Be in bus beside two arabic kids in full adidas gear and red bulls...

> Be in bus beside two arabic kids in full adidas gear and red bulls, they're watching and enjoying the hell out of Akame ga kill.
> Today I saw a 10 year old girl with a hijab holding the latest volume of Watamote.
> Plenty of Arab kids in the local manga shop looking at the new releases.
> The Arabic girls (who are not muslim) prefer Swedish guys while the boys are growing up weeb.
> mfw the race war is actually going to be the prophesied beta uprising.

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>he still thinks it's a race war and not a religious war

I get that you think your personal dogma is of utmost importance, but it isn't.

It's absolutely a race and culture war.

just for living in sweden and not being outside right now hanging your politicians from trees you deserve to die.

kys OP

>when weebshit is stronger than terrorist religious indoctrination
Based nips

All weebs are incels

I can assure you that nobody cares about religion anymore

jihad is just a bunch of arab incels blowing themselves up since they can't get any girls in real life. Really, all of them are the losers of the arab world except their leaders who take advantage of the wealth and power their positions achieve.

Honestly the amount of cucks and betas in the arab world is massive

Anime was found on Osama bin Laden's hard drives.

3rd world people are really into anime because for decades it was cheaper for them to dub Japanese shows than produce their own content.

>arabic kids
When they grow up they'll gladly cut your throat and enslave your female relatives. Don't forget.


I actually remember this, there was porn and anime I believe.

Incorrect my friend

This, they are all losers trying to reclaim "glory" from their satanic gods after killing themselves. It's sad if it wasn't so effective.

Yeah he was whacking off to hentai supposedly. They could've planted that there for all I know though

I saw bts on the news the other day and white girls where all over them

The age of riced is upon us

tfw no manga shop in all white small town MO

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Please be aware, Muslims view fag pride parades as a manifestation of Crusader culture.

What did he watch?
I'd like to know, for research...

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Tell that to the muslims your rulers are importing, bongtard

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Akame Ga Kill made me sad as hell.

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