Pro life

Tell me again how Abortion has created a better society? Cause last time i checked niggers are at their worse state, nigger population has grown, and whites are dying more then they are being born. So ur whole eugenics plan to make the world a "better place" has failed completely. You cowards that think killing babies including white will heal America, are beyond retarded. God bless Alabama, and God bless pro lifers! Make America moral Again.

Btw pic was taken in 2017, 46 years after roe ves wade.

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It hasn't

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the idea that aborting "unwanted" babies is some how good for our society and someone a form of eugenics is along the line of thinking that preventing forest fires is good for forests.

If you don't understand this connection, either think more deeply about how abortion can affect culture over the long run or learn more about how preventing forest fires has disastrous results.

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*somehow a form of eugenics

They’d be 30% of population by now without abortion, instead of 15%.

Birth control pills are far worse and much more prevalent. They rewire women’s brains making them incapable of love and so they don’t even want children. If pro lifers talked about the pill, I would respect their opinions.

This. Banning abortion will have huge consequences in the short term. But women 20 years from now who have never known what it's like to have the option of killing your child will be much better off

Abortion has maintained the nigger population stagnant you retard, that's why it's remained at 13%. The population growing right now are mexicans, which abortion can also deal with.

Removing abortion will make America less white. It's dumb as fuck.

I completely agree with you.
Birth control should be banned as well as abortion. Anyone who disagrees is a complete hypocrite that doesn't understand the cultural impact of either.

Pretty much this.

Thats next, first we are getting rid of abortion.

How are you not just describing acceleration? And why should I be against that again? Oh, becaquse democracy right? Heh.

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Lie lies lies.

Pic related, these should have been aborted and the birth nog sterilized.

the white culture has become dysgenic and soft because of birth control and abortion. Women wouldn't have autistic kids in their late 30's with beta male providers if this wasn't the case. The softness of our white population is the most disastrous element in our society.

It would be even worse you dumb ass

they were born in a death culture, probably why they are such savages.

Nope. Just math you fucking retard.

If you don't believe me, then stop looking at how high non-white birth rates are, and start looking at how high white birth rates used to be.

Yes! Finally our society will reach a level equal to El Slavador and the Dominican Republic!

Niggers before abortion.

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It's been stagnant for hundreds of years

Thank you


You mean niggers before lead exposure and poor diets.

Death culture brings all of the above son

cringe and retarded

You’ll make more headway by attacking whores rather than baby murder. The former is mature, the latter is childish.

cringe and dunning-kruggered.

Before welfare and rap too.

I guess all the niggers in the world had lead poisoning then. Your theory is dumb, retarded, and if applied to any other race on earth it makes no sense.

Before abortion, births comprised a normal distribution of whites. After abortion, whites started becoming older and older, and the ones that were born became disproportionately single-child faggots with no values.

Nobody gives a shit about niggers. This is about whites and OUR society. We have to take back ourselves. Once we do that, niggers aren’t even a mild threat.
I am tired of people who advocate societal suicide for the sake of stopping a bunch of monkeys. They’re NOT that important, so shut the FUCK up.

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Means and averages. People that sign up for Planned Parenthood abortions are the same people that didn't have the wherewithal to think before spreading their legs for Chad, Jamal, or Henirque. The "logic", here (thank you Margaret Sanger), is that these people will self-cull based on the unwillingness to give up their debauched lifestyle, or for selfish economic reasons. The issue with THAT is social programs reward lack of agency, so it's really a double edged sword. In other words, on paper it looked good, but it ended up, in the end, creating a really fucked up situation.

What it has led to is simply this:
1. White girls get to cover up their mistakes (continued debauchery).
2. The blacks that already outbreed whites nearly 2 to 1, still get the lion's share of abortions (in other words, it's not fucking working because blacks fuck and fuck and fuck way more than whites). Period.

You point out a societal problem that has already been concluded to NOT be a direct result of poverty. We know this to be absolute FACT since Appalachia is the poorest of all American enclaves, yet the crime rates on average are waaaaaay lower than everywhere else. Approx 2/3rd of the national crime rate, and less than HALF the national average for violent crimes.

So, let's use some ACTUAL logic, here. Predominantly black areas produce the most, and most often more violent crimes in all of the USA. Period. Predominantly white areas, though still flawed with their own types of crime, usually don't reflect the particularly violent, or commit crime as often. Period.

The bans on abortions will lead to one group "outperforming" another in the metric of replacement -- a metric THEY ALREADY DOMINATE IN. So, I ask you, what's this going to do to crime rates? The ban is "cart before the horse" with no follow-through.


This is what's going to happen. Everyone knows it. I'm not saying abortion was justifiable. Not at all. What I am saying is that everyone that's paying attention already knows where this is headed.

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>1776 when nogs liberated america.

you really have it all backwards. Attacking whores does literally nothing. Taking away the magic pill that allows them to be whores ends this whole thing.

If it weren't for abortion, there would be more niggers than there are now.

>is that these people will self-cull based on the unwillingness to give up their debauched lifestyle
In reality, all it actually did was incentivize debauchery.

abortion in the US since Roe v Wade is a perfect example of the failures of utilitarianism
Making decisions on morality based on hoped for outcomes is nigger tier logic. Didn't Hayek say something along those lines...

I am MILITANTLY pro-abortion.

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This 100%. Abortion hits nonwhites harder than whites.

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There would also be more whites.

People talk about how niggers abort more, but niggers are also fucking like niggers, so of course they are aborting more. Thanks to abortion, niggers outpace the white birthrate—which wasn’t the case before.

Now show how many pregnancies

Correct. The logic was flawed from the get-go. Unless, of course, the intended effect was deception intended on depopulation.

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Nobody seems to understand this. Exponentially more.

You WILL NOT take anything back unless you PUT women back to their spot. And since you are not willing to go there, shut your pie hole and turn on some porn instead..LMAO

You all dance around the hot soup blowing hot air. you WILL NOT fix anything unless you PUT women back to their spot. And since you are not willing to go there, shut your pie hole and turn on some porn instead..LMAO



Sorry, but blacks have always been in that "worst state". Historical accounts of all the races show that the stereotypes of today existed hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Blacks are an offshoot of the homo erectus branch. They are not homo sapiens, especially the Bantu.

Not true, people are more responsiable abortion is not available, society will be better off when abortion is banned

Sacrificing children (including whites) will never be the answer. It has not worked in the past and will not work in the future

Exactly my freind

>put women back in their spot
What tf do you think banning abortion does, retard?

Nonmarital births were not 75% back then

That cat's been out of the bag for quite some time now. You cannot control the pussy in today's social climate. You can't stuff that fucking thing back in the box because, let's face it, women will fuck around.

If you aren't dicking it down good enough, she's gonna get on the down-low with someone. It happens WAAAAAAAAAAAY more often then the fragile male conscious likes to admit. But the root of the problem doesn't necessarily lie with men or women and their nature, specifically. It lies with their lack of understanding of how to form a life long pair bonding.

Men "adore" women.
Women "admire" men.

This is "love". Not lust, not porn, not covetousness. Adoration and Admiration for males and females, respectively (very specifically, respectively) is how love works. If parents taught their young men/women these very important facts out the gate, then there'd be much fewer issues in society. Instead, we're constantly battling stupid on all fronts.

Women like to fuck. Some, more than men. Recognize it, and find a way to build society around healthy pair bondings instead of trying to "control" everyone. Everyone should recognize that abortions are EXTREMELY unhealthy. Let's find a HEALTHY replacement.

It all starts with a greater understand of real human nature. Not "controlling" each other.

Abortion didn't change demographics

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Rather, it did change demographics in the sense that whites are the ONLY group that declined.