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Fuck yes pedes! I can't wait to have millions of pajeets devalue middle class wages even further, our holy Jewish masters will be pleased!

>will allow public donations
well there you have it



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whatever cunt wrote this clearly intended for people to think that the current ratios are the new proposed ratios..
>old: skill 12% family: 66% lotto: 21%
>new: skill 57% family: 33% lotto: 10%

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it's got Jared and Wall Street written all over it. Trump is a lame duck. no one in their right mind will vote for him after this.

Which will never pass. You guys that want E-verify, The end of asylum , the end of birth right citizenship, The end of family immigration Those things are just never going to happen so you should really reset your expectations

>you will never have your country back

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this won't pass either. Trump just represents the fat cats and no one else.

I don't understand why am I supposed to be upset about this?

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no one voted for this rat kike pile of garbage

he's the real president though, deal with it.

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>protect American wages
>increase the % of ""skilled"" immigrants
>doesn't explicitly state that the amount of legal immigrants will actually go down
4D chess

copitty cope

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>all legal immigrants right now can speak english like the new trump regulations would require
>t-t-t-that dd-d-d-doesnt explicitly saay it woulda go down tho!

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Objectively inferior to Obama

They dont really devalue workers. Go to any nice neighborhood. Half the houses are owned by Indians.

He's not wrong, unless something radical were to happen.

Checked. Based trump #45

Sweet! I can’t wait for Pedro to not get his 8.50/hr washing dishes, that’ll teach em! Bring on the Pajeets that will code for 30k a year! THATLL TEACH THE LIBERALS! DDRUKMFT 2020!


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>pretending that they'll expect immigrants to be at least C1 level and have to take multiple (credible) tests
They'll still get a green card and live here permanently.


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he is. it sucks

summery: destroy Europe and grab their best workers

this was the plan all along

naw euros are too exspensive and too difficult. pajeets are preferred.

>thinking pajeet university will be enough to get a job in america

>Later date
>i.e. Never

I expect lots of subhumans on visas soon.

Not bad actually

Whats the tl;dr of the plan? Jow Forums is fucked and pics wont load for me.

Are you fucking kidding, this is awful, it's clear that there is going to an influx of gooks, street shitters and spics with this garbage, and no whites to be found.

Indian H1-Bs are mostly in mediocre jobs. Doesn’t fit the high paying criteria

They shouldn't be here at all, nonwhites are vermin.

destroy middle east-> flood arabs to europe, take high iq work skill from eu->the end

Be like the Dems - DON'T read it!

But... what about the numbers?

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>Attract and retain the best and brightest talent
Read: low-wage Indian codemonkeys for Silicon Valley and dubious-quality Pakistani doctors for private clinics up and down the land.

>Prioritize immediate families
Read: not content with just codemonkeys and dubious doctors, their spouses and children should also come to America.

>Strengthen our workforce
Read: mass immigration of Central and South Americans continues unabated.

>Preserve our humanitarian values
Read: importation of 'refugees' from all the world's worst countries also continues.

>continuing to add to the 400-plus miles of border wall underway in strategic locations
Read: the wall isn't being built, just some fences in hotspots that will then simply shift to unfenced areas.

>...select immigrants based on (...) exceptional academic track records
Read: prepare for the mother of all waves of Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Nigerian, etc. test cheaters.

>ensure prosperity (...) especially [for] recent immigrants striving to achieve the American Dream
Read: Pajeet, Mohammed and Wu are more important than you. They are your moral superiors and you need to treat them that way.

>system that levels the playing field for all potential immigrants and allows for greater diversity
Read: Donald J. Trump has gone from wanting to ban Muslims and build a wall to wanting America to turn into a Star Wars cantina scene of third worlders.


Oh fug

>humanitarian category
Literally taking in human refuse for feel-good points. What a joke

You don't know the half of it

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You don't want to fall behind in the turning-your-country-into-a-brown-people-farm competition, do you? Germany is several hundred thousand worthless brown refugees ahead of you. Step up.

nah we don't need more browns we're full

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Honestly im fine. fuck merkel and her rapefugee politics. I want burgers and bitches!

>protect American wages
Needs more clarity. Global competition for the same American jobs would bring down the wages for those higher paying jobs.

How will this affect America investing into itself, its own people, when corporations can hire foreigners who have their foreign governments invested in them. Foreign nationals have a huge upper hand again and that has been a part of the problem in America over the last 30 years. I hope they don’t plan to keep the tax breaks for corporations to hire foreign nationals. Is that not being addressed?