I want to move to another country

I want to move to another country.
A country that has following to offer:
One that respects its citizens, one that is safe and comfortable, somewhat prosperous and does not tolerate Islam at all.
One where my hard earned money won't go to the pockets of lazy niggers and rapists.
One where there's nearly zero socialist activists and SJWs.

But it does not seem to exist.

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North Korea.

If you find it, let the rest of us Jow Forumssters know.
I wish utopia were real too.

you don't move to a better place hans because every other white country is only marginally less cucked. You wait for a major crisis and turmoil then you start pointing fingers, start rabble rousing

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I want to live in a country that just leaves you the fuck alone. Where you can pick you out a piece of unused land and just live without interference.

It's a hopeless case. There's millions of Islamists, pardon "refugees", here who destroy our society and there's even more SJW who back them.
Just today: Two Afghanistani subhumans, 17y and 19y old, some time ago attacked a man who died as a consequence as he suffered from a weak heart. They got 2 years.
2 years for murder!
And then Hans makes a mistake filling out his taxes and gets much more because the country couldn't milk him for money to support Abdullah.
There's dozens of people who say you may not cheer for Germany during Football cups etc. It's a lost cause and catastrophic.
I want it to end.

>One that respects its citizens
>does not tolerate Islam at all
I'll give you a minute to think about this one, Hans

A country can respect it's native citizens but hate violent foreigners.

Do something constructive instead of waiting forever. This is YOUR homeland.

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Based and DieHardpilled

How about Poland? Hungary?

What you want is problems going away. Thats not how life works.

You whiny loser.

Baltics fit the bill but any man with pride would take care of his homeland first.

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But if you find it, please let me know?

This makes me sad.

the issue is you assume some sort of structured society or government will solve your problems.

governments have NEVER solved any of your problems. only you can do that.

come home,we have german schools .

I've got one for you...

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Bush Wilderness.
Yeah. Africa. You need money. The nearest city is a 3-4 hour drive.

But how can it respect it's Islamic citizens while not tolerating Islam? In fact, how do you square the fact of religious freedom (respecting it's citizens) with an intolerance towards Islam?

There are is no need to respect Islamic citizens if you get rid of them.

>I want civilization
>But I also hate everything that's good about civilization
Sounds like you have cognitive dissonance


They don't exist anymore friend

But then the state doesn't respect it's citizens, it gets rid of the people it doesn't like. That is on the extreme other end of respecting citizens. You did not think this one through, did you?

bro, come to Singapore
low taxes
no druggies

It respects the remaining citizens, the native ones.
Add a hornet to a beehive and they will kill it. But the bees themselves live in peace and harmony as a strong unit.

>It respects the remaining citizens
So it respects the citizens it did not kill/deport. Sound logic you have there mr. kraut. First you advocate for freedom and a limited state, now you are talking about collectivist harmony. You are very delusional.

We were good on in 3-4 years back but we are slowly shifting to west like behaviour.
Even though we have a slight qlerical fascist gov. party we'll also got a "progressive slovakia" one.
Who knows how the vote will turn out but they'll probably still be in the party, probably opposition.

We don't have middle easterners or blacks but we've got gyppos in east. North is the most nationalistic and clean of those.

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one of the many pockets of entho*states* here with 0 crime 0 niggers