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Her head is full of bad breath? I dont get it

"Air head"

Kind of an 80s/90s slang term for dumb person

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Lmao you pathetic amerimutts never fail to make me laugh with your "/amerimutt/ humor" threads

Fact is, most Serbs will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers

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Ooh, the canadians are gonna be mad about you stealing their faggotry.

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Post the evolution of that thing.

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K kill yourself

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This was the leaf's job, not yours Gavrilo

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Why couldn't Hellen Keller drive a car?

Because she's a woman.

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me on the left

is this real?

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Other kids at school call me "Facts Man."
First off I'm 18, by "other kids" i mean other highschoolers since we're in year 12. I got into an argument with a leftist and was spitting off crime statistics and economic data like Ben fucking Shapiro. I then ended it with "and facts dont care about your feelings". No one really knew Ben Shapiro so they didn't know i got it all off him. They always laugh when i speak to show support for me (kind of like how whenever the bully talks in a movie, his friends laugh to show their on his side, like not laughing at him but laughing to support him). They also all call me "facts man" and whenever they see me in the hall they say "hey facts man!" since I'm all about facts, not feelings.

A liberal also got spit on one time by someone on the third floor. They spat down and it happened to hit a Liberal, they say it was accident but i think they did it since that liberal opposed me. I think they did it for the same reason they call me "facts man". It's outta respect

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lol nice

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Is this some new faggy copypasta?

please stop posting. i know how bad you want it to be a copypasta, but it just isn't going to happen

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Honestly, if I met one of these at night, I'd be terrified

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Generation Zyklon is real


lmao you pathetic incels never fail to make me laugh with your pol "humour threads"
Face it, most poc will be infinitely more successful then any of you neckbeards.

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>”You bigot! He’s(?) not mentally ill!”

Watch the second video where the black kids steal the food while muzzies are praying.

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Why doesnt he wear a shirt that fits