Asians are now allowed to kidnap cute Canadian girls

Culture shift in Canada

wtf Canada?

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>cute Canadian girls
that's not a thing.

>A fucking leaf from Trudeaus flowery ass

>implying you can kidnap something that belongs to you

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>not paying for service rendered
Fucking niggers... Oh, wait.

Someone post the 200 webms of nigs being locked inside

>that tattooed demon
>cute canadian grills

pick one and only one user-ku

>Not paying for service like a jew

comment section is ripe with anti-white shit skins and self hating white faggots making excuses for these fucking Asian insects.

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ah, nice


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White woman does the slant eyes gesture:

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>Fucking niggers... Oh, wait.

Obviously you must be a low IQ subhuman immigrant that doesnt know that you cant just unlawfully lock someone inside your establishment that is unhappy with your service.

The chick didn't pay for the service you nigger and was just going to walk out. Stop being a kike

nigger genes were activated in the white girl?


imagine thinking you can fight multiple asians. has she never seen a kung fu movie

The no tit bitch refused to pay.

white woman named Anna Lushchinskaya arrested after assaulting an Asian train passenger and calling them chink.

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Attractive blonde white girl racist towards Mongoloids:

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I'm not sure how well known it is here to not trust the Asian shops. I don't think many people really think about it that way but still have an instinct to avoid them. If there's one Asian lady shop in the middle of a bunch of white people shops it's usually a nice place. If there's 3 or more close to each other it's like a little slice of China and you'll probably get food poisoning even if you're just getting a haircut.

Shopkeeper's privilege at least here in the U.S. protects store owners from claims of false imprisonment when keeping a thief confined. Don't know if Canada has this law. Woman is clearly a fucking retard.

>The chick didn't pay for the service

If service is bad do you always pay? She said in the video she would pay half or fix the job.

ironic that they sharpened the very weapons she used to attack them.

White woman who has had AMWF relationships writes a book stating Asian men are the worst out of all races in bed and are horrible lovers.

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oooh nooo
somebody do something!

White female shoots her four adopted Asian children to death in a murder suicide:

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I wouldn't go get my nails done to start with because I'm not a retarded roastie with ugly tats. You pay what you're owed and just don't go there again like a responsible white person

>the U.S. protects store owners

You sure this applies to places that do services? This is not your mom an pops grocery stores where nigs chimp out and steal and destroy stuff.


Quit making excuses for substandard services, specifically given substandard service because shes white and they're Asian.

Unlike you, shes not a fucking cuck that makes excuses for non-whites THAT DONT FUCKING BELONG IN THE WEST IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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She wasn't even cute

What's wrong with that? White women are the most desired.

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wtf why are wypipo so racist

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>cute girl
>branded like an animal with ink
Nope, I bet she dies her hair blonde too.
Regardless, fuck chinks.

How do I get a cute Canadian girl?

mother fuckers like you are why the Notre-Dame is in fucking ashes.

God I cant fucking wait to nail you sorry sacks of shit on crosses all over America. Fucking anti-white trash, every last one of you leftists.

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White whore meets bug people.
That? Was interesting.

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Why do these White girls look like this: Pierced nasal septum, tattoos all over their arms, bleached hair.

Yeah even if they look ok they spit all over the place and smell funny.

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>Nigger women get pissed at Asian shoppers and gets BTFO by Asians

Hah, why are niggers so fucking violent

>White woman does the same


Yeah you retarded Americans deserve death in my book.

Funny there was a thread about a nigger woman doing the same. Everyone sided with the Chinese shoppers. But now you retarded cumskins are just illogical as them and plus hypocritical.

This is what happens when subhumans and loose liberal females collide in the real world.

Yeah but she shouldn't give pisskins her patronage either way.

no need to go nuts, just call the cops.

these racists can't even comprehend the level of hypocrisy in their actions

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>you have to live by MY morals! or- or - or else... or else I'm gonna explode!

I often think people would take the china threat more seriously if the CPC were routinely beating, arresting, and torturing white people.
But because they are usually only doing it to fellow Asians, nobody is fully grasping the gravity of their evil, and are allowing themselves to be fooled or deluded.

lol, you cucks let women just walk all over you like betas. Be a fucking man and pay what you're owed or don't go there to start with. Acting like a retarded nigger gets you no merit

>We are going to have a race war because white women are not focusing on me. Lets blame our problems on the jooz and cry together.

You guys are just describing yourselves at this point.

ffs these chinks don't even speak english but already (((someone))) gives them the money to open shops. chinks must be genocided along with kikes

if you watch the video she says clearly 'I will pay 50% unless you fix it'

fix what idk, but whatever

>asians now allowed to kidnap cute canadian girls
Damn i need to be i leafland asap

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>It's ok to be a jew when I do it
lol no

Wasn't there another White woman who did this (murder-suicide) with her adopted black children?

how is it illogical to assume the nigger is just trying to get shit for free? gibs me dat

that's not the argument made, someone said she refused to pay at all, I was just clarifying that's not true

I keep trying to type into google but it keeps correcting me with why is that?

go back to China and you won't have to deal with, kim.

That is legit what that cumskin of a whore was doing you filthy moron.

looks like a personal problem between two people i don't know and don't care about.

let them sort it out. we have better things to do.

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>asian nigger
sorry we're full, go to sweden or something

Mi-Jung Leaf

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Yes, two lesbians who drove their 4 black children off of a cliff. It was being investigated as a murder last I checked.

I'd be rape there user
Found it. Lesbian couple were the parents, four adopted black children.

Four children, just like in the story linked.

Present her with the finest flapjacks and maple syrup money can buy.

Says the mulatto alien goblin freak, if only you knew what we have up here. But again, it's a good thing you don't. Stay in your bubble fags.

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Your women have smaller tits than American men. What the hell are you talking about?

Nvm, they had six children. What the fuck is up with letting adopted parents have that many? Seems like a bad idea tbqh.

I fucking hate bugs, they never fucking talk properly. Everyone calls them the model majority but all they do is defraud our system.

Dude i would kinap you just to feed you pills of testosterone then release you back into the wild medicated

How can that be? If you are a "rascist" you would defend your race

Hey leaf, how do you women feel about the mighty bongdong? Do you resent us for letting you leave and having a shit flag now?

but that would make him a tranny, since you didn't give him estrogen blockers.

go back to Europe, if you racists want to continue chimping out

>We iz defending oua race

>Defends a bitch that tries to get something free

Yeah, no that is called being a racist retard right there.

hahahahahaha, a canadian against an american, the prize! whos the biggest mongrel.

Can we just take their rights away already? Bitches don’t want to pay to get her fucking nails done. Fine. How about you need a male escort.

And yeah that Canadian girl was in the wrong.

She looks pretty trailer trashy. You only care that she’s white, let the chinks have the nasty ones.

>"omg these shitty asians did not do my nails like super good, only kinda good"
>"imma blonde young woman, if I freak out everyone will do as I want to becuz that is what has happened before and all the time around me"
>"lets do it here"

contrary to popular belief, if you actually go outside, you may find that the hubris of these degenerate vermin is actually off the charts. They think the world belongs to them. And are pampered/protected by pretty much everything.

On this event I side with the chinks. Maybe she should have just payed up.

>fuck chinks

Most disgusting food on the world

Are you the incredible hulk?

none of that stupid bullshit everyone has estrogen

what bothers me more is that all the news anchors are asian

Yeah, I guess no one really stands a chance against actual niggers and mud savages. Maybe we could kill them together, what do you say?

>Fuck cumskins

Go choke on your burger

Correction, the (((parents))) are not even White. Fuck me, I got nothing right about that story.

Choke on my dick bitch

This is your average CBC news panel

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Only time will tell.
I'm afraid that the chinese menace will force us to kill you too

I am not a faggot bitch. But I give you the opportunity to suck mine faggot.

Show flag

Well she's dressed like a whore so I don't show sympathy to whores.

why? i can actually have an opinion, I'm not Canadian.

No fuck off

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but she's not a nigger so i assume something else happened. I'll wait for details.

You can try but as long as the burgers like us nothing is going to happen. Canada is getting a bit more radical too so we might not be so helpless in a near future but we still need to find a manner to produce money which the population doesn't want so we don't allow pipelines to be made. God bless Canada.

She dindu nuffin. These damn racist Asian peepo tryna keep another brotha down! But I ain't gonna stand for that. No! Ya hear me? Say it loud and say it proud. I ain't gonna stand for that. I will LIVE to see Doctor Luther Pierce's dream come true.

>She can't be retarded she is not a nigger

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I don't know the full story, but did she really need to chimp out like that? Of course niggers and shitskins are having a field day in the videos comment section, however we shouldn't make excuses for this primate behaviour for the sole reason of her being white.