, your wife knows you wanted to save the marriage and why her bluff worked but a judge may not be so gullible to believe moving her car to hide it was innocent.

There is a way to navigate through this. My ex was fucking her boss and while I didn't have them in the act I, along with a great attorney, used her lovers fear of being discovered by his wife and a subsequent divorce.

My point is, for them to be together there will need to be two messy divorces so there is twice the opportunity for a mistake on their part.

OP you are still trying to save your marriage but its over. Get an attorney and get ready to fight. The fact she left the home already is in your favor.

Break into the husband's house (in Minecraft) and plant hidden cameras.

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>Women do not cheat
Both genders cheat, get pussy off that pedistal

I hate her best friend for being as stupid as she is. It’s a “new” best friend. My wife can’t seem to keep friends long. I’m now seeing her for what she really is- a horrible person. She met this couple playing tennis 3 years ago. I don’t play tennis. The 3 of them played all the time. I started getting suspicious when i suggested we invite them over because she was always talking about them. She didn’t want to. I figured out why. I want to barge in the house and beat the shit out of him but I’d end up in jail and she’d take the kids away from me. I hate the wife for being so stupid as much as i hate him

This. OP is a liar

Holy shit hire a lawyer and file a divorce already.

It would be 5,000 for me to retain an Atty and 5,000 for her to retain one. she brings in 20,000 a year there’s no way she’d pay it. I’d have to pay both and that’s just to RETAIN one. She’s insisting on a mediator because it’s cheaper. Our kids go to private school. It’s a must in the city we are in. Public here is horrible

Our 14 year old just started private highschool to the tune of 15,000 a year so money is tight right now. But i guess if i have to shuck out 10,000 in order to prove her affair thus not pay alimony, then that’s what I’ll have to do. It’ll end up being more i guess. If it’s 5k just to retain one??

I can’t figure out what their ultimate “plan” is. I can’t tell if Mr. Tennis wants to stay married to his wife and just have my wife as his mistress on the side. Or if the 2 of them are planning on living together after he divorces his stupid wife

If more men would consult a lawyer soon as they suspect something the outcome would be much better. Instead their ego gets in the way and they spend so much time trying to prove their wife ISN'T cheating. They don't want the truth. Like with OP. He should have kept him mouth shut until he has the proof instead of hitting her with what he had.

Ok. I guess this cheaper Mediation route isn’t the way to go. Everyone tells me to fight like hell.

I can’t believe my life has come to this.

My kids, man. All i can think about is my kids. This is going to be so awful

>I’d have to pay both
You deserve this


I'm serious, stop trying to figure this shit out on your own. A good divorce attorney has seen it all and can anticipate shit people will do.

Mr. Tennis is the weak link here and the attorney will know what buttons to push and what bluffs to make.

It’s not ego. It’s pain. The woman you’ve been with for 15 years. The mother of your kids. It’s denial more than anything. Before when I’d hear about poor dudes like me and be like what an idiot. But now it’s happening to me and I’m the idiot. It’s crazy what this does to you. It messes with your head.

Ok. I will. Thanks. God i want to kill mr tennis. He’s such a douche bag too.

I’ll get an Atty Tomm. I’ve spoken with a few already. I’ll hire the “pitbull”

Look OP I've been right where you are. You will be divorced however you don't have to come out the bad guy like she wants nor hand her a big check every month nor rarely get to see your kids. You have to be smart and cannot let emotion enter the negotiations.

Thanks user. That’s exactly what she wants - to make me the bad guy as if SHE’S some sort of victim. She’s a horrible person. She used to not be this way. Sometimes i think she’s possessed.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone giving me a reality check. I really don’t have any divorced friends. My friends are as clueless as me.

I'm not understanding why you would have to pay for her lawyer. And if you do for some reason get her a shit ass cheap one and yourself a very good one. Who says you have to get her a GOOD lawyer? No one. Again I don't really think you have to get hers but if you do get her the worst reviewed one ever.

I think this fake. If I find out my so sleep with someone else. I wouldn't call the side piece. I would confront my so as soon as I heard and get answers why.

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I don’t but I know in the long run it’ll end up me paying for it. She doesn’t have money. I make the money. The money she makes us just change. She’ll put her attorney on a credit card and I’ll end up paying for it. I don’t want to, but that’s the reality of the situation.

It’s not fake. Trust me. I wouldn’t type all this if it wasn’t true. I did confront her. She just lies and says the video of her going to his house 10 days in 2 weeks doesn’t prove anything. We don’t have them kissing or screwing in the video. The PI can’t go in the house. I thought mr. Tennis’ wife would play along and put cameras in her house to bust them. This would have been in her best interests in case he’s plannjng on her divorcing her. She’d get more alimony by pricing the affair. The bitch immediately outed me though and called my wife. Then they laughed about it “he’s so crazy. Hahaha ha.”

She won’t admit it. Her family is hard core Catholic. She can’t have her image tarnished. They all think she’s miss sunshine and they don’t want to believe she’s a backstabbing friend and an adulterer. They don’t want to believe their darling is a slut. They’re already totally distraught over a divorce in the family to begin with

Subpoena in divorce court, hire a data broker, steal her bill, ask her parents nicely

First off make it so she can't access your credit cards. Don't make this easy on the bitch. See what you can do already to seperate funds. Gift them to your mom and dad something. Make it hard for her to use your money to fight you. She knows what's up and she's already looking for ways to screw you to the wall. You gotta start doing the same potentially.

OP did you consider getting DNA tests on the kids? I mean, anything’s possible with a cheating wife.

Worst case, you won’t have to pay child support.

They’re mine. They look exactly like me. We were happy for 12-13 years. This all started after 2 miscarriages that she got fat with. She stuffed her face and got a fat fat ass full of cellulite. Had to wear plus sized clothes. I still treated her well though and hoped she’d eventually lose the weight and never even mentioned it. For better or worse. Sickness and in health. I just prayed she’d lose it once her depression went away and hormones leveled off.

But If i initiated sex she didn’t want to cuz she felt fat and unsexy. The only time she wanted to have sex was to try for another baby. We started fertility treatments and the sex was like a freaking Science project- no passion - no love- no enjoyment -no nothing. She just wanted my sperm on certain days at certain times. Still i was glad I had at least that. It was just not like it used to be.

She finally got pregnant and our third daughter was born. I thought okay maybe now she’ll finally get over the miscarriages and be happy and lose weight. Sure enough, she did. Guess what helped her lose weight? tennis! She started playing tennis every single day from the minute she got off work until 10pm. She went on the wheat belly diet and lost all the weight in less than a year. She’s as fit as she was when we got married except for some loose saggy skin. She was obsessed with tennis. She could NOT miss a day of it. Then mr and Mrs tennis joined her little league and the rest is history.

Y’all have convinced me to lawyer up. This mediation bullshit is going to be a big waste of time. I’m going to cancel all our cards and move my checking into another Acct so she can’t access it. She’ll have to hire her own damn lawyer or represent herself. Her parents can do her bidding.

Thanks for helping me think straight about this. The lawyer can handle it all from here on out and I’ll just try to move on. I just want to get this over with.

The only answer is to get an attorney that is very familiar with the judge handling your divorce, have him apply for a subpoena (which will probably be denied) on the grounds that the divorce is being filed due to the cheating and phone records would be crucial in cross-examination. That's all I can see working out and you have maybe a 10% chance of it working out, but if it does (like it did for my own father, who was in a similar predicament), you'll have a MUCH better outcome for the divorce in terms of keeping your kids and assets. Good luck user, godspeed.

OP I am very sorry about your situation. I think you screwed up a little because you showed her the PI report beforehand. You should have waited until reaching undeniable prof.
My advice to you is to put a cold rag in your head and think carefully, very very carefully, about how you can prove that she was fucking him. There must be a way, you just don't know it yet. Think, man. Then (if your laws are like in my country) you can sue for guilty divorce and alimony would be out of the question because you'd keep the child with you. Godspeed, I hope you make this bitch pay for her sins.

Thanks. Y’all give me hope.

I screwed up, but I didn’t show her first. I showed mr tennis’ wife. I thought for SURE she’d flip out and want to bust them. I bought 3 spy cameras that look like cell phone chargers - the cube part- thinking is offer them to her so she could get them recorded in the act since they are in her house. It’s not illegal to record in your own home. It’s illegal to record conversations but not activities - which is weird. Anyway, after she saw the report she immediately called my wife and blew my cover. I was so pissed. She ruined everything. Stupid stupid stupid woman! So that’s when my wife saw it. I literally never even considered Mrs. Tennis not believing it. I mean hiding the car! Wine. Pick up and drop off. Change of clothes sometimes in a duffle bag. Sometimes she would park her car 2 blocks over and walk to his house with a bottle of wine in a bag in her hand. If y’all saw this video you’d have no doubt there’s an affair. I didn’t even consider denial. The PI works with all the attorneys and judges in town. His report is good for court. The tracking device info too

You say that your wife met them both while playing tennis and never bothered to invite them over for dinner.
The guy's wife also didn't care despite the evidence (her husband met your wife 10 days in 2 weeks that's a lot).
I think your wife is screwing both the guy and his wife.

If your wife is dumb and keeps doing this, I am thinking about garbage. We all drop our sins in the garbage without thinking about it (condoms). If you make your PI keep following her, he may want to save their trash to look into it. Gross, I know, but who knows.

I thought about this - maybe it’s a 3some. But Mrs.Tennis is never there during the work week when my wife Is there. And when my wife goes therevon the weekends to hang out with all the tennis people, she parks in the driveway or in the street in front of their house like a normal guest. If she was sleeping with them both she wouldn’t hide her car on weekdays and leave right before Mrs tennis gets home.

Maybe Mrs tennis is having an affair too and doesn’t care??

I’ve hung out with them twice. Once at the tennis club and once at the pool. I initiated both encounters. I wanted to meet these “awesome” new friends of hers. At the pool is when mr tennis told me he and Mrs tennis were basically just roommates and have been on the rocks a few years and are rarely intimate. I knew right then and there that mr tennis was who she was screwing. The douche bag didn’t even know me and started talking about their intimacy. Who does that? It’s almost like he wanted me to feel sorry for him and “understand” why he had to duck my wife!

I never thought about the trash. Good idea, but They have 3 dogs, so I’m not going through that. I doubt the PI does that.

I’ll just rely on the attorney to prove it or do whatever he has to do to keep me from paying alimony.

I’ll be honest, i want to bust them and throw it in all 3 of their faces as well as her parents’ faces more than i want to keep my money. I can’t stand that she’s walking around so pleased with herself thinking she won. Thinking she’s got everyone fooled. In the end i know she’ll pay. She may even rot in hell if she dies before repenting. She still goes to Communion at Mass like she’s a little Saint. Makes me sick!

>but They have 3 dogs, so I’m not going through that
There are other ways to take that trash, for instance, talking with the trash guys, they'll do it for a few bucks, they won't care.
>I’ll just rely on the attorney to prove it
You may do that, but listen me here OP. There is the possibility, even a small one, that you are actually wrong. When I said you need prof, I meant for you. For fixing the puzzle completely, all the pieces together. Consider that you may be wrong and act accordingly. I know its farfetched, but it is always, always, a chance. So, do whatever it takes to prove it with factual evidence, not circumstantial.
>I’ll be honest, i want to bust them and throw it in all 3 of their faces
I know that, I don't know how are you feeling because I haven't been in your situation but I know how it feels to be screwed by your close ones. This is why you need a cold rag. You are facing a challenge, a real one. This may be one of those inflection point in your life. If it is so, then you must be prepared, think clearly, be cold, act like a engineer, everything must fit, you need all the pieces together. Don't rely on your attorney completely (although do trust him) because he will be seeing it from a lawyer standpoint (I am a lawyer but I work in court, so I am telling you this from the view point of the judge, not the lawyer or a prosecutor). You must try to put all the case in evidence. If you cannot, then proceed with what you have. But make damn sure you spend every last resource you have on you before blowing up the bomb.

OP don't listen to this guy
Enough with the shenanigans, go talk with an attorney as soon as possible.

>OP don't listen to this guy
You just quoted OP
>go talk with an attorney as soon as possible.
If you read OP's replies, you'd see he has an attorney

Yes I quoted OP and the poster he shouldn't listen to.
And if he already has an attorney then great.

Good idea on the trash guys. I’ll talk with the PI about it. Maybe he knows how to go about that.

There are times when i think i could be wrong. But I’m not. We took the kids to Disney world and mr tennis babysat our dog since he works from home. It was my wife’s idea of course. So when i told my wife i was going to pick up our dog, she was like no I’ll go. Mrs tennis doesn’t want you to see her house messy. Then our teen daughter asked her if she could go with her because she missed telulah (our dog) but my wife told her no! Also she bought a 50 dollar Starbucks Disney world tumbler for him in Disney. I asked why And she said to thank him for watching telulah. And she used to only drink red wine and energy drinks. Never white wine and never coffee. Now she drinks only white wine and coffee. Guess who is all over Facebook either drinking coffee or white wine? Mr tennis.

I’ve talked to several but haven’t retained one yet. We have mediation scheduled for the 17th but I’m just going to hire the “pitbull” Atty Tomm and skip mediation. I want to get it all over with. But most of all i want to prove it, so I’ll keep thinking on how to.

I showed Mrs tennis the video back in late June so lots of time has passed since then. They think they’re in the clear now, but i knkw she’s still going over there 3-4 times a week because her car is rarely at work

I get that, everything adds up, everything fits. When I said you could be wrong, I meant, assume you may be wrong. Even if you aren't. For the sake of your case. If all this is true, then my feeling is you are right 98% (just a number), but for your case, assume you are wrong and act accordingly. Think about any loose ends and try to prove with physical evidence anything you'll say in court later.

>I want to save the marriage

Not possible. Formalize divorce proceedings, give her nothing, look after your daughters and try to find another woman.

If your kids are living with you and she has moved out that is +1 in your favor in divorce court

You forgot to mention in your blogpost why you haven't beat the shit out of the other guy yet.
I have an acquantace that cough his wife in the act, cheating at their house. He beat the shit out of the guy and told the guy to gtfo of his house while holding a hammer.
He broke his pinkie while punching the guy so he got out of work on medical leave (we worked at the same company). He was a pretty stand up guy, so he didn't want to remain on medical leave when he was about to have his vacation. He asked the female doctor from the company to clear him back to duty, since he would just have his vacation right away. She didn't want to, because the story was vague and didn't make sense, so he decided to be straight with her. She then says "ok, but I'll be calling your occasionally to see how you are doing."
He is now married to the lady doctor.
Moral of the story: don't be a faggot.

>I showed mr tennis’ wife. I thought for SURE she’d flip out and want to bust them.
Big mistake thinking women would think like you.

>They’re mine. They look exactly like me.

>Don't make this easy on the bitch.
Don't make it easy on the fucking bitch. Fixed.

This. I suspect somehow the other bitch is in it too. OP is the ball. They're all playing tennis alright.

Expose the bitch somehow. Maybe user can help. Once you get the pics and the clips, you know what to do.

>be cold, act like a engineer, everything must fit, you need all the pieces together.
This is really good advice here.

>Now she drinks only white wine and coffee.
Sudden habit change. Big sign.

>They think they’re in the clear now, but i knkw she’s still going over there 3-4 times a week because her car is rarely at work
Don't you worry about that. They're still at it for sure. I think this is another advantage for you because they "can't"/won't stop.

Damn this is sad, i'm sorry OP. Just know that when this is all over you can find love once more.

why the fuck did you tell her about the PI before you had actual proof?

should have just waited it out, the truth was bound to come out eventually.
now she has the upper hand.