A fetus is not a person, therefore abortion is not murder. Prove me wrong

A fetus is not a person, therefore abortion is not murder. Prove me wrong

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How would abortionists react if we started aborting every pregnant animal we found in shelters?

Literally who would care. It might even be a good idea to reduce strays and unwanted animals.

At what particular minute does it become a person?

A fetus has its own unique DNA.

reminder that babylon scum will be judged soon

and how does unique DNA make a person? A dog has unique DNA

When does a fetus become a person?

If you found unique dna on mars would it be considered life? Fuck off

When does an acorn become a tree? Just because the line is not clearly defined does not make an acorn an oak tree.

>If you found unique dna on mars would it be considered life?
Yes, but not a person.

A 3 year old cannot take care of itself without its parents. Abortion should be up until the child is a tax payer and can vote.

Then its still murder you fucking tard

No its not.

The fetus is a person, therefore abortion is murder. Proved you wrong

It has its genetic patrimony but not respiratory independance so we need to create a juridicial status between person and animal

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“Personhood” is an arbitrary categorization with no basis in any reality.

Honestly abortion should be legal until the second it’s out of the vagina. Some of you people really have no idea the value of baby body parts and stem cells

A fetus has the dna of a human so yes it is. Done replying to your bait

So does a fucking dandelion.

a human fetus is a developing human you mouth breathing faggot. do you spend all day on pol making low IQ arguments thinking anybody gives a shit? abortion is the killing of a child. a developing mammal with human dna.
Definition of person
1 : HUMAN, INDIVIDUAL —sometimes used in combination especially by those who prefer to avoid man in compounds applicable to both sexes
Definition of child (Entry 1 of 3)
1a : an unborn or recently born person

damn you're retarded

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>pre-overturn cope posting


Any word is an arbitrary categorization with no basis in any reality but there are things that make a person that are generally agreed upon.
Human ≠ person. A tumor has the dna of a human.

>A fetus
Is a human. It's a human fetus. Therefore it's a human being. Killing a human being is murder.

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I like that you used a 5-6 embryo instead of a 10 week fetus because you know how stupid it’d make you look. Hard sell when you have to argue an actual face you posted isn’t a real face

Emergence of consciousness?

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Whether it is a person or not is irrelevant, it is a human from the point of conception into a zygote. Personhood is a cultural practice.

Way to fuck up your own argument retard. The acorn one is literally entry level r/atheists congratulations you dumb neck beard loser. Now that we've established human life is not the same as a fucking tree, we can can conclude that killing a developing child is in fact murder. Not to mention a tree is not even a sentient being and the reproduction process is completely different.

Let me murder nigs and wastrels and in exchange you can murder your own children to your hearts' content.

>this is not a person
I also love how leftists are playing this as a “war against women” when the majority of pro-life activists are women themselves.

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Thats not an appeal to popularity you brainlet. To have any discussion you have to work on the assumption that words have meanings. What do you define as a person?

jews and niggers are not human

They abort all day son. Go Get a cat spade and they tell you if it is pregnant they they will abort then spade, it's not even a choice.

The concept of personhood is meaningless and I reject it.

>Not to mention a tree is not even a sentient being
Neither is a fetus.

A communist is not a person, therefore killing communists is not murder. Prove me wrong

A fetus is a human being. Fetus is just one stage of life along with baby, child, adult.

It is not okay to kill another human being for convenience. Ever. Not even if made that human.

I am perfectly fine with it being murder. But good luck trying to pass in a bill.

Lemme know when the sky wizard is gonna show up. I want to see what she looks like.

>What do you define as a person?
Whether or not it's a person is irrelevant.
It's a human. It's a human fetus. A human being.
Killing a human being is murder.
This is not a fish or a tadpole or some other thing.
It's a human being.

Do you think a fetus is a conscious individual?

Masterbation is murder?

What about preggers women eating at Subway? Should they go to jail for eating turkey?

>tumors capable of conscious thought exist
Kuato Lives

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it takes 2 humans to make one sp it is human

in all fields

Consciousness is not relevant.

>conscious individual?
Irrelevant, I am not conscious when I'm asleep. Killing me then is not moral.

Niggers aren’t human, therefore nigger abortions aren’t murder, therefore abortion is based as fuck

Hey retard, look up the definition of murder

God gets the last laugh in the end.

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>Masterbation is murder?
A sperm is not a human being.
It has not undergone cell division. In a VERY short time once it has it will be a human being.

Ending life is not murder.

Of I found a mar’s ant creature on mars and killed it or mars grass and picked it - no it would not be murder.
Thanks for playing.

How stupid are you? Actually comparing a gamete to a foetus? Kek

Infants and toddlers are arguably not fully conscious. Should we be allowed to murder them as well?


Jews, niggers and spics are not people, they are sub-human genetically inferior mutations of normal people, therefore killing them is not murder. Prove me wrong.

Well what is to you?

>killing someone isn’t murder

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You read it. Ending life is not murder. Killing another human being is. A fetus is not a human being.

Read the other posts

Fuck off you subhuman.

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>Ending life is not murder.
If you end another human life, yes that's exactly what it is.

See You can kill things without it being murder genius

Foetus are hoomans too. Blastocyst!

>N-nuh-uh! My imaginary friend is best.strongest!

>A fetus is not a human being.
Yes a fetus is a human being.
It's a human fetus. It has undergone cell division.
Just like you. You have cell division going on all the time.
And that point it's just a growing human being.
That no a doctor doesn't have the right to kill.

What makes human life if its not human dna? Is it the ability to call you a faggot?

I've gotten an abortion once before, it felt so damn good to get that parasitic clump of cells out of my body since it was making me sick and sucking all my nutrients. Almost all abortions are done during the early stages of pregnancy. It's not a baby you fucktards, it's a parasite.

Don't tell me to use condoms
Don't tell me to use the pill -- it makes me feel ill
Don't tell me what i can do with my own body, that's my choice.
No i don't have to answer to any man or your dumb religious beliefs.

Society is more rational now, well except for alabama and a few other dumb rural redneck christian states.


>has human dna
>is person
So every time you jack off or a woman menstruates it’s murder?
Your retarded.

>A fetus is not a human being.
You're a retard. It's a human from the point of conception. You were using person for the longest time then switched it out with human as if its interchangeable, when its not. personhood has no bearing on the objective fact that its a human from the point of conception into a zygote. You are literally a fringe science denier. Kek

Holla , I have paid for two abortions!

Roast me pol

That’s because some were lied to after their miscarriage and told the “ball of cells” meme to make them feel better. Some women looked up embryo pics and broke down. All you have to do is post the pictures.

>it's a parasite.
Funny how that parasite is made up of your own flesh, and DNA. Now you have a graveyard for a womb.

anyone find it ironic that lesbians are the most fanatically pro-murder your unborn baby demographic ?

>It's a human from the point of conception.
How? What is your thought process on this?

>dont tell me to use the things that would prevent me from getting pregnant
>wahhh these redneck states are making me face the consequences of my choices

Fucking leafs

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A woman is not a person, therefore abortion is not a right.

You can't even spell DNA nor do you know what makes a human.

Parasites have to be different species by definition you brainlet.

Who fucking cares for you fetish for the word "person"? It's fucking pilpul, you are ending a life hence this is murder. Go fuck yoursef commie.

men don't have abortions, you loopy leaf

>reddit spacing
>roastie logic

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Everytime you touch yourself you are committing abortion

>you are ending a life hence this is murder.

It has unique human DNA. There is literally nothing else it could be.

you tell me?

What is consciousness? Is someone who is mentally handicapped not a person then? Someone in a coma no longer a person? How do you define it?

I watched that chinese cartoon

You're a retard. You are literally a science denier if you suggest that a zygote is not human. You're conflating personhood with human, because you're an uneducated retard. Enjoy the referenced quotes from numerous biologists and geneticists showing how much of a retard you are to follow

When does it become a person then?

Found the nigger

Then if I hit a pregnant woman with a car I should only be charged with 1 homicide not 2.

>too retarded to know the difference between blastocyst and foetus in embryonic development

I guess come back to the discussion when you've passed sixth grade science.

You didn't answer me

Neither are you clearly

>"Development of the embryo begins at Stage 1 when a sperm fertilizes an oocyte and together they form a zygote."
[England, Marjorie A. Life Before Birth. 2nd ed. England: Mosby-Wolfe, 1996, p.31]

Well lets say your girlfriend/wife got pregnant, and I boot her in the stomach and she miscarries.
Do you want me charged with assaulting your woman only or do you want me charged for murder/manslaughter of your unborn baby?

> How? What is your thought process on this?
You've already been told in the thread several times.
Once conception occurs, cell division begins.
Just like you. Just like me. We have cell division going on all the time.
Once that occurs, that is a growing human being.
It is now officially human. It has achieved cell division and soon will have gender as it grows and it will develop all it's parts.
Just like when you heal a wound.
At that point, that's a human being.