Because it's Great

Why is London the Utopia of multiculturalism.

Prove me wrong!

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you're so cucked in Britain, even the camera on your phone bitch slaps you

Proof the world isn't flat!
well done, bong.

Intolerance detected

It might as well be where you live leaf

The bigger the city, the bigger a magnet it is for degenerates.

Such as life user.

Welcome to Jow Forums.

I made an omelette for breakfast today with chopped veggies in it. Guess what I got to use to chop my veggies?

Go on?

>utopia of multiculturalism
why not just say hell?

London is a shithole, mate.

No way!!!!!?

This has to be the world's shittiest camera.

I'm thinking of paris?

pic proves it. If the world were round, all the water would slide off.

user it is, I was hoping the regular tards on Jow Forums would think its a painting

Not bad for an American

London is unironically one of, if not the greatest examples of how multiculturalism can work if people aren’t retarded

a knoife. Wasn't even arrested when I pulled out my chef's knife from the knife block. Freedom at its finest - being able to make a meal.

Think off how many eastern Europeans London has saved from ignorance

I'm sure the rape gangs would agree with you.

You should take it steady with that sort of humour, you might end up with a British passport...

Ask a question, prove my question wrong...

How about we start with the educational system?

New Lahore has great food and the occasional white person

>image sideways

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Cape Town is whiter than London. Yes, I just said that with a straight fucking face.

Even beggars are tolerated

All the knife crime and terrorism.

Admittedly this could do with improvement

You have to buy the meal first though faggot.

Are blacks allowed in?

Wouldn't be the same with the odd token white person

Lateral thinking

lol, I actually don't fucking know, I don't live down there, but I did visit, was fucking shocked.

Stellenbsoch (University town about 20 mins out of Cape Town) is literally the whitest place I have ever seen in my life.

I know. The gypsies tell me they can rob anyone there and when the cops come, all they have to talk in arabic, and they get a free blowjob from the cops too.

This is honestly some next level cope if you’re a white Brit, but judging from your inability to use a camera and or cobble together a coherent sentence I’m suspecting I’ve detected a shitskin migrant.

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I have worked with white south Africans, they didn't make it a secret that there wasn't much mixing.

I don't think they are quite that obliging

It's true.

Romans n sheit.

>a shitskin migrant.
It's a 50/50 for a random inhabitant, so your odds are good.